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  1. No, the point that you made to me was that I could get a ticket through official channels, I'm telling you I couldn't. I'm not talking about anything else.
  2. Eh, I did try to secure a ticket through the official channels as I've already explained, but I couldn't because they were SOLD OUT! How the other poster managed to get one through the website is a mystery (if that's how he got it) because I'd tried to get one the previous day as well but couldn't because they were SOLD OUT!! I can only imagine that it was a glitch in the system or something?
  3. That's a bit unfair. He was talking about being 2-0 down at the time and conceding the second with only about 15 minutes left. It's a phrase that's used by loads of managers under similar circumstances. It's a bit like some of the posters that are slagging the board, no point in looking for faults when they're providing loads by themselves.
  4. WTF are you on about? If a guy on P&B hadn't posted that he had a ticket that he couldn't use I wouldn't have been there. I was just lucky that I happened to be on the thread when he posted.
  5. Sorry, but you're talking pish. I tried and failed to get a ticket the day before but was lucky enough to get one from someone who couldn't go.
  6. Can you pop along to provide the boos Ruggy? It is in your neck of the woods after all. (OK it's a hundred and odd miles, but it'll give you something to do!)
  7. I'll have you know that at least one of the 'big talkers' on here was there and voiced his opinion too, thank you very much!!
  8. Maybe you should have specified the folk you were referring to when you posted.
  9. I agree that varying skills in the boardroom is a good thing, of course it is, but Shadwell is saying that the vast majority of the BOD have their background in finance which, it appears, isn't true. (In fact, I think he started by saying that all 6 did) Don't know what Carrie Rawlins did before but, as far as I can see, only 2 of the other 5 worked in finance so, whether effective or not, there already is a cross section of skills there. Plus the fact that I think all of the board have done other things as well. There is no doubt that Tuesday night was a car crash, that stands alone, but don't throw shit at them that can't stick. It's not helpful.
  10. There are 6 people on the BOD and GC is a management consultant. Would you count the tea lady at the Pru as working in finance?
  11. So not even 'the vast majority' are in finance then? There is absolutely no point in peddling pish Shadwell. Some of this BOD seem to be doing their best to give folk enough to complain about without making stuff up to discredit them. Let them do it themselves!
  12. Whether he's any good at his job or not is irrelevant in this context, his background's not in finance. What do the others do?
  13. Are the BOD all accountants? I know Colin McFarlane isn't, his background's in PR which is what you're asking for. Are both the Rawlins accountants? I don't know. I assume GC is as he looks after the finances but I don't know what Deans and the other guy (the quiet one) have done in the past.
  14. Aye, but Deans and Fulston existed in a pre internet era. I'm assuming that Colburn is referring to abuse that they've received over social media or email. I've obviously no idea what the content would be but I don't think it would be along the lines 'Mr Colburn, you're a bad man!' Fans would need to have written Deans or Fulston a letter or maybe tried to run them off the road or something.
  15. I'm not too sure about that. Remember Andy Thomson getting his car attacked at the stadium, plus there are more than enough idiots among our support (as there are at every club) that would think nothing of abusing folk over the internet or wherever. Plus there could quite easily be trolls from other clubs or just p***ks in general who would take the opportunity to abuse or threaten to their heart's content.
  16. I think that's what he was trying to say. I was at the meeting and came away thinking it was Deans that had made a comment about threats and abuse. Having watched it back it was actually Colburn and I think it was this he was referring to as being unacceptable (which it is). However, the guy has such a condescending attitude and crabbit looking pus it was easy to think that he was just mumping for the sake of it. When the audience started to react to his comments he should have made it clear that he was referring to the threats and abuse and NOT to booing at the games. He could even have given some examples of the threats that the BOD have had. To then say though that the team are failing on the pitch due to booing from the stands was completely laughable.
  17. I'd have Ross as wing back as I don't think McDaid is remotely suitable to the role, plus he was utterly pish last week and I'd have Telfer and Nesbitt either side of Krasniqi. Other than that, I agree with the formation. A back 4 isn't working so it's worth trying something different. Wing back suits McCann more too and I'd shoehorn Ross in there because, although it's not his position, I do think he's probably the most suitable alternative and it would give us a chance to see if the formation works prior to Williamson coming back in. Alternatively we could plod along with a back 4, playing ridiculous short passes from goalie to centre back and back again with Hetherington doing his not good enough best meaning that Telfer will need to drop back making him far less effective than he should be. I suspect that Sheerin will go with the latter but with the added gem of sacrificing Keena for McDaid or McGuffie.
  18. Aye, good point. Holt did say though that Robinson got twice as much at Kilmarnock than the 'very good' deal that we offered and that McManus trebled his wages going to Wales. We were also willing to pay a transfer fee to the Pars but couldn't look at the wages. So, in that sense they're good offers. They could, of course, maybe not signed McCann or Nesbitt or whoever and used the money to sign, maybe Robinson for example. To play devil's advocate though, I'm sure there would have been a lot of complaints if we'd done that and been left short in other areas?
  19. Aye, I appreciate that but BPM's the only member of the NB that I know so I didn't know who else to ask. I was really just looking for his opinion. I suspect that there may be others on here but I would be guessing.
  20. He's a good player but I think that may be his problem!
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