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  1. Game'll be aff I think.
  2. Look m8 do you wamt a fucking donut or not? It's not even opened yet. Take him to the Gulnar instead followed by a few jars in the Commercial.
  3. Falkirk vs Alloa

    Of course, but we had no way of knowing how the changes were going to work out. I think I'm right in saying that you recently proclaimed that you'd reached the end of the road with Johnston having previously backed him? (May have been someone else). So you'd be happy, along with, apparently, the majority of Dunfermline fans to dispense with his services in an effort to bring someone in who could improve the team? It may well be that the new guy could f**k things up to the extent that you would have preferred to keep AJ in the first place? Who knows?
  4. I've been quite pleased with Harrison in recent games, however he was caught wrong side of his man twice on Saturday and was fortunate both times that the attacker didn't go down as his physical attempts to make amends could easily have resulted in penalties. Having said that, I think I would stick with the McGhee, Harrison, Brough trio at the back.
  5. Some idiot's just red-dotted my earlier defence of Leo Fasan. What are these people all about? He's our goalkeeper and a bloody good one at that. Easily one of the best I've seen.* * With a beard. (not including designer stubble, heavy growth or bum fluff)
  6. I'm assuming you didn't read the rest of the thread before you posted this?
  7. I will not, I'm enjoying myself!
  8. Na f**k that I am seething with him Ha ha ha, well that's fair cheered up my Sunday.
  9. I don't get the criticism of Fasan, at least not at the level it's at. I think we've had far worse 'keepers, some of whom have already been mentioned. He's made some crucial saves at times this season, probably earning us a few points in the process so let's not all just jump on the bandwagon, instead, get behind the guy ffs!
  10. Falkirk vs Alloa

    Unlucky deflection? Aye, unlucky in the sense that he may have deflected it wide. The ball was going in whether he touched it or not.
  11. Falkirk vs Alloa

    Aye, we definitely need to get a new keeper. Michael McGovern's not getting a game at Norwich because Tim Krul's keeping him out!
  12. Falkirk vs Alloa

    Brilliant. I think we've got next season's slogan!
  13. Falkirk vs Alloa

    My nephew insists that Fasan was being fouled at the equaliser, I think a 6ft plus goalkeeper should be wiping out anyone trying to foul him. He just looks soft and scared to me. Having said that I don't think he conceded the corner that led to the goal, I think the ref got it wrong but maybe the highlights will show differently? McGhee really fucked up at their first; I think he tends to get an easy ride from the fans most of the time and he can be a bit of a bomb scare at times. All three central defenders made individual mistakes today though. Robson and Paton were our two best, Robson in particular had the RB on toast in the 1st half. Petra had a good 1st half too. Even Haber was putting it about when he came on, he's maybe not as slow as we thought?! I've lost patience with Irving though. All the skill in the world but seemingly can't or won't put the effort or desire in to make it count. I think I would be sending him back to Hearts next month.