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  1. That may be true - hope so - but I've seen no such reports. If that news is available on any public forum/site, please let me know where. Understandable if they want to keep it under wraps till its a done deal, though.
  2. Supporters Club shares have been available - probably on Amazon - for a few weeks. There have been no reports of interest. I'd guess that the Trust would join in with a sale to any reasonable buyer, and the Board have publicly stated they would step down if someone other than Prince Andrew stepped in with an offer. The club is for sale. It is buyers that are in short supply.
  3. Admire your detailed posts on here when many Berwick fans have deserted to Facebook to escape the trolls. Also useful to read the thread to see posts from other club's fans. One of the few positives this season is the fan base which hasn't collapsed as dramatically as predicted. And that despite some piss poor displays. If we were in the top 4 or 5, I think the support would be as good as SPFL. This team has something going for it, but considering our decent budget, there are too many who aren't good enough, and our tactics just hand the game to any team that has a bit of flair. Slow build up, sideways passing, zero passion, risk averse, cock-up imminent.
  4. Berwick fans who had been to games knew we were doomed from January. Everyone else still thought Albion Rovers were doomed until around Easter.
  5. In the last 40 years since I started supporting Berwick, there have been a number of teams entered the SPFL. Ross and Livi are in the top tier, ICT are 3rd in the Championship, Peterhead in League 1, Cove and Edinburgh are 1 and 2 in Div 2. Only Elgin City and Annan have stayed at Spfl 2 level for any length of time, and both flirt regularly with promotion. So it is clear that there are plenty of better teams below SPFL level and only the feeble process of promotion over the years has kept us at a higher level. With all the ambitious clubs in the Lowland League and below, there is surely now a case for another Spfl division. Personally, I think clubs find their own level based on their support base (rich benefactors skewing that) and as such we should really be doing better than we are. That support will fizzle down to 200 or so soon though, so maybe we are doing everything in reverse. I'll finally add that most posters from Berwick have deserted this forum because of 1 or 2 bilious and anonymous nutters who stifled any sort of reasoned debate about all things BRFC. They will be back if they get an audience, so most chatter now goes on in our Facebook page.
  6. Spot on. The Twitter seethe is especially annoying. It's like moaning about the lights going out on the Titanic.
  7. Fair comment. I'm guilty as charged and will be celebrating if we win one of these 'Mickey Mouse' cups
  8. Key player for us, but he has hardly played. (Some major family health issues which we all hope are improving) Was back yesterday and scored, and should be the anchor in our midfield.
  9. Berwick programme tonight covers Saturday as well, no idea if they would have done the same in League 2. Often happened if there were 2 home games in less than a week
  10. Absolutely not. Should be chucked out forever.
  11. Tend to agree. Bonnyrigg are a decent side with lots of experience and are on a roll. We are young and have only played together in some brutal hammerings by decent League sides. Stirling Uni on Saturday will give us a better idea of how good we might be this season. Getting anything tomorrow will be a huge and welcome bonus.
  12. Aye. His 2 appearances were in the Challenge Cup (so, U-21's)
  13. Ciaran Brian has signed for us from you. Think he only played a couple of games, but any thoughts?
  14. Yaw Osei signed for Berwick today. 21 year old ex-Raith Centre-Forward.
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