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  1. Why would you give him a chance in pre-season games if you don't think he's the answer and isn't good enough to be starting in the league? Hartley had to bring in almost an entirely new squad because he realised that it had gone stale. Wholesale changes needed to be made but he needed to keep at least some of the previous squad to keep some sort of continuity although I think that backfired a bit on him when Sibbs and Longridge didn't re-sign. He couldn't keep both Sheps and O'Hara; why would he? O'Hara I believe has scored the same number of goals for us as Shepherd however he's a few years younger so Hartley probably thinks that he's got time to improve. No point whatsoever in giving Shepherd any time in pre-season if he's decided that he doesn't want him to stay especially when he's trying to get a new strike force to gel.
  2. There was a young laddie behind me, maybe late teens, early twenties, who was shouting abuse the whole way through until we scored. When we scored our second I looked up and he was playing with his phone!
  3. That wasn't so much bad as fuckin terrifying! Don't think we can continue to play 3 at the back unless Muirhead is involved as McGhee, Harrison (in particular) and Dallison all have little pace. We were much better tonight when we switched to a 4 although I think that was as much down to Forfar tiring as us getting better. Lewis and Owen-Evans made a difference with the former absolutely burying his goal but Petra was easily our best on the night, taking his goal very well. If we're not going to bring in a RWB and continue to play Petra in front of McGhee instead then we'll need to sign a wide left player to give us some balance. We need another striker too as I don't think that Turner's going to be the answer. Jakubiak would be ideal as he's presumably played alongside Lewis on many occasions so they would know each other's strengths. I also think we need another experienced head in midfield. I didn't think Paton was great tonight although, like many others he had a better second half. Take him out of the team though and we've no experienced leader in there.
  4. Reggie Smith Alex Parker George Gibson Simon Stainrod Crunchie
  5. As others have said he's better offensively than defensively so will probably do ok if McKinnon's planning to play with a back 3. Thought he was average overall for us and I didn't want him back as it was assumed that Hartley would be looking to bring in someone better however, as things stand, I wish he was still with us!
  6. And what's wrong with that may I ask? The best things come in small packages you know. May I add that everything else is in perfect proportion and excellent working order!
  7. Used to be 7 1/2 but I'm having to wear 9s now because of these big blotches that have appeared on my feet.
  8. Are you saying that I may have contracted ebola 3 weeks ago and I don't fucking know it yet?
  9. TBH I feel that 'creativity' is one of the qualities that he doesn't have, at least not how I would see it. For me, that's someone who can retain the ball, beat a man and find the right pass at the right time. Hippo could beat a man (sometimes) but 9 times out of 10 would then try to get in on goal or get a shot away himself. I don't think he was good at bringing others into the game which I feel should be a given for someone who is described as 'creative'. As a comparison, Longridge is a more creative player IMO.
  10. Nah, we definitely still need a RWB. Anthony Ralston on loan may be a shout?
  11. So, who's the better player folks, El Bak or Dobbie?
  12. Yea, I saw a lot of him. I would say that he's a fairly good goalie and shot stopper but tends to have lapses in concentration.
  13. Getting a funny feeling that Roman Bairn's sussed it at last!
  14. Croatia v England - semi final

    And a packet of crisps. (Not Walkers)
  15. Well, couldn't be anything else could it?