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  1. Just as well we've got two managers then! 😝
  2. It's actually wee Aiden that kicks in in the air mate. Defender still made a bit of a mess of it though.
  3. Hope they don't go for Miller or McCracken, at least, not until next week when they're officially pish again!
  4. I think I'd prefer Airdrie and Cove to play out a boring, uninspiring, goalless draw rather than an Airdrie win as I don't want them building up a head of steam before we meet them.
  5. I thought Sammon was pretty ineffectual throughout, nothing stuck with him. As usual, he put himself about but he always seems to be a half yard away from getting on the ball. Defence looked pretty solid, although they weren't tested much, Alston had his best game since returning and Robbie Leitch isn't a bad player but I think he's a bit of a fearty
  6. Seem to remember a tap in v hibs, but that was after he left a defender on his arse right enough.
  7. Maybe you should volunteer your services to the website mate!
  8. Todd was injured yesterday was he not? We seem to have a wee bit of an injury prone squad because Miller told us during the week that we had everyone fit and available, yet Todd, Mercer and Keena were all out come the Saturday. Unless, of course he was just winding Hartley up?
  9. Watch the highlights and pause it as Alston shoots. Morrison couldn't be more onside if he tried. I think the last 20 of the 1st half and the 2nd half have been the best we've played this season. Thought Dixon, Miller, Kelly, Gomis, Leitch & Sammon were solid throughout but Hall, Dowds & Morrison were brilliant in the 2nd half. Alston continues to frustrate. PJ did all that was asked of him, which wasn't much TBH.
  10. Regarding all the talk about Sammy's commentary; we need to remember he's just a fan with a mic. As far as I know he's never been to commentary school or anything like that, has he? I agree he needs to temper it a bit and, if he was to listen to a re-run, he may try to keep a lid on a wee bit. TBH though, if Sammy wasn't as enthusiastic as he is I'd be worried about him!
  11. Don't care how bad he is a commentating, you canny be saying things like that pal!
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