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  1. Another thoroughly entertaining end to end match and a draw was a fair result but what is the cause of the Rose throwing away 2 goal leads? Is it physical or mental? That's at least 3 times recently.
  2. You can't deny Tranent their draw tonight although a last minute penalty is a bit of a sickener. What I'd like to know about our first goal though is.... If you're rounding the keeper and get brought down for a penalty, surely it's a red card? A game changer.
  3. I was a bit concerned the number of chances Broxburn's number 9 had. If he'd finished better it would have been a different result. Still, we took ours.
  4. It was indeed a good watch and a good result although for a while it looked like another one of those days when it just wouldn't go in. TC comes on and our fortunes change. I'm not saying it was all due to him but his cross set up the equaliser and although his penalty was saved there was no mistake with the rebound. Was it Ogilvie? That fired up the Rose and Docherty hit a beauty into the corner from long range. I've seldom seen a match where a team had so many yellow cards without a red. Did the Shire have a rota for bookings? "One each for the team".
  5. I said the penalty was contentious but I was at the wrong end so I'll accept the decision. I'd like to see the video though.
  6. Talking of red cards, Ruari gave the ref two opportunities after he was on a yellow which I presume is why he was subbed.
  7. I thought it was a good cup tie with both teams playing to win. Shame it went to a contentious penalty to decide it as their keeper saved them on two or three occasions. I disagree with Auld Heid as well. There was a bit of dig there, especially Ogilvie who won possession for us on a number of occasions. We had enough about us to win that game but bad luck, good goalkeeping and lack of composure had me fearing the worst, which happened.
  8. I managed to get back into the stream after it finished to watch the key bits again. As you've said, it's sometimes difficult to keep your attention on the match (especially if you're watching one on the laptop and one on the TV!) and the lack of immediate replays or ability to rewind becomes a bit annoying as you're used to that elsewhere. At least with the Brechin stream the score is up top so you can easily find the goals. Special mention to whoever it was who crossed first-time for Tommy's goal. I still haven't sorted out who is who. If this sounds like complaining I'm really grateful to see the matches being streamed and I have to say that although the Rose aren't strolling matches they've shown a bit of grit to get the results.
  9. I was expecting more from Jackie yesterday but luckily didn't see it. I'm not sure I saw anyone really shine yesterday but it was still an enjoyable match. It's a pity Jackie's time at Linlithgow was cut short as he is a class player.
  10. I thought it was an entertaining match today even if the quality wasn't that great. The result was in doubt right to the end with plenty chances at both ends. I'd have replaced Slaven with Coco as he didn't seem to ever find a Rose player with a pass all afternoon but then he nearly won the game at the end.
  11. The difference between West and East. Glasgow - "Bottle of ginger, please". "What flavour?" "Orange". Edinburgh - "Bottle of lemonade, please". "What flavour?" "Orange". Where was the ginger/lemonade line? It wasn't the same as the salt'n'sauce/salt'n'vinegar line because when I were a lad in Linlithgow we were aligned to Edinburgh in juice terms but Glasgow in condiment terms. In Linlithgow, we had at least two lemonade producers in the town, never mind having Barrs in Falkirk.
  12. Agreed but even when we were 1 up and dominating I always feared there was a defensive error just around the corner. I think the ref added more time on than we deliberately wasted at the end of the match. I'm not a fan of the giving up chances to seal the game to instead waste time in the corner.
  13. It also tells you that home advantage isn't that relevant at this level. Except, of course, if you have an idiosyncratic pitch like Bonnyrigg or Broxburn where local knowledge can give you a goal's start. A good playing surface like Linlithgow or Bo'ness is "a level playing-field".
  14. You can't play them all though and the guys in possession will be difficult to shift. I still prefer Barbour in front of the back two though but it's starting to look like a problem of who to leave out. I've been impressed with every member of the squad so far. All we need now is to play in the first half of games!
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