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  1. I think our very existence could depend on this and I think the BOD probably do too.
  2. No other options sadly. McShane's been very disappointing but was OK when he first came in. I think wee just need to hope that he can replicate his early form.
  3. Aye, not much to choose between them really.
  4. We need to beat Dundee Utd, no if's or but's, we've got to win. If he lines up with both Osman and Paton in the team then that will simply confirm the type of manager that we think he is. Hopefully Paton can't make it and that will force his hand but he needs to include players who can make things happen so DKD, McShane and Robson need to start with Waddington and Petra (if fit) ready to come on if need be. Possibly worth starting Lavery too to see if that would make any difference. Apparently McGhee is also struggling so we could see Kidd and Brough coming in from the cold?
  5. Not the latest version of Grant, but the other 4 defo.
  6. Falkirk v Morton

    I know, which is why I think we need to try something different. Need width in the team and Todorov to aim at.
  7. Falkirk v Morton

    That's quite depressing, don't think that team would create anything.
  8. Falkirk v Morton

    Just buy two tickets if it makes you feel better.
  9. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Thing is though that 4 sets of fans are saying exactly the same thing (apart from the manager bit - still prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt). We can't all finish bottom!
  10. Relegation Royal Rumble

    No news yet but at his age I'm not expecting him to feature in the last 3. Hoping we can scrape to 9th and he is back for the play-offs. I would imagine he'll be on the bench v Partick, fit or not. Would give the fans a boost and Partick would be concerned about him possibly coming on. This is assuming that you've still something to play for at that point.
  11. Relegation Royal Rumble

    It is and I think he's been tossing it a lot.
  12. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Aye, Gordon Buchanan. I'm sure he was very well rated when at us and moved to England? Didn't make it and came back to play with the Shire and manage and coach Stenny. My memory's not the best right enough! Edit to add that I think his mum's the editor of the Falkirk Herald.
  13. I'd have played Waddington instead of Paton but, as he's always breathing out of his arse after an hour, I'd rather keep him to come on in the 2nd half.
  14. I am not sure how much a risk it is really. I think 3 CHs suits McKenna and Dixon. Not sure about Edge but the other two I think would look better in a 3. Plus it would accommodate McShane who surely needs to play to provide some creativity in the middle.