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  1. According to the BBC (yea, I know) Raith have had 3 shots on target in their last 3 games yet they managed to win 2 and draw the other.
  2. Well, that's the point mate. We're not mighty (as we've got to remind folk every fucking week!!!), we're pish. It was a terrible game of football and both sides were dreadful. A draw with no points awarded to either side would have been the fairest outcome.
  3. I didn't mind them bringing on Telfer but I think they should have taken Sammon off (as he was pish) and pushed Longridge up front. We needed someone up top who could take the ball in and commit defenders as it wasn't sticking at all. As far as performances are concerned, Mutch is the only one who played above average. I thought Toshney, Dixon and McManus did ok but was really disappointed in Doyle who I thought gave his worst performance for us so far.
  4. I believe that East Fife's goalkeeping coach is one Lindsay Hamilton, therefore I think we should just shoot from the half way line as often as possible.
  5. I have a bit of a soft spot for Alan irvine, I wrote to him back in the day, think I was about 15, didn't expect a reply yet received an 8 page hand written letter. really well written and full of good stuff. still got it up in the loft with my programmes. as other have said was quick. By 'Alan Irvine', do you mean Jimmy Saville?
  6. Remember his attempt to 'clear' the ball off the goal line v Dundee Utd at Tannadice?
  7. I saw Lex Miller in the pub last night. I was going to kick him in the baws but decided not to.
  8. Since you didn't specify Scotland managers you could throw wee Latapy in there too.
  9. That could be an advantage though. Good cop, bad cop, type of thing.
  10. Thought that there were no real stand-out performances but that Toshney, Dixon & McManus were best. Gomis was good in the 1st half but started to give the ball away when he tired. Doyle, Durnan, Buchanan & Miller were fine but I thought that Longridge was poor by his standards and, for once, probably deserved to be subbed. Sammon really frustrated me today. I noticed an increase in effort from a few today but not from him. On maybe three occasions he put the foot down and was able to brush off defenders with ease but he didn't seem to realise that he could or should have been doing it for 90 minutes! If he had the same work rate as McManus he'd get on a hell of a lot better. As said above, we haven't been able to find a pairing up front that can work together well and I agree with Mr Dust when he suggests that we put Longridge in there. Louis tends to want to beat a man or two before passing when he's played further back which, as seen today, often ends in the move breaking down. He'll get the ball away a lot faster if played further up-field I would say. Special mention for Dixon though. He was really good today and certainly doesn't seem to be missing Ray too much. His crossing was a lot better and the ball in for Doyle's goal was outstanding.
  11. Elliots run a bus. Think the longer trips would be about a tenner.
  12. So you'd be driving to Falkirk, getting on a bus then driving to Ayrshire when you get back? The Supporters Bus experience should surely involve alcohol?
  13. Probably depends on where you stay in Ayrshire.
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