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  1. No idea, although I have been injured myself. I would think the rules are different due to the way that a crowd may react at certain times. If a goal was scored in a vital game for example (as indeed it was when I was injured) and the crowd at the back got over exuberant, causing some of them to fall forward it wouldn't take much to fell folk in front of them as they would be hitting and tripping over the seats in front. That could cause a pretty serious chain reaction, at least, that would be the theory and indeed why the authorities insist on folk sitting in the first place. I'm sure I've read on these very pages, accounts of folk telling us that they ended up five rows in front or whatever after a goal was scored. Whilst people do stand at concerts when they aren't supposed to, it's highly unlikely that they would react in the potential way that some football fans could in certain circumstances. I can't see folk jumping on top of one another when Daniel O'Donnell comes on for an encore for example. I'm not sticking up for seats v standing BTW. I don't even think that all seated stadiums needed to be forced on clubs in the 1st place. Standing, with adequate crush barriers, would have been perfectly acceptable IMO as long as the numbers being allowed in are strictly controlled.
  2. Aye, that's probably true but it's still dangerous and against H&S.
  3. Genuinely not trying to be a smart are here but I'd imagine that, with the crowds you get, any new stadium would likely be a single stand or maybe two to begin with. The sale of Cappielow would probably cover that I'd imagine?
  4. About 120 yards or so. If you've missed out the word 'ago', then, I don't know. Maybe about 6 years ago?
  5. Alloa's surface is cracking. Was upgraded maybe 3 or 4 years ago?
  6. Oh well, that's good news then. I'm sure I remember an article about a year ago where the Rotherham manager said he wouldn't sell him for £5m or some other huge amount. Obviously, as his contract starts to run down there could well be a change of heart there though. Hopefully there will be a fair few clubs in for him, maybe starting a bit of a bidding war, and that we'll get a good % of the sale price.
  7. Surely wouldn't matter too much if you get a nice shiny new stadium in Inverkip or somewhere?
  8. I was under the impression that Will's contract is up in the summer hence the bargain £1.5m he was being touted for during the January window. I hope I'm wrong as this would mean that we'll get heehaw when he moves?
  9. Relegation Royal Rumble

    I think they'll draw with ICT, lose to Ayr, draw with Thistle, beat QOS and draw with Alloa.
  10. Nah, I'll stay in the South thanks.
  11. Relegation Royal Rumble

    So, was AJ really shite and Crawford just as bad because, with the squad you have you really shouldn't be anywhere near as shite as you are?
  12. A juggernauting should be delivered from a standing position. Its a big, BIG yes from me. I don't necessarily disagree and of course folk are on their feet when a goal is scored anyway but, being serious, it would be totally unfair on older folk and others who couldn't stand for 2 hours. If we're going to have it in the SS it should be the section closest to the MS where a lot of the younger folk stand anyway. I suspect that this is what the club would intend to do if they were going to pursue the idea although the trip to Tynecastle was maybe just a nice we day out for someone?
  13. Because it's dangerous and would be against H&S rules.
  14. I'm probably misunderstanding what you're meaning but would the back 15-20 rows not take us to more than half way down the stand? Plus the fact that I sit toward the back and I don't want anybody standing in front of me thanks very much.