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  1. I'd start Goss up beside dobbie today see if he can manage the dykes role
  2. Very poor stuff by defence and keeper all are woefully imo
  3. Ferguson shod have done far better at both goal deary me if he actually attempts to save them he would have.
  4. Obileye looks like a fans favorite although might be different when put under pressure looks class thou we should have went for it at half time got Goss and Gibson on then. Had we done so we would have won
  5. Not that I've really heard of Ferguson however seems to be decent and done well at Lingfield so happy with that
  6. I certainly said at the time he was a big loss he was a huge part of the reason dobbie got so many goals that season. There was a point when I described his as a waste of a wage however that's when he was being played out on the wing certainly not the players fault. I wish him well and can see him getting a Scotland call up soon
  7. If true its a good start Goss deserves his chance and pybus was probably our best midfielder last season not that it says much but certainly did enough imo
  8. On what we seen last season the players who showed enough to be kept for me were mercer holt pybus and Murray and maybe osman the rest were way short and yes dobbie is included in that. It shows he can't do it all on his own I'm glad he's still here but needs a decent partner but the rest I certainly won't lose any sleep over that's for sure
  9. Unfortunately at the wrong end of his career by the time he came to us bloody good player in his day with the dons
  10. In my opinion he is certainly worth a shot did well in the reserve games he played in at might work well with dobbie Lad deserves a chance.
  11. Pybus over lyon for me every day the 1st player I'd try to get back would b mercer last season he was superb and was just behind mcrorie for player of the year for me. mercer pybus semple and osman would like to see back also murry however a move might actually benifit him tbh. If we are running on this budget surely Goss is worth a punt got good pedigree and knows where the back of the net is.
  12. The problem here is we are in a position where we are only attracting the poorest full time guys players who are on the last chance at full time contracts. Dont get me wrong there is the odd player that does well but really they are poor full time players who a lot of the time can't get a contract anywhere else. If we were part time or a mix we would be able to get the better part time players who a lot of the time would be better that the full time guys we are currently attracting. The part time/full-time thing used to be a big thing but not anymore and when this covid thing is done there will be a lot more part time teams and players around. They game is changing and may never return to what it was before.
  13. At the end of the day the agent and Oliver must have been happy enough to sign the contract so that's that he never made the cut off and that's that. Personally I'm only really disappointed about mercer and Murray both deserved new deals I'd probably have kept osman and pybus as well but that's about it mercer has come on so much and now another club will reap the benifits shame.
  14. Think it's time to tell him to fecking do one he's had his chance and had proved he is. Clueless
  15. The current situation Goss is in I was wondering if he is able to be selected for the first team or does he need a contract first
  16. Here here what a post semple should be starting for is and Gourley should also have started a cpl queen's Park game being the main one when AJ decided playing holt at Cb was a better option madness
  17. Yip exactly what I say we are getting players who are at the bottom of full time and no one wants them most are in the last chance saloon for full time a full time deal. By going part time where we are atm it should have the opposite effect and be competing for the best part time players
  18. For me aj has lost the dressing room lost the fans lookes lost and doesn't learn from mistakes made. His selections is baffling playing players out of position for no reason when the personnel are there to avoid this for me is unnacepable. Week after week the goal conceded are dam right embarrassing what exactly is done in training as its the same week after week. Dobbie is wasted in this team last season he had dykes doing a lot of work for him this season he's on his own that's not his game Hamilton scored a hatrick for the reserves confidence is high yet he still doesn't get a chance any time I've seen him he's looked decent certainly the closest to dykes we have. Now poor callum semple what has he done yes he's had a tough time but the way he has been man managed is an utter joke if we were defending well then fair enough but for me he deserves a chance as does young Gourley whe develop a young spl player when we can do our own the same with the goalkeeper situation. I don't see us staying up tbh we might but selections will need to change and aj will need to get a grip and try changing things playing players in there own positions or we are doomed.
  19. To not start Hamilton and semple is an absolute discrace we are conceding goals for fun and not scoring at the other end yet Hamilton scores a hatrick for the reserves his confidence will be high he should start it's all very strange and worrying.
  20. So he did was still on tho. Wasint at the game yesterday but really not convinced on devine at all he might come good but I'd rather we gave one of our own center backs a game in front of him that might b the case when mercer comes back to rb
  21. No true he came on as a striker for the last 10 mins against Dundee utd the following week
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