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  1. the one that plays with Empoli in Seria A ? Spoke to him in BTW after Crunchie's game. He was with his dad (the famous Nicky).
  2. No idea if he was a good goalkeeper or not. Good luck to the guy. With money being the way it is though we didn't need three goalkeepers so it made sense to let him go, assuming, of course, that it was a good deal financially for the club. I wouldn't have thought that he would have been on much so this maybe covers Yeats' wages?
  3. Fairly certain that Yeats wages will be coming out of the 1st team budget. He looked very good v Killie and, apparently, Stranraer (wasn't there) so he'll definitely be a 1st team squad player. I wouldn't think he'll be on much either so may just be a very smart move by McGlynn.
  4. Feck me, wooooosh or what? I was obviously responding sarcastically to the boy who originally made the 'jobber' comment.
  5. Aye, that's all very well, but he'll obviously be some young jobber signed to pad the squad out!!
  6. Very talented player. Needs to be played in an attacking midfield role to get the best out of him and would do well in a team that can win the ball in midfield for him as he's not the most robust. He's not a shitebag though although that part of his game is not as good as his creative side. I would liked to have seen him re-signed for us.
  7. Aye, quite agree. I suppose that more money could be available in the form of loans or gifts, or the budget might be increased because ST sales have exceeded expectations or whatever but, if the manager’s been given a budget it’s difficult to see how that can be ‘stretched’. It is what it is. We’ve had a few folk on talking about binning last season’s shite so that we can get better in like they’ll just walk for nothing. We even had one guy who suggested they could be sacked under gross misconduct because they weren’t very good!
  8. I thought the much maligned McKay and Hetherington both played quite well. McKay still made a few loose passes though and we certainly need to replace him as a starter. Hetherington may be ok as back-up to McGinn though? Mackie played well I thought although he's not tall or dominant enough to play CH I don't think. Could maybe work well on the left side of a 3 though if that's how McGlynn decides to go. The young number 14 looked lively and comfortable on the ball and may be ok to take a chance on. Probably not as a starter though? I was disappointed in Oliver who had a few chances to run on to loose balls but didn't show enough desire to get there IMO and C Morrison offered very little. Someone said that he looked like he'd want to play elsewhere but, if he's looking for a move, he didn't go the right way about getting one.
  9. There's a walking football group that play on Friday evenings too (5-6pm), although 'walking' is a bit of a misnomer for many. Supposed to be over 50s but the young coaches generally join in so any age welcome really.
  10. TBF Dick was a LB/Left sided CB when with us so it would have made sense to play him in the middle given he's about 3ft taller.
  11. Can Sean Mackie play centre half? It's either that or somebody from the under 18s! Unless we finally discover Jaime Wilson's best position? Edited to say that I've just Googled Mackie and he's smaller than me and I used to spy on snow white in the shower!! Under 18 it is then.
  12. I'm sure the fact that there's a cash gate will ensure that we have over 2000. A big well done to you and the other guys that have organised this, a great effort!
  13. Walking football mate, it's the way ahead. Says me having just returned from the physio!
  14. Maybe it's just the material, but they both look a wee bit plump?
  15. Had a look at Better Meddle and we did not too badly during the period that we wore them, but there were some wild scores including 3-12 and 5-12 home defeats to Albion Rovers!
  16. Aye, but was it already decided what the design was going to be? I get that we were contracted to Puma, which is fine, but surely we could have said 'give us some white shorts please'?
  17. Are you sure about that? I hope so because I was just about to berate the new guys for not reading the room properly! The first time we wore an all navy kit (well certainly in modern times) was at Ochilview and it was a terrible season. The next time was when Houstie got binned and McKinnon appeared, the next was Hartley. Now, I get that we've been pish since but I'm sure you can see where I'm coming from! Hopefully the away strip will have white shorts that can be worn with the home kit. I like away strips to be a wee bit jazzier, without being too over the top and I'd like it to be something like ICTs new home kit, but in white.
  18. With all due respect, you’re talking a load of utter, utter fucking shite.
  19. Maybe I'm missing something, but does what you're saying not mean that there will be more players available, not less?
  20. He was down injured a lot, however that started after he was kicked rotten and injured against Peterhead. He never seemed to show the same enthusiasm after that. I also have a suspicion that he winds defenders up, based on nothing much other than the routine kickings he got and the east Fife defender (Higgins?) grabbing him by the throat for no apparent reason on his debut.
  21. Don't see why loans can't be done now, that's assuming that the parent club know that they won't be involved in the 1st team. There's been one or two that have gone through already so I'd be hoping McGlynn is on it as I'm sure there'll be other clubs in for them too.
  22. I'd be happy to see Kabia coming back on loan and also Williamson from sevco, who I think McGlynn signed for RR last season? Surely wee Ross Wilson could do us a turn there?
  23. Already a member and I'm aware that I can increase. It's not just me though, I'm sure 100s of folk would pay more when faced with the option while the same folk maybe wouldn't join the FSS because it's less of an 'in the moment, impulse kind of thing', if you see what I mean?
  24. Bought my Crunchie ticket today. The donation there is the one for helping the community rather than donating to the club. (Same as the ST one.)
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