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  1. Alan Trouten was born on 08/11/85 and played, as you said, against St Mirren on 17/05/04. He was 18 years and 191 days old in the Under 19 League Cup Final, having signed for us a couple of months earlier. He was over 18 years old when he signed for us.
  2. Lawrence Shankland and Andy Robertson didn't play under Billy Stark? I was making the point that about half the 06/07 squad weren't products of our youth system whereas in the 50's and 60's the majority were.
  3. I would say not. Billy Stark had Mick Dunlop, Damiano Agostini, Paul Ronald, Tony Quinn and Mark Ferry playing most weeks, with Mark Cairns, Robert Dunn and Richard Bowers playing fairly regularly. I also wouldn't count Alan Trouten as one of ours as he was 18 when signed from Morton , so half the squad wasn't home grown. After the second world war, most players signed from school and went through the 18's (Victoria XI) and then the Strollers before playing for the first team. A few players came from Church and Amateur leagues but I would think the majority from then, through to the sixties, could be considered home grown.
  4. That picture has to be one of the worst Photoshop efforts ever!
  5. 4000 games would take us back almost a hundred years! It's also difficult to establish exactly when our youth set up began, as early last century we had affiliated youth teams from other clubs rather than QP youth teams. However, we only have to go back to Angus MacPherson's first full season charge in 2014/15 to find at least one example with no home grown players, with a host of signings from the juniors only Gibson, Mitchell, McVey and Lochhead could be considered home grown from that squad. A quick glance shows that none of those four played against Albion Rovers on 31st January 2015 (although three were unused subs) and I would think there would be other examples that season. The following season we had McGeever and Duggan (on loan) who had been part of the youth set up but left for full time football before returning, as well as Liam Brown starting to make appearances although I suspect there may have been the odd game that season which had no home grown players as well.
  6. Under 18's lost 3-1 at Kilmarnock tonight in the SFA Youth Cup. Started well and took the lead just before the half hour with a great strike from Regan Thomson from 15 yards. Killie subbed their centre forward in response and changed formation and scored twice before half time, adding a third just after the break and saw the game out comfortably. Keeper kept Queen's in the match in the second half with several good saves, including two one on ones.
  7. Never mind the Lowland League, I think we would have ended up in the South of Scotland League if we had stayed amateur. Despite the loss of Hampden, I don't think we could ever have had a better set of circumstances for turning pro. Part of the Hampden payment up front to pay for the Lesser redevelopment and then guaranteed payments for eight years for the balance, allied with the offer of a sustained annual contribution from a benefactor means in reality it was now or never. Fortunately it is now.
  8. Under 18's beat Lossiemouth 16-0 at Lesser this afternoon in the second round of the SFA Youth Cup. Took 20 minutes to score the first, but were eight up by half time, with another eight added in the second half.
  9. Decent piece about Andy Robertson on the BBC website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48413180 along with a picture of our Under 18's from 2012, some familiar faces in there: Spittal, McVey, Coll, Lochhead, Robertson, McGeever, Shankland, Connelly and Capuano amongst others.
  10. Was at Vitesse Arnhem v De Graafschap at the weekend, De Graafschap handed their arse on a plate 6-1, not hard to see why they were second bottom and in the relegation play offs, they held out for almost half an hour but once the first went in there was only one winner. Arnhem into the Europa League play offs. Compact stadium with a retractable pitch, not a huge amount of noise from the home fans despite the win, away fans very boisterous for the first half hour but understandably gradually quieter as the goals tumbled in. 16 thousand crowd or so in a 21,000 capacity,
  11. Times of goals can be difficult to track down, particularly pre WW2, but Robert Barr scored three in five minutes against St Johnstone in September 1925, can't see anything quicker than that though. Quickest others are a couple of ten minute hat-tricks, Ian Denholm against Brechin in December 1970 and the last three of Jamie Longworth's four against Elgin in January 2012. At the other extreme is Wilson Carter who took a comparatively pedestrian 80 minutes (7m to 87m) over his hat trick against Stenhousemuir in January 1967. Yes, I need to get out more.
  12. Funny how no one questions it when they beat us.
  13. Mark Roberts confirmed as permanent replacement for Gus MacPherson this morning.
  14. Club statement on the SFA's decision to remain at Hampden "Queen’s Park welcomes the Scottish FA’s announcement today, whilst acknowledging there are still many complexities to be worked out with various stakeholders. This will undoubtably have huge implications for our club and our first priority is to engage with the club membership which due to confidentiality clauses we have been unable to do thus far."
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