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  1. Jordan Sinclair just signed for Berwick.
  2. Yes to everything. Who wants to be relegated out of the league? The Lowland League 'doom and gloom' to me, appeared to be that a) it's really difficult to get back out of, b) too many sides with virtually no fans, c) you lose kudos - no coverage on the Saturday results shows, no coverage on football apps, disappear from newspapers etc etc. d) poorer standard of football The reality is that the first 3 are sadly true, but the last is only half true. The quity of the top teams in the LL is higher IMO than most of SPFL 2. And that is rapidly ramping up. If there was no promotion at all, I think that within 2 or 3 years, the LL would be better in terms of quality and attendance. Auto promotion is essential and inevitable. So, I'm much happier with the LL now - especially since Berwick are now reinventing themselves big style.
  3. Whoooahhh... Poor stuff for the majority of the game, but mis-struck cross? Ballooned header? 2nd one pinballing off several feet? What I saw was a good cross, a good header and then a decent touch from a poor corner. (Mind you I was frozen senseless by then)
  4. 😂😂😂😂 Nothing to see. Move along.
  5. Berwick's problems started years ago, but accelerated downhill with a pathetic Boardroom coup at the start of last season. That did for a promising manager by the name of Robbie Horn (Wonder what happened to him....?) Then....... Here's Johnny! With a decent budget, he put together the worst team in Berwick's history, saw us get absolutely hammered week after week after week, posted a series of car crash interviews, thought Wilson, Helm, Forbes and O'Kane could play football, and concluded the season with at least 9 defeats on the trot, scoring 1 and conceding 42 (or something similarly gruesome). Then we got relegated. He was unremittingly shite and should have been sacked in January. Scapegoat my arse.
  6. Redcar


    I stand corrected. (again!)
  7. Redcar


    I'm sure they would if there was someone at the game to feed them live stats in a form used by all the apps/websites. There isn't.
  8. Another new (ish) Chairman. The 4th in less than 2 years.
  9. Link to Stirling U v Berwick highlights. (Cow's arse, Banjo). https://youtu.be/jxN5TcTxzAw
  10. Darren Smith was a trialist on Saturday, but signed after the game. We desperately needed someone with a bit of nous and who can pick a pass, though 39 years old is a big ask. So long as Lewy Barr does his running for him, I think this is a good signing. The youngsters can watch and learn.
  11. That would require a decent ref. This one missed 2 pens, gave one the other way as a dive, and gave an indirect free kick for a pass back, then rescinded it when the linesman told him the rules. For further proof that cards aren't an indication of honest play, checkout Morelos in today's cup final
  12. Agree about Rose. Good movement and control, (without ever being a goal threat though). Surely should have had a penalty too, instead of a yellow card. Agree too about Gretna being the dirtiest team we've seen this season.
  13. That may be true - hope so - but I've seen no such reports. If that news is available on any public forum/site, please let me know where. Understandable if they want to keep it under wraps till its a done deal, though.
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