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  1. I was sitting watching it yesterday wondering how McGlynn couldn't see that it doesn't work. We know he's stubborn but sticking with it against Thistle would be taking the piss.
  2. Brutal 1st half killed us. Gullan shouldn't be up top on his own. Probably shouldn't be up top at all. We looked much more likely with the 2nd half changes but the shit tactics and shit use of personnel ensured that the game was all but gone by then.
  3. Might be the case but I still don't think it's related to his form.
  4. An upturn in form doesn't mean that a player has a move in sight. As good as these players are on their day, inconsistency is probably a big factor as to why they're at the Rovers.
  5. Pretty much where I am just now. I had a wee shift towards forgiving McGlynn after listening to him last week but gut feeling is pulling me in the opposite direction. My thoughts on it are all over the place if I'm honest.
  6. It's pretty easy to comprehend. You been watching the Hardie free kick again? All the blood left your brain?
  7. With the revelation that you're a harassment apologist I was just making sure that you weren't just putting the boot in.
  8. Were you not angry about rape apologists then? Is it purely coincidental that you've become vocal now that it's the Rovers involved? Where's the twist?
  9. Ooft! Did @Grant228 explain why he wasn't as vocal towards Danny Lennon or the Clyde board for being rape apologists for the last 5 years? That grievance would be universal and not only triggered by your rivals having anything to do with him I'd have thought...
  10. Agree with this entirely. I'd hope that the apology is done in private as anything public will look insincere and like the club is doing it only to help their reputation. I believe that John McGlynn is genuinely sorry for his part. I also believe that his actions were dictated by his desire to fix an obvious problem on the playing side of things and that he looked at Goodwillie's acceptance at Clyde as a gauge. He's fucked up big time but I'm moving more towards allowing him a chance to win us back...
  11. It's like the person on Twitter who makes up nonsense league tables. 1) Avocados 2) Mozambique 3) Screwfix catalogue and so on.
  12. Aye. You think we've reached the nadir of bad decisions and then we pull this shit show out of the hat.
  13. The fact that it is OUR club is the bit that is driving my bitterness over the whole situation. The choice to sign Goodwillie has pissed all over the sheer amount of time, money and heart and soul that we've all put in to enable the club to become the excellent family/community club we had prior.
  14. Great idea if you want McGlynn told the shittest of jokes for three hours straight.
  15. Not a great start, is it! I'm genuinely intrigued as to what type of statement would appease people.
  16. For the supporters who still see a glimmer of hope for McGlynn... What type of statement content from the manager would make you content for him to carry on?
  17. At this moment I just can't see past how badly the board and management have messed up years of good work. We have an eminently likeable squad, the closeness between the supporters and the club was as good as it's been in decades and everyone seemed to be pushing in the right direction. People felt part of the club and finally we'd reached a true community feel about the place that had been talked about for years but never achieved. One ridiculous, unforgivable decision has ruined all of that and here we are back at square one again. John McGlynn has done great things for this club but he's every bit as culpable as the board. Maybe more so if he's pushed for that transfer to go through. Personally, I can't ever forgive that.
  18. This. Sentiment seems to be clouding people's judgement. Just a few days ago folk were rightfully calling out rapist apologists but now are trying to justify their actions.
  19. Prior to requesting Goodwillie, I'd have had McGlynn up there with Nicholl. It appears that he is every bit as culpable as the four board members who sanctioned the signing though and has to go because of that. This is a f**k up of monumental proportions that the club will take years to recover from and trust in the above mentioned is shot to bits.
  20. I want to support the team too but I'm seriously pissed off at the folk who have absolutely fucked the reputation of our club. I'll see what else transpires before even thinking about going back.
  21. I was disagreeing with your assertion that the players weren't aggrieved at the situation because they hadn't come out to say so publicly. You didn't know what their opinion was at the time (you still don't) but you were quite happy to tar them all with the same brush.
  22. Yes, 100%. They've made a total arse of our great club and the reputational damage is irreparable.
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