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  1. Hey look, I never mean to come across rude or disrespectful. Genuine apologies if I did. The point is though that it is out there - been stated many times on P&B for instance. Also, the difference between OF colts usual teams and the sides they put out last year when the main squad were off on tour, is much greater than other examples you give. It is totally unacceptable and as stated, the notion of league postponenents - whilst a bit better than last season - is still a disproportionate problem for clubs at this level. #devil #detail
  2. This is the bit that can most be filed under 'absolute bollocks'. Last season, the OF Colts mostly fielded strong teams and usually won. But, just occasionally, they were involved in some tournament or other in Europe, so fielded really weak teams in the Lowland League, allowing an easy win for the opposition. So if you were lucky you could get 3 points when you would otherwise have had no chance. That 1 fact alone, makes their inclusion a) an unacceptable farce, and b) the very opposite of sporting integrity. The debate keeps being added to by people who take no account of what actually happened in the first season of this piss poor experiment
  3. I hate this league. Embarrassing to be a part of a setup run by sycophants and brown nosing clowns, forever slurping at the chocolate starfish of any besuited conman who can offer the occasional prawn sandwich in exchange for total subservience. Many in here claim that the league and its member chairmen have no respect for the fans. Well, that's because many of the club's have hardly any fans, so the few diehards can just go bollocks. They don't matter. Club loyalty will mean I will still go to matches whatever happens in this nightmare League, but I'd rather visit Eastern Ukraine than go to a Colts match at whatever characterless shithole they decide to play in. If World football needed an enema, FIFA would take the tube on an express visit to Lowland League HQ.
  4. Don't know. Balatoni tweeted that he was excited to sign for Berwick, but after talking with the Manager (Stu Malcolm) it was decided "not to take this option forward". Sounds like Malcolm wasn't over impressed with him during the loan spell, or that he got a chance to sign Anderson and thought he was a better option. Can't be sure though - perhaps there is another reason. I wasn't impressed in the few matches he played. He was OK, but didn't show anything particularly promising. Certainly no better than what we already had.
  5. That pre-contract has been torn up. Not signing for Berwick now.
  6. Balatoni's signing has been cancelled.
  7. Calum Antell has signed as Berwick's first choice keeper and Jamie Stevenson has signed on from East Kilbride.
  8. 161 pages in this thread, and whilst there are lots of good strong opinions it's really just a sideshow, a diversion from the gruesome reality of playing in this crappy league. Every club in this league should be shaking the tree to demand a better chance of a glimmer of hope of going up - top 4 finish should get some sort of play off place - and that can only happen if every club embraces increased movement at the bottom too. With Bonnyrigg opening a big gap at the top and VoL getting pumped every week at the bottom, the season was all over for most clubs before the end of September. What a sad and pathetic state of affairs - reduced to pretending that finishing in the top 6 was important in order to qualify for another feeble cup competition! Jeez.
  9. "The club can confirm that the following players will depart Berwick Rangers following the expiry of their contracts. Andy McNeil, Ben Swinton, Ali Adams, John Ward, and Calum Smith all leave Shielfield Park. We are promised 2 signings in the next few days.
  10. I actually make that 16 players already signed for next season. Nelson, Anderson, Scobbie, Pyper, Cook, Balatoni, Ferguson. Barr, Sinclair, Wright Allan, Taylor, Harris, Stewart, Heeps, Baker And none of them are keepers. Maybe Jack Cook may be encouraged to move on (he got very little game time towards the end of the season) and unless Jack Wright makes a miraculous recovery he will go too. There must also be doubts about Sinclair's fitness. So a little bit of scope to sign those important midfielders, a striker and a defender that hasn't yet got his bus pass. The problem area with the team has been in midfield. Without Taylor-Mackenzie and Sinclair it was incredibly lightweight.
  11. The Loons lost their play off semi final. There may be a few more of their players getting a call from their old gaffer this weekend!
  12. Steven Anderson has signed for Berwick. 36 years old, but do you think he is still good enough for the Lowland League?
  13. I agree. We improved this season, but nowhere near enough to beat the top teams. I was already disappointed in the number of players who were signed for 2 years, and now we re-sign Scobbie and Baker. That is almost all of the current non-threatening team signed on for next season, and whilst there are many good players in there, this squad needs more fight and quality. They may well improve. Also, continuity and team togetherness is important. On top of that, some of those that are contracted for next year may move on regardless. But I am currently underwhelmed and await some exciting signings to take the rest of these decent players to the next level.
  14. Berwick voted in favour of greater relegation from the Lowland League, abstained on the continuance of the OF Colts (citing lack of clarity on other issues about League structure) and yes, did vote in favour of the OF Colts a year ago, after a poll of supporters (through the likes of the supporters club and Supporters Trust), gave them a mandate to do so. As I remember, it was a fairly narrow majority in favour of the OF colts being allowed in, but I also remember that my objections to it were met with fairly unanimous disagreement from the BRFC Board. In just 12 months that has changed big style. Right now, our supporters forum is pretty unanimous that the Lowland League is a circus that has been taken over by the clowns, and a number of Senior Board members are saying similar things. Not sure where this ends, but unless there is, somehow, an unexpected outbreak of management competence, there must be a chance that the Lowland League will soon destroy itself, with players - and even clubs - deciding to play elsewhere.
  15. We were terrible. Had a number of injuries, so the back 4 was hastily cobbled together, but it was further up the pitch that we were especially disappointing. Soft as shite doesn't get close. The gaffer was fuming in his post match interview. Against the better teams in the league, some players look like they've resigned themselves to defeat before we kick off. Lightweight, scared to tackle, leave the hard stuff for someone else. Pleased for Robbie Horn, and I think Rose will do for whoever wins the Highland League, but might struggle against Beath. (Most people I've spoken to think it will be the other way round). Less pleased for Robbie's ref-baiting and arrogant players.
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