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  1. The Board, the principles and core values of the club and pretty well everything you mention has changed since relegation. And very very much for the better, too. New links with the community, the juniors, ladies sections etc. Can't fault it. What frustrates long suffering fans is results and performances. There was some promise this season, but the league table tells it like it is. It is hard to continue to be patient after all these years and the management team is beginning to get criticism. Perhaps we should be even more patient, though. IWithout a sugar daddy, money will always restrict us, but the last thing we need is for the new Board to lose heart.
  2. Short answer is - no idea! Doug Horne looked like a good un but now I'm not sure he is even the best keeper at the club. Ryan Finnie was superb early on but now looks like he's been watching Craig Hume videos Callum Smith has won plenty of those pesky MoM awards but rarely looks like scoring, and Lewis Allen, despite obviously having real ability, looks like he'd prefer to be reading a good book. We carry little attacking threat when playing against any half decent side. Lots of clubs signed loan players from top clubs - we got Mackenzie Lawler and sat him on the bench. We have absolutely no width, but Gary Windram was allowed to leave and Liall Smith was sent out on loan, recalled, and keeps Lawler company on the bench . Keiran Somerville meanwhile puts in the occasional superb cross, interspersed with 7 or 8 inexplicably crappy ones. If I had to put a finger on it, I'd say the main issue is (old chestnut alert) leadership on and off the park. Kev Waugh is a ray of light in that respect and I'd like to see him bawling out some of his team mates - especially the experienced ones - when they send a pass spiralling into the ducket. It just seems very easy to put in a poor performance in the black and gold, knowing that the manager won't throw teacups at you, there is no crowd to tell you how shite you're playing and your own team mates say nowt because their own earlier cock up was also conveniently forgotten about by all concerned Yano's softly-softly style and Haynesy's street corner yobbo act don't seem desperately inspiring to me, but I'm told the players have genuine regard and respect for the management team. The whole "let's hug one another" ethos of the Board, players and fans has inadvertently given us a team where abject displays just seem to be met with excuses rather than anger and change. Frankly, I'd like to see some fucker sacked, but I've no idea who!!! There are some decent players there. Would a new management team get more out of them? Probably. Can we afford to change the manager? Probably not. Is there another way? Yes, I think there is and it has to start with some people growing a pair, lots of stern talking, and transferring that onto the pitch with a few meaty challenges, some risk taking and the senior players engaging in some mutual arse kicking.
  3. Hugely disappointing performance against Stirling yesterday, after a couple of encouraging displays in the previous 2 weeks. Truth is that we got stuffed by Stirling who looked much more than just 1 division above us - and that reflects our performance more than theirs. Pre match, Kev Haynes was saying that a number of our players could easily play for Stirling, suggesting really that we are as good as them individually. Well OK, maybe that is just bigging the team up as you do in a match preview, but the evidence was a million miles away from that. We don't seem to like playing on the grass at Shielfield, our first touch and movement off the ball is as bad as our passing, (terrible lack of concentration really), and nobody seems to get too angry when their team mates make a tired or careless cock-up. Progress is painfully slow and if Haynes is right that we have lots of talented individuals - and he might be - then you have to ask why teamwork is in such short supply. The highlights showcase some Easter Island statues and some threepenny-bit touches that are just astonishing to watch. The season was always about further consolidation and development and we need to concentrate on that. There are some good things to build around - Waugh, Ferguson, Sinclair and Wright - but the rest need a freshly charged cattle prod.
  4. Agree, there's few there that I'd be confident of beating at the moment. Wouldn't mind home to Brechin or 'Beath though!
  5. Pleasing result today. Only seen the first 2 goals, the first was a superb move and the second a screamer of a free kick. Reports so far suggest it was a pretty even game, so it's good to get the win with some quality finishing. Should give the side a big confidence boost after a tricky few weeks.
  6. Shame. I rated Sam Daniel and would have had had him in the team every week.
  7. It's the new ways of destroying all hope that frustrates us Berwick fans. Today, it happened after just 20 seconds. But the footage shows that Finnie didn't touch him, (Finnie's reaction confirms it), there was a covering defender, and the ref was miles away but made a game changing decision anyway. Instantly. The 2nd yellow for Wright probably deserved a stern talking to rather than the subsequent red. After that, you have to applaud a masterclass of defending by David Ferguson (despite his OG) who staved off a cricket score (with a bit of assistance from Horne and co.) Since the game, I've been given honest reassurances that there is plenty still to be optimistic about in the dressing room. Players and management are hurting but will come back together, and with players like Sinclair/Waugh/Barr/Cook to come back, I'll take that. It's hard, but I'll be keeping the faith.
  8. Some decent defending (apart from the cock-ups) in the 2nd half. Though we'll never know how hard Kelty were trying. But.... Struth. Another absolute horror show. We've had dodgy pitch, bad weather and injuries trotted out as excuses, presumably today will be the ref. Truth is that the team find new ways of handing the advantage to our opponents. A decent manager makes a team better than the sum of its parts - currently we are a lot worse. 4 points out of 21 now and a big Banana skin waiting next week. Some of these players need a huge bollocking, but the first rocket needs sending up the collective arses of our management team. A bit of humility, even a bit of anger would be nice, but instead we'll likely get another list of excuses delivered in a coma inducing interview, followed by big Kev lashing out in Yano's defence.
  9. 2nd red card was a ridiculous decision by the piss poor ref. We are battling well, considering, but the scoreline will now surely come down to how much Kelty can be arsed.
  10. Dreadful. Customary appalling passing falling short of the target. They could get 10 here.
  11. Aye, good call. Still think this team has lots of promise, especially once the injuries are sorted. A few cute runs off the ball, sharper passing and shooting, and the confidence will flood back (on and off the pitch). Today, we are the underdogs and we should play with a little more freedom. Hope The management team are in a position at the end to think *up yours" to team negative. Come on you feckers, er, I mean, Gers.
  12. Indeed. Loads of effort, but it's all very predictable and there is nobody who is likely to do something a bit special. No surprise that we tail off in most games once the opposition defence realises there is not much to worry about. Lewis Allan looked a class above (as he should) against Annandale, but otherwise he has been really disappointing. But it is the passing that has been mind-bogglingly poor. Allan and Smith can do bugger all if the final pass is miles off target. Crap passing, no width and no flair is killing all the excellent energy, and the management team seem to have more excuses than ideas. We have had bad luck with injuries, but the teams we put out should still be doing better against the likes of the Strollers and Gretna.
  13. It is indeed. Show any passion or criticism, and they release the hounds. I've given up on it. Sadly, not enough people on here for a good debate either, so nowhere to get an answer to questions like, how is Jack Cook? Out for many weeks now with concussion, and now doesn't get a mention in the Club's minimalist match preview.
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