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  1. Disnae work properly for the joke though!
  2. I think he swallowed his tongue too! From memory it was a deliberate elbow to the back of the head by Collins I think.
  3. You're auld. Baillie, Graham and Watson have all passed. Not sure about Tam Young, but still around as far as I know. My first game (as far as I can make out) was v Airdrie at Brockville, Craigie Watson scoring twice!
  4. Correct, was thinking the same myself. I was going to include Syd Puddefoot in my team but decided to put him on the bench instead!
  5. Donaldson; Kennedy & McLaughlin; Markie, Miller & Gibson; McAllister, Latapy, El Alagui, Stainrod & Shirra.
  6. Edited to add: Unadopted experiments[edit] During the 1973–74 and 1974–75 seasons, an experimental version of the offside rule was operated in the Scottish League Cup and Drybrough Cup competitions.[100] The concept was that offside should only apply in the last 18 yards (16 m) of play (inside or beside the penalty area).[100] To signify this, the horizontal line of the penalty area was extended to the touchlines.[100] FIFA President Sir Stanley Rous attended the 1973 Scottish League Cup Final, which was played using these rules.[100] The manager of one of the teams involved, Celtic manager Jock Stein, complained that it was unfair to expect teams to play under one set of rules in one game and then a different set a few days before or later.[100] The experiment was quietly dropped after the 1974–75 season, as no proposal for a further experiment or rule change was submitted for the Scottish Football Association board to consider.
  7. I think it was the Drybrough Cup in the 1970s.
  8. You’re just not paying attention. It’s McGlynn!
  9. There's no way the fans would have accepted him either so worked out for the best. Why?
  10. I would love Sibbs back however, like most things, it'll come down to money. We need to be strengthening all over the park so that will determine how much we could offer him. (Once we know how much we'll get from ST sales, which will decide the budget.)
  11. Williamson's biggest problem is that he's a big fearty.
  12. I don't think we'll be in a strong enough position financially to get everyone that we want out. The main two for me would be McKay and Hetherington because they're two key positions that we need to strengthen in. I think McGuffie, Nesbitt and maybe Ross may be considered acceptable back-up. I also thought that Wilson was MOM against Alloa, well, ok, for the first ten minutes or so!! He might be back-up to Williamson next season?? Some folk on here (not you necessarily, canny mind your take on it) also need a reality check. Yes, we're the 'biggest' club in the league (although not necessarily next season) and, of course, we should be targeting winning the league, but we've been shite for years and have shown that we're more than capable of being consistently pish so it's realistic to expect that it may take time to turn it around. It'll come down to money at the end of the day so we all need to do our bit by buying season tickets. Let's out-sell the fifers for a start!
  13. McGlynn strikes me as a sort of 'Billy Lamont' kind of signing, for those of you who remember him. Safe but unspectacular. I expect us to do well enough without pulling up too many trees!
  14. Hopefully I'm not reading this properly as you seem to be suggesting that McGrandles wasn't great? For me he was the 'best' player to come through the academy.
  15. Which accounts are these then? I haven't looked at any Morton threads for a while admittedly however, any time I've seen Blues name mentioned, their fans seem to suggest that he's completely shit!
  16. McCann is a very good player at this level when played in his best position. Christ, even at LB he's a better defender than ATS. Complete mystery to me why Rennie favoured McGuffie at WB instead.
  17. Thing is, what's he going to do with his life now? If he just buckled down and got himself fit he'd automatically become the best player out with the premier league (probably) and better than most in it. I don't think he's interested in doing that though as I'm sure he won't be short of a bob or two. Would be peak Falkirk though if he employed a PT during the summer, regained his fitness and ends up signing for Alloa or QP or whoever.
  18. You're possibly correct albeit that both are getting on a bit. Shirra in particular must be in his 70s by now!
  19. Telfer would have been absolutely fine if he'd had a couple of decent players around him. Laddie did more running than Hetherington, Miller & Jacobs put together. You could see his head drop some times though because he must have been thinking - 'what's the fuckin point?'
  20. Is this just speculation on your part or are you ITK? Don't want HSW having another melt-down.
  21. People in their sixties are not automatically 'past their sell be dates' thank you very much! Maybe the guy just needs a new challenge and the Goodwillie thing may just have pissed him off a bit?
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