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  1. Ok, tell me exactly what the club should have done regarding Durnan?
  2. To think that it's only 6 years since we ended up drowning our sorrows that day!
  3. I've said before that I'm ok with Miller staying as he can cover a few different positions so, effectively, he could be a back-up RB, CB and CM. I'd have trusted him more than either Durnan or Hall at CB this season tbh.
  4. I'd like to think that Miller, Alston, Telfer, Connolly, Dowds would be back up but, as I say, it's the reality of where we are right now so they could all end up being first picks.
  5. The club published a list of players that they no longer wanted, Durnan wasn't on it because they would have been speaking to him about extending his deal, the terms of which would presumably have been much reduced. He'll since have decided that he can get better elsewhere (can see him going back to QoS) so we've released him. How could they then wait to include him on another list? (which won't appear as they'll be speaking to folk individually and terms will either be accepted or rejected at different times). Folk are saying that Durnan will be getting badly treated on social media because he's been singled out but, FFS, he's been getting it tight on SM for two fuckin seasons now! The fact also that he wasn't included in the original list is because we're now having to talk to players of that standard. We're in divison 3 folks so don't be expecting any earth shattering signings.
  6. Falkirk fans have long been a fairly critical or fickle bunch, more so than most clubs it seems. Whilst the past season was enough to sicken even the most forgiving of supporters it does appear to be the case that some of us have turned into a crowd of moaning feckers. The Durnan thing as an example shows that some folk will criticise the club no matter what they do, damned if they do, damned if they don't. Recent events have seen some of our more positive fans turn although there are some who seem to be using the whole situation to be more vocally critical because that's what they like to do and there are a couple, who I think have joined the forum fairly recently, who possibly aren't Falkirk fans at all as very nearly everything they say is having a dig or being critical to the fans, BOD, Holt, management, players or whatever else takes their fancy.
  7. If we hadn't announced Durnan's departure it would have leaked out anyway and, guess what, the club would have been slaughtered for not announcing it!
  8. I think that whoever we appoint should be immediately sacked. No point in messing around!
  9. Because the fans have been demanding it since Tuesday evening.
  10. I was thinking similar. I'd actually keep Miller, given the quality of player that we can realistically expect to attract, as he can play in a few positions
  11. He suffered from the fact that Leahy found a settled position at LB too after Kingsley left. Dick and Leahy were contesting the position until Leahy got the nod. I remember thinking that I would have been happy to keep him on though and would be happy for him to come back too.
  12. I'm afraid that the Durnans of this world will be the level of player that we can realistically afford as ST sales etc will be well down. Unless the Rawlins' come up with more cash then the playing budget will be reduced and we'll be shopping in Poundland.
  13. Aye, ok, I'll give you the apology bit, wouldn't do any harm, other than annoy some folk probably. The end of our season was last night, the BOD and Holt won't have had the chance to discuss a freed list as they won't have known what league we were going to be in. (I know, it was always going to be L1 but we were 4 minutes away from making the play-offs, so I'm sure you'll get my point.) I don't think any major financial decisions will be made without input from the Rawlins from here on in. I don't think he should get away with it either but I don't think him resigning would make any difference at this point.
  14. Don't know about PPV but the figure won in the 50/50 draw at the weekend was £290, meaning that £290 went to the club too. At the start of the season those figures were around £1300 which demonstrates the drop off in interest from the fans. If that's reflected in ST sales, which I suspect it will be, then we're on a downer straight away!
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