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  1. The Dunoon Dynamo Full Moon Sportive happened the last two years. Unfortunately this year's event had a low take up because it clashed with other rides (including the Ride to the Sun). It has feed stops, had a party at the Rest and be Thankful and some of the best views in Scotland when the sun comes up...
  2. Congratulations, heedtheba and el buitre...on week 18 myself-20 week scan 2 weeks today, and Mrs McGinto thinks she's started to feel Mini McGinto moving...!
  3. cheers, will it show as being already purchased and you just have to download them again then? Exactly like that...
  4. As long as you have your Kindle username and password, yes. Same as having your library across multiple devices (phone, Kindle, iPad).
  5. Anyone recommend a good Powerline set up with multi-Ethernet ports and speed rating of 500 MBits/S? (I know that's not the actual speed, but better to get the higher speed for streaming videos and the like). Cheers!!
  6. An absolute belter of an album. I remember the first time I heard 'Da Funk' - think it was in 95 or 96. Blew me away. Only thing missing from the main album is 'Musique' - another cracker of a track from when these guys were seriously being noticed in Glasgow. Also see the Scott Grooves 'Mothership Reconnection' mix they did-sure it's from around the same time.
  7. Strangely enough, Leftism wasn't in my top 10-I actually preferred Rhythm & Stealth. Wish I'd got my vote in now...
  8. I'm just jealous that yer off to see Animal Collective....
  9. And there was one of my additional ones over and above the 8 I wanted to include. Magic.
  10. Yesterday's self inflicted illness meant I couldn't get my list in-but keen to see the top 10. Will also be good to see if any of mine are in there...
  11. I'm struggling-would only truly consider 8 albums within my collection for inclusion. Help!
  12. I'm in...once I bin half my music collection...!
  13. Do the Pub Golf up Leith Walk. If you manage to make pub 18 (and it's difficult, believe me), you will lose a few hours of your life trying to get home. Magic.
  14. I'm considering bringing the ol' slow cooker out of retirement this week. Cannae wait... BBQ Pulled Pork first up...
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