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  1. Cheers. We'll need a squad and I think most of those would either get a 1st team place or could be used as back-up. I'd keep wee Connolly too.
  2. Ach, you're not wrong TBF. We are certainly at a very low ebb at the moment, no doubt about that. I get frustrated at the constant whining and negativity on here though and I've let it get to me. Ok, there's Shadwell who knows best about everything and moans continually but he's always been like that, but there are a few more who I think may be refugees from OneF and it just all gets on my tits. I think I'll probably take a wee break.
  3. Yep, not disagreeing but, as I say, I've seen worse. We've a long road ahead but hopefully with the boardroom changes, Holt coming in and the Rawlins' involvement we can start to look forward. I have a feeling that M&M will get bumped whether we win the league or not though.
  4. Don't think Holt will let them. Not entirely sure who's out of contract but I would imagine that Durnan, Telfer, Todd and Sammon will be away. Leitch, Mercer, Laverty and Francis as well if their deals are up or if we can move them on.
  5. We are where we are. I've seen us a lot worse in the 50 odd years that I've supported my club, might yet see worse but I'm sure I'll see better in time. I'd hazard a guess that you've only been watching us in the relatively recent past and have been spoiled by cup finals and play offs. If you let the constant negativity get to you it'll spiral and you'll end up as a very sad lad. We've got to look forward with confidence or we could end up as an Airdrie or Clyde and none of us want that now do we...
  6. Stop talking pish Shadwell. I was talking about Arbroath and you know it. Hindsight has everything to do with it. He's only really had a good scoring record since arriving at EF, how the f**k can you be suggesting that we should have signed him based on his record before that? Ok, so we should only sign players that we know are going to be successful even when they haven't shown much so far? The signing of any player is a gamble, absolutely no-one can guarantee a positive outcome but that seems to be what you're looking for. I'm sure he did know all about him. How do you know we didn't try to sign him? For all we know, maybe they don't get on, maybe he hates Falkirk, maybe he doesn't like the negativity that comes from some of our fans, maybe Martindale wouldn't let him come? You're speculating about the wages thing, but that's fine, you may well be right. It may well be the case that they could pay more than us at the moment too. You can come back with the last word Shadwell as I think that your heart is actually in the right place unlike some posters who seem to be jumping on the negativity bandwagon at the moment. This place is so unbelievably negative nowadays that I can't be arsed with it. f**k knows what it would have been like if we'd been bottom of the league, not top!
  7. Aye, and since turning 19 he'd managed 5 in 37 before arriving in Fife. So, he's obviously just 'matured with his game coming on leaps and bounds' since last October! I'm not saying that Hamilton's a bad player, far from it, and I'd have been happy to see him at Falkirk in this window, based on what he's done at EF. To suggest though that we should have signed him at the start of this season based on what he's done since is crazy and, as usual, with the benefit of plenty of hindsight. You also claim as factual that Miller had no inside info on him. I'd be interested to know on what that claim's based on? For all you know we made an offer to get him here which the player, or Livingston turned down as they would prefer that he played at a higher level. I'm just speculating of course, certainly not basing it on fact.
  8. Fair play. I've got to congratulate you on your fantastic foresight. M&M should have known he was going to score those goals for EF too and, as you say, there was obviously 'no reason' that we couldn't have signed him instead. Maybe the 15 goals in 71 appearances before he arrived in Methil put them off, who knows?
  9. I know, but I don't think I'm going to be able to resist.
  10. So, you would have been happy if we'd signed Hamilton on loan at the start of the season?
  11. Is he the guy who gives the kids a healthy balanced breakfast and evening meal and gets to help them with their homework?
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