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  1. If they bring in Gomis, they'll drop Sammon.
  2. So you think we should have signed a keeper that would have challenged him for his place?
  3. I don't think that they'll want to put a teenager directly up against Goodwillie, which is probably why McLelland didn't start. If we're taking Durnan off then I'd prefer Deveney coming on and Dixon moving to CB.
  4. Don't know if anyone else noticed but I'm sure there were a couple of passages of play where we actually played some good football? Maybe I'm hallucinating? We haven't had a failure so far. Sammon is an atrocious footballer but he's proving to be a right nuisance and the Clyde defenders are struggling to cope with him. Alston and Telfer have both been very industrious too with both playing well. I just hope that the missed chances don't come back to bite us.
  5. I don't disagree however, on the assumption that last night was not their final game I would have hoped that the BOD would give them the ultimatum V Clyde.
  6. You said 'there's always one more game' which suggests that there will, err, always be one more game.
  7. No, there's not 'one more game' because I said that they should be away if they don't win the next one, not the one after that, or the one after that, or the one... FWIW I'd be quite happy if they don't get the chance to take us V Clyde because things have gone too far now. I was previously of the mind that I'd let them shitfest us to the title because I think a change would have been a dangerous thing to get right (still would be) but I now think that we're in a downward spiral that will be hard to turn around and it's likely that we'll now lose the title if we persist with them. Who we bring in is a big question too but, whoever it is, should only be in place for the remainder of the season.
  8. I think Clyde will beat us on Saturday as they seem to be playing quite well at the moment. I would also hope that M&M have been told that they're history if we don't win it.
  9. With the majority of them against Motherwell if I remember correctly.
  10. Meant to come on here yesterday to comment on this but forgot. The foul by Lewis is as clear as you're likely to see. Grabbed the forward and pulled him down as he moved past him. It doesn't really matter where the ball is unless it's already out of play, which is the only reason that I can think of for the ref, who had a good view, turning it down.
  11. Well, I think it's fair to say that it's not one up front?
  12. The big guy took his goal very well. Best of luck to him.
  13. Aye, agree with this I think? McKinnon obviously had to go and we needed to bring somebody in to steady things that could relate to the players and club. They fitted that perfectly however, I did think it was going to be a short-term fix. The problem was that they did initially improve results and performances and I do think that we would have won the league last season if it wasn't for Covid. Performances pre-season this term were good, quite impressive in fact in spells and I think we were entitled to think that this would continue into the season however the opposite has been true. I still believe though that we need to stick with them because they have got us top of the league and a change now could be damaging. I don't see however how they're suddenly going to have us playing entertaining football in the Championship and feel that we'd be at the wrong end of the league most of the time. Unless they can turn things around considerably in terms of performance then I feel that the BOD and Holt should be looking for their successor. The Board can't exactly come out and say that though and therefore they need to support them while they're still here.
  14. He reminds me a bit of Rory Loy, both in his running style and the fact that he's starting to drop deeper and deeper to get on the ball.
  15. Let's face it folks, they're just going to try to shitfest it to the title. If they can't show some real attacking intent in a home game against a team that is currently bereft of confidence then they're not going to do it at any other time.
  16. The football's been postponed, game is going ahead though
  17. That'll largely depend on whether they try to play expansive, aggressive, attacking football or decide to fart about in the midfield all night.
  18. Wonder how much we got for him? I remember a brilliant bit of play from him in an early appearance when he deftly flicked the ball over a defenders leg to give himself a run at goal. Fell and hurt his shoulder in the same move and has been anonymous or unavailable ever since.
  19. Yer man from Dumbarton says that they seldom venture over the half way line. I'm not suggesting that Morrison becomes a wing-back on a permanent basis, indeed, I think he would be pretty poor there. I fully expect Dumbarton to come and sit in which is why we'll need plenty of width. Morrison tends to do his own thing (probably with M&Ms blessing) but we need someone with pace who will hug the touchline to try to open them up. He's probably not the man to do that as he possibly wouldn't follow the game plan though. See above. In this league, against teams who will sit in and try to stifle us I feel we can dispense with some defensive duties in certain circumstances. This coming Tuesday being an example. Playing that system would allow us an extra striker while not losing anyone from the midfield. It won't happen anyway though so it's a moot point.
  20. He wouldn't be concerned with the defensive side of the game, other than tracking back on a very rare occasion. He would have to stay wide though and he may not have the discipline to do that?
  21. No disrespect intended but our management duo have got to show some intent at some point and that should really start by tying to notch a few against a poor team at home. You boys are surely looking over your shoulders now so I wouldn't imagine that you'll come out playing expansive attacking football, more likely to try to keep it tight to maybe snatch a draw. We've got to be mindful of that and field a team to try to break that down. We were miles ahead of Forfar and had the chance to turn the screw but opted instead to play keep-ball in the middle, with Keena completely isolated up top. There were a few passages of play through the midfield where I thought, 'brilliant, go for it' but each time we ended back with the ball at Gomis's feet. We need width for sure so I'd go with a back 3 with Morrison and Deveney as wing-backs. Mutch Neilson, Durnan, Dixon Gomis Morrison, Alston, Telfer, Deveney Dowds, Keena
  22. That's the spirit mate, nothing like a win to brighten up your Saturday!
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