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  1. Don't know where the talk about Bene not being good enough is coming from. Aye, he has his rash moments as do the majority of CBs but he reads the game well most of the time and wins more than his fair share in the air. He's a keep for me.
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again; Doonfermline.
  3. Did you miss the part of his interview where he said that he thought about wrapping the club up because he couldn't play a rapist? Do you think he'll look kindly at protests targeted at him? Until a consortium or individual advises that they'd make sure the club didn't go to the wall he's got us by the balls, man! Sim was that individual 17 years ago.
  4. Aye, yer right. We'll just get one of the many millionaires kicking about Kirkcaldy to buy him out first thing on Monday morning. Thanks for prompting this action, 101.
  5. Financial mismanagement from the 90s mean we've got what we've got. Any other ideas beside "Do A pRoTeSt!" as there isn't a queue of folk lining up to buy out the current incumbent.
  6. I'm pointing out that Pars supporters are the last people who should be trying to lecture about having unscrupulous characters in the board room. It's an entirely different situation too. Sim is keeping us alive while Masterton was killing the Pars. That's not an endorsement of Sim btw (his threatening recent interview sickened me) but the reality is that we'd probably be dead already without his financial input.
  7. Seems like the Pars fans know that one of their legendary figures maybe didn't serve the club too well at that moment in time but are willing to look past it as he's done a lot of good for the club too.
  8. Conveniently ignoring the fact that he was on the board when the financial mismanagement was taking place and did nothing until it was nearly too late.
  9. Bedsheets. I'm just interested as Leishman was party to the whole shit show but is still revered along East End.
  10. What did you do when the Pars were nearly put out of existence?
  11. "Whatever people may think of me, I'm not a dictator" and "Well, if he can't play for the club, let's close the club" seems like a massive contradiction. Something has happened that he doesn't like so he's going to bring an end to nearly 140 years of history? Very worrying that he's mentioned doing so as flippantly as he did.
  12. These supporters have the same value as people who make a handful of games each season. A focused engagement with supporters "who would go to Peterhead away in the pissing rain in mid November" would only serve to alienate our supporters who can't justify such a trip.
  13. I had a really good angle on the tackle at the time and wasn't surprised to see the red card come out. But aye, Samuels...
  14. Bene's tackle was a studs up lunge. The only way you're getting away with that is if you've come on as a sub for Inverness against the Rovers on the 19th of March 2022 and there's a really shit referee on the pitch.
  15. I was in the away end today and thought the vast majority of the Caley supporters backed their team really well. Particularly enjoyed their high-pitched rendition of 'Give a little respect'. There was two who made a total c**t of themselves though. One a rather rotund guy with glasses who probably unironically joined in with the chant about McGlynn being a "fat speccy b*****d" and his bedraggled looking neebur who asked every Rovers player if they'd still play for the club if it'd been their mum or sister that had been raped. The cringe from the decent Caley supporters was almost tangible. I hate football right now so I'm not posting about the game.
  16. If we perform at a level polar opposite from Saturday we might have a chance.
  17. Agreed. I appreciate the acknowledgement in yesterday's welcoming of Susan Simpson that the directors are out of touch but true redemption will arrive with the positive actions that they take. Giving ground or strip sponsorship to an appropriate charity would be a great start.
  18. I think it'd have been an even worse look if the club hijacked IWD for an attempt at redemption with statements about what has passed. It inevitably looked like an empty gesture after the recent shitfest but the club need to start taking steps back to where they once were. Ignoring IWD would have been a step backwards in my opinion.
  19. The club has already disregarded our female players, supporters, staff and volunteers with the signing of a rapist. Should that disregard have continued by not bothering to acknowledge IWD yesterday?
  20. From a financial point of view it'd be great if the Pars stay up if we stay down. From a rivalry viewpoint it'd be funny as f**k watching Hughes take them down. I'm hoping we help them out tomorrow.
  21. Collum telling Zanatta, "Wait until you see it back, it was soft as shite."
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