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  1. Scrappy first half from both sides. Piss poor if truth be told. 2nd half was less hectic but still very disappointing in terms of quality. Our passing was dreadful - either nowhere near the intended target, or so slow that it was easily intercepted. A few good moves, but often culminating in a balls up of some description. Early days and good players to come back, but Finnie aside, most of the new boys have a lot of work to do.
  2. They intend to stream every home game whilst fans are not allowed in. Saturday is free, £6.75 thereafter
  3. Lost 4-1 at Stenny. Don't know if Stenny played their full strength team, but Berwick had 6 missing. Hit the woodwork 3 times and it appears we look good going forward, but still leak too many goals at the back.
  4. Berwick lost 4-0 at Raith yesterday. Last friendly next week v Stenny.
  5. Livingston 2-1 Berwick Rangers last night. Mix of first team squad and under 20's for Livi.
  6. Grant Nelson (Rangers, Dundee) signed by Berwick tonight.
  7. Whitehill 1, Berwick 3 last night. 2 goals for Lewis Allen.
  8. Whitehill 1, Berwick 3 (last night)
  9. Not sure they'll mandate face coverings for an outdoor, socially distanced gathering. No probs if they do though. Definitely easy enough for Berwick to have a 750 crowd limit. As for English/Scottish rules, I guess we might have to adhere to Lowland League regulations AND English law if it is slightly different.
  10. There is a bus service from Berwick to Holy Island via Haggerston, but it varies according to the tide times cutting off the causeway, so tends to be different each day. Borders buses 477. You can see if it is feasible once the fixtures are released. Seems they have taken the timetable offline for now, due to Covid but this was the 2019 timetable to give an idea.
  11. Since the lockdown, the off-field work at Berwick Rangers has been a ray of warm sunshine in these gloomy times. New Board working its socks off, new junior/ladies connections, top notch social media and comms, big fundraising initiatives, 3 scrumptious new kits, and 18 players signed on including the retention of Kev Waugh, Lewy Barr, Dan Purves, Ali Forster & Euan Smith, the signing of 2 new keepers and several other new signings with perhaps a couple still to come. Others will spend a lot more than us so top 6 is the most realistic aim, but the important thing is that I'm hugely looking forward to watching the gers this season. For the last 3 years it was a painful chore.
  12. Jordan Sinclair just signed for Berwick.
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