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  1. Thing is, it's a win-win for him because if he plays 2 up front and we win it's down to his tactics whereas if we lose he can say 'told you so'!
  2. Did you not hear? The club are giving free tickets to supermarket workers tomorrow. Just need to blag somebody's ID and get yourself down for a freebie!
  3. Don't hold your breath. I think he'll see a few fans turning against him if he doesn't start with 2 up, especially if we lose.
  4. I would have expected you to be front and centre with the questions mate. Perfect opportunity surely?
  5. TBF Shadwell, what goes on in your head may very well be a bit different from what ends up in your post so I'll let you off. Going to the game tomorrow? What supermarket are you working with this week, Asda, Tesco?
  6. Yes, I read your post Shadwell, very good it was too, although it is quite difficult to work out exactly what you're on about considering you managed to contradict yourself in it. So, do Scotland get your hopes up then dash them (as you said in your post) and, again, at what point would your hopes not have been dashed V the Faroes? I admit that I'm finding it a wee bit hard to get my own hopes dashed at this point considering that we're 2nd in the group and looking good for qualification to the play-offs, although I fully accept that said hopes may well be dashed in the not too distant future. I think I'll maybe just wait until that happens before moaning about it though. I have a somewhat sneaking suspicion that your hopes may have been dashed because we didn't give the Faroes a very sound thrashing.
  7. So, at what point would your hopes not have been dashed against the Faroes? 2-0?, 3-0?, 10-0?
  8. It concerns me that he'll view Airdrie as one of the better teams in the league and so revert to the one up top shite. If we start with Keena partnering Ruth then I think we'll win.
  9. He's happy when he's miserable so he's ecstatic most of the time.
  10. The annoying thing is that, if he simply played his best players in their best positions, his peg would be getting a few more screws rattled into it.
  11. I don't ever remember us wearing red shorts with navy tops.
  12. Nah, the guy that wrote the email is the CEO who was appointed after the strip was launched.
  13. IF Sheerin starts to play him from the start of games and we hit any sort of decent form I'd be confident that Keena wouldn't be too far away. Behind McAllister, Goodwillie and Webster he already has the 4th best goals to minutes played ratio in the league.
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