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  1. Never played Zelda before this and I'm totally hooked, great game.
  2. Braehead comfortably beating Fife last night again. They are a totally different team with out Nickerson. Will be an exciting end to the season with 5 teams all fighting with top spot, great to see the competitiveness in the league.
  3. Looking to buy camera as a gift for the other half but wanting to go for one of these DSLR cameras. I haven't the first clue about this so basically looking for advice on what would be a good one for someone starting out with cameras that aren't on a phone... Looking at the Nikon D3200 which seems to get good reviews, would this be a decent starting point? Also noticing that there's bridge cameras too. From what I can gather the only difference is that you can't replace the lenses? Would this be a better choice for someone new to proper cameras?
  4. Looking like this could be the strongest set of rosters the league has seen in years. Braehead and Dundee look live they've made real strides forward with Cardiff an Coventry, on paper, looking as if they'll be back to challenging again. Fear for the other 3 teams who don't look as strong but fife getting Nickerson back will be a big boost to them. Hull especially look like they'll struggle. Will be very odd seeing Galbraith in a Stars jersey!
  5. I'll be on tonight if anyone fancies a few games.
  6. I'd be up for a few games tomorrow if anyone's up for it.
  7. I've just hit 30 on this and playing my first set of ranked matches. Really surprised how much I enjoyed this game when I started as id never played a similar type game before. The gulf in standard dependent on who you're teamed with is quite staggering sometimes though
  8. I'm trying this for the first time, play quite a bit of league so hopefully won't be too different.
  9. For those of you wanting this on the PC, I done a bit of digging and found it on https://www.g2a.com/ for £22.91. Just make sure you buy the 'Global' version. I just bought it there and received the steam code pretty much instantly and downloaded it fine!
  10. I've just joined there. Will be on for a few hours if anyone's about.
  11. Mental deal, bought it a couple of hours ago. Will be getting a new PC soon so can't wait to try them out on it.
  12. For anyone who has done a masters , what route did you go down for funding? Having only decided recently that this is what I'll be doing I realise that the prospect of gaining a scholarship and the like will be slim. The course I'm looking to do doesn't appear to be available for SAAS funding, although I haven't directly contacted them yet to confirm this.
  13. Colin Jennings that'll be. Very good lecturer. I can only think of a couple of lecturers I've had which I've actually disliked within the department now that I think about it.
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