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  1. I think that, if we play as badly as we did on Saturday, Montrose will thrash us. I'm hoping that the forecasted wind will be enough of a leveler to give us a decent chance. That and the possibility of a new midfield.
  2. I don't believe that Martin Rennie will be our manager next season. He has a six month deal and, when he joined, the BOD put out a statement saying something along the lines of 'thanking Martin for helping us at this time' or words to that affect. I really hope I'm wrong but I can see him going back to America as that's where his family is.
  3. Well, I'm pretty sure he wasn't a ball boy at Brockville for the money!
  4. No, I think he was right to take the team that day as he was the manager after all. I just wish to f**k that he would have handed over to Smith at half time!!
  5. Wiki say he's got 10 in 23, BBC say he's got 5 in 17.
  6. Is Connell out of favour at QP? He's there for the season I'm sure.
  7. I think he was one of the guys that Shadwell felt would 'guarantee 20 goals a season'. He's managed 5 so far I think.
  8. I think Telfer's form has dropped recently TBH although I'd absolutely want him to stay. I also think that Garry Miller did well enough on Saturday, first half at least. It was hard for my old eyes to see if he was responsible for any of the erratic defending that went on once he moved to CH in the 2nd half though.
  9. Keena's a natural finisher. We won't see him missing many sitters. It's true that his playing style is somewhat 'relaxed' but I think he works a lot harder than some, well, one in particular, make out. I thought Dowds was poor yesterday which was hopefully just an off day, but I'd like to give him and Kabia a shot up front next week with Keena being available from the bench.
  10. Aye mate, it was mainly just to illustrate another Shadwell fairy story.
  11. I think it'll be the bench, at best, for both of them.
  12. Which manager was it that had Hetherington playing well at Alloa, Grant or Ferguson? I think it was Grant?..., aye, it was Grant.
  13. While he's been poor with us, Alloa fans thought he did a good job so it will be interesting to see if Rennie can get anything out of him. (Not that I'm saying we shouldn't be looking for a 1st choice CDM.)
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