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  1. Had a look at Better Meddle and we did not too badly during the period that we wore them, but there were some wild scores including 3-12 and 5-12 home defeats to Albion Rovers!
  2. Aye, but was it already decided what the design was going to be? I get that we were contracted to Puma, which is fine, but surely we could have said 'give us some white shorts please'?
  3. Are you sure about that? I hope so because I was just about to berate the new guys for not reading the room properly! The first time we wore an all navy kit (well certainly in modern times) was at Ochilview and it was a terrible season. The next time was when Houstie got binned and McKinnon appeared, the next was Hartley. Now, I get that we've been pish since but I'm sure you can see where I'm coming from! Hopefully the away strip will have white shorts that can be worn with the home kit. I like away strips to be a wee bit jazzier, without being too over the top and I'd like it to be something like ICTs new home kit, but in white.
  4. With all due respect, you’re talking a load of utter, utter fucking shite.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something, but does what you're saying not mean that there will be more players available, not less?
  6. He was down injured a lot, however that started after he was kicked rotten and injured against Peterhead. He never seemed to show the same enthusiasm after that. I also have a suspicion that he winds defenders up, based on nothing much other than the routine kickings he got and the east Fife defender (Higgins?) grabbing him by the throat for no apparent reason on his debut.
  7. Don't see why loans can't be done now, that's assuming that the parent club know that they won't be involved in the 1st team. There's been one or two that have gone through already so I'd be hoping McGlynn is on it as I'm sure there'll be other clubs in for them too.
  8. I'd be happy to see Kabia coming back on loan and also Williamson from sevco, who I think McGlynn signed for RR last season? Surely wee Ross Wilson could do us a turn there?
  9. Already a member and I'm aware that I can increase. It's not just me though, I'm sure 100s of folk would pay more when faced with the option while the same folk maybe wouldn't join the FSS because it's less of an 'in the moment, impulse kind of thing', if you see what I mean?
  10. Bought my Crunchie ticket today. The donation there is the one for helping the community rather than donating to the club. (Same as the ST one.)
  11. Sean Mackie. That's actually Leon McCann in front of him too, wonder if that's how they'll line up on the park?
  12. Went as far as the checkout today and there's still no option to donate. Didn't renew as I want to put a few extra quid in so will wait until it's sorted. They've surely missed out on a good few grand from the folk, like yourself, that have already paid?
  13. Have you bought a ST yet? I emailed Jamie Swinney asking why there was no option to add a donation to the ST price and was told that it was a problem with the system but that it would be sorted. I haven't bought mine yet but assumed that the option would have been added by now?
  14. Should be the Reggie Smith stand really, although there's an ever decreasing number of fans who remember his achievements.
  15. No wonder other club’s fans think we act the billy big baws at times!
  16. I don't see anybody saying he was or is a superstar. He was however our best midfielder by some distance last season and, as I said, given we need to build a squad, he would be a good addition to it. Not necessarily a starter but definitely an option.
  17. Jesus wept! Of course there are pacier and stronger players than Telfer. It's about complementing players abilities with other players in the team. He had to do fuckin everything for himself last season. Maybe you didn't notice?
  18. Can't agree. I do think that his head dropped in a lot of games but he was usually here, there and everywhere trying to make things happen and covering for others. If he had some better players alongside him he'd have been very effective IMO.
  19. Given we need a squad, I'd have kept Telfer.
  20. You can actually say that the stats prove that McCann was responsible for losing a goal in every game he played?
  21. Aye, Sneddon's easily the worst left back I've never seen!
  22. Completely disagree. He wasn't played properly or often enough to make an impact IMO. Despite his stature he was still our best defensive LB and easily our best attacking threat down the left flank.
  23. I think we'd be crazy to get rid of McCann. I'm sure Airdrie, for one, would be delighted to take him back.
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