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  1. That was fucking awful! Not a chance that McGlynn's going to play Burrell and Alegria together now if he wasn't prepared to do it tonight. Nobody really got pass marks, certainly not in the first half anyway. There was an improvement in the second although we never looked like scoring. PJ was like a rabbit in the headlights and his kicking was rotten. McKay was shite as was Mackie. Donaldson's good on the ball although he slows everything down. McGinn was ok but definitely needs a rest. McGuffie, Hetherington and Nesbitt were rank and Kennedy's the definition of a sand dancer. Nothing sticks with Burrell, Alegria's better in that one up role but, now that teams know exactly what to expect from us, they really should be playing together because we need to change something. Not going to happen though.
  2. Although we've certainly got a good performance in us we've been quite 'meh' of late. I'd be pleasantly surprised if Dundee don't progress here. Having said that, maybe the fact that nobody really gives a shit about this cup may allow the players to relax a bit and perform a bit better without the usual pressure being on them? Ideally I'd like McGlynn to rest Donaldson, McCann and McGinn as we can't afford to lose any of them to injury or suspension and I'd like to see Burrell and Alegria get an extended run together up front. Problem with resting both Donaldson and McCann is that, because Henderson's out, we don't have the personnel to replace both!
  3. Aye, but unless they're a fan, why would they want to buy the club if there wasn't something in it for them? Mark Campbell springs to mind.
  4. Well, we've only got your word for that and you're a bit of an enigma TBH.
  5. That's a very good question, I had forgotten all about him.
  6. You either can't read, comprehend or are a bit thick.
  7. Sigh... WTF are you on about mate? Where did he say that we should be first? he's saying we don't deserve to be top because we're not good enough, even though the league is full of shite. It's really not hard if you try hard enough FFS. Some Airdrie fan earlier in the thread says that we can't even overcome this Airdrie team with your threadbare squad and he's right! Our deficiencies are of our own making.
  8. It wasn't smart mate. Your defender was running toward his own goal, he had no way of knowing if the ref could see him fouling our player or not.
  9. Thing is, with Hartley, McKinnon, Sheerin and Rennie there was a feeling, for me anyway, that the position was hopeless, just couldn't see any way forward. I didn't get that with Miller and McCracken at first because I do think we would have won the league in the Covid season but, at the end, they had dropped off a cliff. McGlynn's making mistakes, no doubt about that, his substitutions for example tend to be like for like or generally fairly uninspiring (Lawal excepted). I don't get that impression with McGlynn. Like yourself, I do think that he will eventually get us up (if we can negotiate our way through our current financial predicament) but we'll probably have to wait until beyond next summer when we can offload several players to allow him to recruit better replacements.
  10. Doesn't alter the fact that it was a penalty. You're basically admitting that your team are cheats.
  11. It was a foul, it was in the box, therefore it was a penalty. Doesn't matter how 'clever' it was.
  12. Yes but we're allowed to recall him for CC games if we wish.
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