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  1. Berwick v Elgin

    It impossible to defend another 3 - 0 home defeat. Yeah, I don't think Elgin were very good, and the ref was seriously piss-poor, but the worst thing with knobs on, was Berwick Rangers. Once again we deserved to get beat at home. You can always fluke a point when you play crap, but we don't get close to that because we are not good enough to be categorised as crap. We are much worse than Elgin in terms of ability, determination and quality. Probably worth mentioning Bob Wilson for proving once again that he is out of his depth, but overall I just feel hugely sorry for Lewis Barr.
  2. Berwick v Elgin

    Harvey will be parking his optimistic speech and bringing out the unacceptable one as we speak.
  3. Reported for targeted bollocks
  4. No. Came on as sub once and looked poor. Never featured since.
  5. Cowdenbeath v Albion Rovers

    We could probably do without playing Welsh teams in the Mickey Mouse Cup, having free time on international weekends, and could slot in another 2 at Xmas and Easter. Still doesn't add up though, so fair enough, you're right.
  6. Cowdenbeath v Albion Rovers

    Enough decent, well funded sides around now to expand divs 1 and 2 to 12 teams.
  7. 7 points ahead of Albion, then they had 3 away games in a row before we played again. Incredibly, they lost all 3 of them 1-0. And I thought it was frustrating being a Berwick fan. We need Johnny Harvey's confidence in his squad to finally show up with some points. Elgin, who I thought might fizzle out a bit at this stage, have had some decent results. I live in hope. A point would be pleasing!
  8. Rearranged games:- Feb 26th: Annan (Home) March 5th: Edinburgh (Away) March 12th: Queen’s Park (Home) By the time we meet Elgin at home on 23rd Feb we will have 3 games in hand over Albion, hopefully still with a decent points gap. Then it is 6 games for us in 22 days. 4 of them at home, and 1 away to Albion. Crunch time!
  9. It's not drivel or even dribble. The point is that Stirling finished 3rd last season and started this season very poorly, with several of last years decent players under achieving. New Manager, and they start playing well again. Berwick were shite last year, were unable to sign better players under Horn due to a custard pie fight in the Boardroom, and Harvey inherited a poor squad. They weren't underachieving, they were just rubbish. Now, you have a point that Harvey's signings have not transformed the team, but there is a difference between getting proven players to perform (Stirling) and creating a new team on the hoof with clumps of signings here and there. 5 of Saturdays starting XI were Harvey's signings, 2 of them making debuts. I agree that Hume is unimpressive in midfield - Cook would be better. Healey, Orru and Brown weren't great either. I thought the defence was better and there were a few flashes up front, but the midfield is still rank. Easily the worst in the Division in terms of bossing possession. 2 weeks to try a few things in training, then 6 games in 22 days, so the likes of Knox and Murphy should get their chance.
  10. Well, you never know, but I think Harvey is that manager. The difference (in my opinion) between Stirling and Berwick is that your new manager inherited some decent but under achieving players. Then, because he is a good manager, he got much more out of them. (Different level obviously, but similar to Solskjaer at Man U) Harvey inherited a few decent players and lots that just weren't good enough. And that is the legacy of Robbie Horn's crap budget and our summer Boardroom conflict. He has brought several in and the defence finally looked better yesterday and there is a certain promise in the attack, too. But we still haven't got the quality in midfield to control a game. We will slowly improve and I'm glad we have no game next week giving JH the chance to work on a few things. Cook in midfield perhaps? Or maybe Forbes with Cook at RB? 5 at the back? We also have decent players like Murphy and Knox not getting a game so they should be busting it in training. Hope Ouzy See can get back to fitness and even O'Kane would give us further options. Have to say though, these constant defeats are really really depressing. It's a chore going along to Shielfield this season.
  11. "genuinely" Discuss. (tbh) An Improvement from Berwick, but still a world away from properly competitive. This team with Steve Notman would be decent. We still surrender way too much possession with lightweight tackles and poor passing. But a few decent signs.
  12. Pea Oliver

    I met Pea a few times, and had a few conversations on the phone. Clearly a thoroughly nice guy and quite a character. As BTU says, the tributes coming in from ex players and others who've known him decades ago, speaks volumes. I think anybody who gives more than a few years to this club whether as a fan, a Manager or a player deserves respect even when there are disagreements. To give 50+ years is just legendary. From Redcar, Pea, Thank you.
  13. Club stalwart and legend. Been there forever. RIP.
  14. And we drew 1-1. No prizes for who got the equaliser!