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  1. Not sure that I would have wanted him, he didn't seem to do very well last season. Rather have Cammy Ballantyne on loan if we could get him.
  2. It was definitely a legitimate bid, I'm not claiming otherwise. I just wish the bid could have been accepted for all the right reasons with both parties happy with it.
  3. From what you've posted in the past LSB you've quite a few issues to cope with so I really hope we can do it on the pitch this season to give you something to brighten things a wee bit.
  4. It's a baw hair, but you're probably right.
  5. No, I want the fans group to be better than the current lot! I don't see the point of an 'out of the frying pan' scenario though, I'd much rather that they made themselves known and show us some sort of plan of how they'd like to take the club forward. Maybe there are legal issues that would prevent that, I don't know, but again, they could make that known if that was the case. It's important to know that I'm not against the NBG at all, in fact, I'm all for it, but I don't want to see us back to square one with God knows how many more years ahead before we can get it right.
  6. I know who you are but don't know you very well. From what I've seen I think you would do as much as you can to get FFC back on track, I'd be confident that few would work any harder. As I say though, I don't know you well so can't really comment on whether you're egotistical or not, which is why I put the 'or all ?' comment in brackets. There was no offence intended so I apologise if any was taken.
  7. Yea, agreed. I don't think Hall would have been resigned if Durnan had stayed but the truth is that neither of them should have been kept.
  8. Well, yes, exactly!! FWIW, I did assume that you were probably one of the 11 but I have no idea about the rest. They could be 10 Mark Campbells for all I know, which is exactly the point I was making.
  9. Well done mate, I admire your dedication. I'm going to the pub instead and won't be at the FS until numbers above the ST holders are allowed.
  10. I assume you're meaning me given that I was the only one that mentioned the NBG in the period you mentioned? Struggling to see where I've made up any stories though?
  11. Yep, was a concern for me that some (or all?) of the NBG may have been along similar lines. Sometimes folk get involved in football clubs simply to massage their egos. It's a big risk having people involved that are unknown quantities.
  12. I was going to dissect this to pick out the bits that are pish but, frankly, all of it is.
  13. I understand that, but that there lots of posters who have been claiming that he's pish.
  14. Obviously not seen him play very much due to injury but he looked like a natural finisher to me. I said at the time that he performed like a striker that I expected to score rather than hope that he would. He didn't perform very well when he returned from injury (having missed most of the season) which may have been down to the injury but more likely that he wasn't being given any service and Holt's daft decision to play the guy up front on his own, which he clearly isn't suited to. Some folk on here are rubbishing him because it suits their agenda, others because they don't know too much about football and some others who just like jumping on the bandwagon. Having had that bad injury last season and now having dislocated his shoulder in pre-season it's difficult to predict how he's going to perform. I do expect him to be provided with service in Sheerin's preferred formation however so it's a case of 'time will tell'!
  15. Very true, however, I'm certain the club will be trying to get players in as, presumably, they still have the budget to get some loans. What we don't want of course is to sign players for the sake of it. It's pretty vital that we improve on what we have already.
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