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  1. Berwick v Peterhead

    Paying fans are entitled to react... And then try to be positive the next day. Managers have to do both, half an hour after the match. Yesterdays performance was woeful. As bad as I've seen in the last couple of years. There was a gulf of at least 2 divisions between the sides as we were completely outclassed throughout the game. Peterhead could have easily scored 9 and we never looked like threatening their goal. I like Johnny Harvey's desire to play a passing game, but I hope he realised yesterday that our midfield players and some of our defenders aren't capable of it. The 2nd goal is etched on my mind in the same way as Josh Morris's hat- trick for Hawick. Sadly it is the experienced players who continually prove that they lack the necessary quality. But, Queens Park at home offers a decent chance to consign yesterday to history. This team has a lot going for it, and the manager will get it right. For now, we just need to accept our limitations and play to our strengths. We will win next week.
  2. Berwick v Peterhead

    Happy to echo that. What it adds up to though is key players in defence and central midfield that, far from bossing the game, are instrumental in handing the impetus to the opposition. The workrate is fine. The footballing ability isn't and any half decent team will easily score against. Pretty sure the boss sees the same, so looking forward to next week.
  3. Really looking forward to this one. The Penicuik 3 have all signed today. They've added such a lot as trialists and can now all play in the same team. Hopefully Daryl Healey has recovered from his head knock. Big competition for places for a change as the momentum grows. There will be goals.
  4. Barr, Forbes and Hume - the 3 Penicuik trialists - all now confirmed as having signed for the club. Great news.
  5. To be fair though, you are in the right bit of woodland. Lewis Barr, who came over from Penicuik a month ago.
  6. Struth. Exhausted watching the highlights. Surely both teams deserve 2 points.
  7. I had a look on Wiki and glazed over after a few minutes. You can still have shareholders in a CIC, but profit doesn't go their way. (So, not sure what they get out of it to be honest. Perhaps just voting rights for a cause they believe in, and the occasional prawn sandwich). Profit at this level, of course, is a purely theoretical concept. Unless we beat East Fife and get drawn at home to Celtic, live on Sky.
  8. Without knowing the full rationale, anything strengthening bonds with local families and encouraging more people to support, and even develop to play for the club, sounds like a good thing. Need more info, but sounds good in theory. A club run for the community it serves rather than (nominally) its shareholders.
  9. Berwick Rangers v East Fife

    Mixed news for you. The Brown Bear has been closed, reopened, closed and is now..... open again. But, yep. That c*** Willis is still here and currently scoring goals. Downside for Berwick this week is that our revival under the manager has been built around new trialists who followed the gaffer from Penicuik (but can't sign properly yet). They are not allowed to play in the cup, but we will have Skipper Bob Wilson back from suspension, Loanee Chris Hamilton back from Scottish U-19 duty, and hopefully a few others back from injury. Real buzz about the place just now after several months of bleakness that was shite even by our recent standards. 2 months ago you lot would have pissed this. Not so sure now!
  10. Can't remember which thread it was on but a few weeks ago I said we had 5 winnable games in a row. We won 3, and lost the other 2 (at least in part) due to getting 3 sent off at home to Beath and their resulting suspensions. We now have a run of more difficult games, but Johnny Harvey, and the end of the Boardroom wars, has really lifted the spirits at the club. Happi days (geddit? ) at Berwick just now. 537 there yesterday to witness a good win, and what a difference it makes to see the manager lead his team over to the ducket for mutual applause at the end. Any extra info from anyone about our new signing Mr. Happi, will be most welcome.
  11. With 9 or 10 first teamers missing, this was a decent performance. Albion played well too, to be fair and edged the first half. Sound displays from Trialists, Healey, Willis. O'Kane and a neat cameo from Neill give lots of hope and a reason to fall asleep pissed on the way home.
  12. This won't be close to easy. Albion have a new manager too and have played well in recent narrow defeats. Wilson and Neil will be back so it's hard to predict the team selection especially if the boss has to ration the appearances of the Penicuik "trialists" until January. Crucial game though so several more red cards.
  13. Really can't be sure, but someone said he hadn't played for Penicuik this season. Maybe he was a free agent?
  14. Playing as trialists till January I think. Also, I'm told they can only play 3 times each as trialists, so hoping for a freeze up in December.