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  1. Jesus! Mind when some of you were slagging the Rovers for losing a four goal lead. Deserved as that was, I'd still rather be watching a team capable of taking a four goal lead in the first place.
  2. My one is scheduled to be delivered by mid September. Might air fry some cereal at the weekend.
  3. Tonight was meant to be Dunfermline's embarrassment but we kindly took it off them. Only for Brian Blessed and Jeremy Beadle's love child to mercilessly rip it back out of our clenched fist.
  4. As a way of returning the compliment, my boy was working in the pie stand in the away end and said the Aberdeen supporters were really sound.
  5. Aberdeen all over us in the first half, though we had a couple of decent scoring opportunities. Early goal in the second half gave an injection of confidence and the team more than matched Aberdeen before Zanatta robbed Gurr for the winner.
  6. @Raith_Raverwas having a wee dig at @Ro Sham Bo's negativity.
  7. What does the end of the season have to do with pointing out that you got absolutely everything wrong about today?
  8. From my experience of her she seems proactive. Very talkative and friendly. It was a short conversation to be fair but I left with a good impression.
  9. I was still training through the pain before it was diagnosed as a torn meniscus all the while convincing myself that it would iron itself out. The plus side is that it's keyhole surgery. The downside being that although the knee looks fine, you need to wait on it repairing underneath.
  10. I read somewhere that Vaughan had torn his meniscus. There'll be different levels of damage of course but I had an op in March for the same thing on both sides of my knee and was told not to even think about football or running until October. Vaughan will have better physio than I did but if it's a bad tear, it'll be months rather than weeks. Time for James Keatings to step up.
  11. I can't remember where I read/heard this but apparently Butcher was working for free for the short time he was with us.
  12. I'd put that down to financial miss-management fueled by a (mislead?) desire to make us an established top league club.
  13. It would take much more money than the Rovers have to simply replace Regan Hendry. You have to feel sorry for Blaise Riley-Snow in that respect. He has massive boots to fill.
  14. Dalziel advised him that his time at the club was coming to an end but Ebanda didn't want to leave and told the gaffer that he could do odd jobs around the ground. Straight from Dalziel in an interview I did with him about 10 years ago.
  15. If folk started actively avoiding places where there'd been covid outbreaks we'd need to quickly colonise the moon so we had somewhere to go. For a few days at least until there was a covid outbreak.
  16. I can't decide if it's an easily angered young person or an easily angered older person. Either way, they need the last word.
  17. I think you're taking this whole internet chatboard thing a bit too seriously. Let's get back to arguing about football matters.
  18. I've heard that it's a matter of weeks. That might be the timescale for him being fit enough to train rather than fit enough to be thrown into games.
  19. "Traditional values" sounds like the type of terminology that someone would use to justify their use of 'Pakis' or 'Darkies'.
  20. I'm a lowlife and a bigot now! Those insults might have had an impact if they weren't coming from an idiot.
  21. I've no got time to explain again. Sorry. There's tea ladies out there needing fired.
  22. I wasn't playing the race card. I was likening the narrative to the language people use when justifying those words.
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