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  1. This lol this is the worst midfield I've ever seen and there have been some gutter ones but as a comple midfield this is the worst we need a mirricle in there
  2. Wasn't there today however the fact the defenders are trying to play the long ball is no surprise that midfield is absolutely gutter. and the fact kidd and paton were deamed good enough to come back to the club after their abysmal season at their clubs last season defys belief.
  3. Andy Stirling released from his Alloa contact as not In Peter grants plans
  4. Relegation becons imo we have to hope our players gel and come good and stay fit which seems unlikely. Others have strengthened on deadline day it's worrying that we never brought a couple of players in to try and improve that shocking midfield. Can still bring in free agents however but even then if they were any good they would be signed up gonna be a long season that's for sure.
  5. Have to say that midfield is the worst I've ever seen at Palmerston totally clueless no quality what so ever Pybus looks OK and if he had a good player beside him would be ok Kidd don't even get me started on him if you need a rb for cover fair enough but in cm jesus no Paton poor fitness will be a problem doesn't look very interested and looks finished Mccarthy not seen enough to make a real comment but if kidd is a better option he should retire Oliver wasted out wide should be up front as should Murray imo Kilday I don't mind him think he's a decent signing Holt looks OK in spells will come good Hamilton he has also played on the wing why I don't know he's a big lad we are missing dykes workrate and layoffs surely this lad could fill that gap Face like the look of him and once he gets a goal and match fitness will be fine Lyon clearly not fit but offered nothing yesterday MCcrorrie good signing Rather than sign kidd and paton I would have liked to give young boys a chance at least when they make the mistakes those are making we could understand Fort me the midfield is a bomb site no one knows what their doing or how to do it and unless we can get 3 or 4 players in we will be in trouble.
  6. Really I think your being very harsh on a young lad who was throwing in a the deep end it was the so called experienced players who let him down imo,
  7. I'm pretty confident that aj will have players ligne up but ij just waiting on maybe players getting back from holiday etc
  8. Ok so who would everyone keep I'd keep leifield mercer doyle Murray possibly marshsll and Stirling although can't see the latter as he never even made it off the bench yesterday Jacobs I'm not to bothered about
  9. The question was why didn't they throw everything at it in the last 10 minutes they might just have got a goal and would have changed things
  10. Well glad that season is over let's get Murray and doyle signed up rest I'm not cared about. I take it by the fact no subs used none are in aj plans for next season? Funny game I thought we played in 2nd gear doing what we had to how we don't score 2nd half I will never know looked a pen and thought ref had given it. Now a serious question for raith fans 2 nd half 3 1 down in a final I kept expecting every one getting thrown forward Everything except the kitchen sink but no nothing very surprised why.
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