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  1. Like everyone else I was totally dismayed with the formation and performance on Saturday. A few things stood out for me: 4 CHs across the back line doesn't work (at least not the 4 that we've got) therefore I'd feel happier if he went back to a 3 with WBs. I've no idea if either Russell or Robson are any good with their right foot but I feel it would be worth trying one of them there to see. Also, I felt that Dallison was our poorest defender on Saturday so I'd play Muirhead and McGhee either side of Harrison, who I felt was our best. I know I'm going to get shot down in flames for this next suggestion however I also feel that it may be worth trying Dallison in a defensive midfield role because I think Paton is quite limited and will probably be sitting in the stand quite often when his suspensions start to kick in anyway! Worth trying against the sevcoltians I think.
  2. Early Season predictions

    Personally, I've only seen him once. He looks like he needs a lot of games to get up to speed though which also seems to be the consensus.
  3. Falkirk v ICT

    I think that the main stand is all ticket so, if you're put in there, you'll need to get a ticket from the club shop prior to the game. If you're in the North Stand then you can pay at the gate. It'll depend how many you expect to bring. <200 I would imagine you'll be in the main.
  4. Early Season predictions

    Exactly this! If the pre-season and LC games are anything to go by then we may well finish below Alloa. However, I think the defence could do OK and the addition of Haber should give us goals if he can form a decent partnership with Lewis. The midfield is the worry for me. Hopefully the laddie we've signed from Hearts will make a difference because I don't see where the supply to the strikers is going to come from in this area at the moment. Think we'll be seeing the ball getting played out wide early to get crosses in.
  5. Bit of a strange signing that. Only just turned 18 so can't see him as a mainstay in midfield. We really needed a more experienced, creative type in there.
  6. I only ever remember him missing one, I think against Dundee Utd, and remember that he slipped just as he hit it.
  7. Championship Golden Boot

    It'll either be Dennon Lewis on 102 or Kirkie Lawson on 0.
  8. Project Hartley

    It wasn't happening with 'Hippo, Miller et al'! The squad needed changing as things had gone stale. Do you think we'd be challenging for promotion this season with Kerr, Watson, Loy etc? Granted Hartley's probably gone over the top with the changes however, his intention was to keep Sibbald, Longridge and Welsh so the number of changes made has maybe been forced on him to an extent.
  9. I've only seen two games so far, last night's and the Forfar match. Although there's a hell of a lot of improvement still required, I think it's fair to say that there was a world of difference between the 1st half v Forfar and what we saw last night so progress has been made IMO. I think we're still short at RB and striker (I wonder if Hartley has possibly made a mistake with Turner) however, I feel that our biggest need is a midfield play-maker. Someone who can put his foot on the ball, calm things down a bit, then make a killer pass. Sibbs, of course, would have been tailor made for that role and I don't think we've replaced him adequately. On an individual basis I would say that we've seen some good and some bad in all of the new recruits. The goalie looks like he can make a save and is comfortable with the ball at his feet however, last night it looked like he'd been nailed to his line as I don't remember him coming to collect any crosses at all. Harrison didn't look as slow last night as he did v Forfar and, again, looks comfortable on the ball. Sammut looks like exactly what he is, a young laddie learning his trade. Owen-Evans I thought was one of our better performers last night and looked like he made a difference v Forfar. Paton's the one that I don't get however. Hartley should have known exactly what he was going to get with him yet I don't really see him making any significant contribution. Maybe he's one of those who's best work goes unnoticed? Anyway, if we can bring in a good creative midfielder and an Andrew Nelson then I think we could maybe just surprise a few a folk this season, including ourselves!!
  10. Gave you a greenie! I knew you could do it!!
  11. He played 28 times for Hibs at this level and scored 4 times. Andy Nelson scored the same number in just 12 games. Makes no sense to sign another target man and Nelson would give us something different. Would maybe have taken Graham if we hadn't signed Mackin, but not now.
  12. Don't see the point in signing Graham when we've just signed Mackin as both are target men types. Would much rather have Nelson back.
  13. Well, if he is, he'll playing for Dunfermline next season.
  14. Correct. I believe that Hartley's going to nip down to the proven, experienced goalscorer shop in the morning to get one! Can't see a RB coming in now, looks like he's going to play 442 as we've 2 wingers on the books now so I think he'll go with McGhee at RB.
  15. Christ, you must be old!