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  1. My impression of Grant is that he's more of a holding midfielder which we don't need as we already have Miller and Gomis. We need an Alston or Keillor-Dunn type but I don't think we'll go for another midfielder at all unless, as someone said, Leitch or Laverty go out on loan. I'd actually like Laverty to be involved this season to see if he's any good.
  2. Hmph! Thought that would keep everyone entertained for a wee while. Clearly not! 😃
  3. Two players in that photo share the same surname; what is it? HSW not allowed to answer.
  4. Aye, completely agree mate but we are where we are unfortunately. I can't see them increasing the midfield area because of finances. Hope to f**k I'm wrong!
  5. I agree. I'd be surprised if we're even in for him TBH as we already have 7 midfielders on the books whilst we only have 4 defenders (not including the young laddie) and 3 strikers. We need a back-up goalie, another CD and a striker. Could be a different matter if Leitch and Laverty go out on loan again but I'd imagine that M&M see them as part of the squad this season.
  6. I'm nearly 63 so it's often soft play in our house nowadays. That's if I get any play at all of course!
  7. f**k knows as he's been retained by Hartlepool. Fraser Kerr's been released by them though. A giant centre half who played in the Premier with Motherwell. Wonder if he's any good?
  8. I think you're probably right, sadly. I don't think the new season will even get off the ground. That being the case, the title should be awarded to Airdrie as they will be top at the point of abandonment. It's only fair and is in keeping with the sporting integrity that all clubs like to show.
  9. I think you're being totally unrealistic here. £10 an hour is much more than the minimum wage!!
  10. If the remaining 5 or 6 slots go to players of the required quality, I wouldn't expect any of them to be on 1 year contracts. They would have to be 2 year deals to get them in (with the usual no promotion clauses built in). At the end of the day, we're a L1 club for now so attracting players that would be considered good quality Championship players is going to be extremely difficult with the affordability levels that we have. It's probably a bit idealistic from me I suppose but we've got to try to be ambitious to get us up.
  11. There lies the problem. We need to be generating a lot more cash via season tickets to be able to offer the Alstons and Keillor-Dunns of this world a deal that would tempt them.
  12. That's why i would prefer the 5 or 6 that's still to come in to be ours and not loans ideally.
  13. Like a lot of people, you'd be happy with yet another rebuild if we manage to get up. Like a lot of other people, I wouldn't. It's all about opinions though.
  14. I would say that they look stronger than us up front as things stand but not regarding the remainder of their squad. It'll depend on who both teams manage to add from now on in. Partick may have the finances to get better in than us if they get a decent amount of compo though.
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