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  1. Watched The Illusionist last night. Thought it was very good if a bit transparent. Well worth watching. 7/10.
  2. I thought the mats were knee protection at first glance. I've been injured too much. Nice car MarreZ, is that the 2 litre version?
  3. You would get away with it in Kirkcaldy, Fife's equivalent to the French Riviera! Seriously though, pretty girls can get away with wearing just about anything. As I've told my fiancee, she would look shit hot in a clown costume.
  4. Ahh right. Was that the reply you done in 'code'? Think I saw it, what was the supposedly abusive part?
  5. Just heard Iron Maiden's Trooper on Kerrang. What a tune! Clicky
  6. Dont buy Nike Shox/Shocks whatever the hell they're called. I had them for a short while and as comfortable as they are they bugger your knees if you run in them for a prolonged period of time.
  7. Not sure those guys would have me! Might be better sticking to my 'Monster's hitlist clique'.
  8. I've tried that Bowie, compliments ranged from Justin Timberlake to serial killer. Now I know I look f**k all like JT so where does that leave me? Who is the leader of the E-chat clique?......
  9. I enjoy the baldies v beardies banter. Beginning to wish I was bald so I can apply for membership. A beard would hide my good looks so that wont be happening plus the girl would complain when I decided that I could be arsed kissing her.
  10. Billy by Pamela Stephenson. 8/10 The Indispensible Calvin & Hobbes. 10/10 If you have'nt read a Calvin & Hobbes book I highly recommend them. They are of course cartoon strips but are sharp witted to the point that kids probably would'nt understand the humour.
  11. Buying glasses at a cost of £200 when Xbass has pointed out a possible cheaper cure on the Reasons to be cheerful thread.
  12. Good point but I had to drive my fiancee's bright purple micra (The Barney-mobile) to work when my cars windscreen wiper broke off and I felt like a right idiot getting out of it in the works incredibly busy car park. Shallow. I know.
  13. No offence meant, I just couldnt make myself like the car. What do you drive Monster?
  14. Could be worse WB, you could be driving about in a Fiat Brava, probably the worst car I have had the "priveledge" of driving. German or Japanese for me now. Apologies to anyone who actually has a Brava.
  15. My girl has the Lacoste ones, with pink trims. I'd go for the Adidas.
  16. That pisses me off too. How much effort does it take to show a wee bit of gratitude eh?
  17. The Strokes - First impression of Earth. 10/10. Not a bad song on the disc. Guitars are shit-hot as usual.
  18. Then some parent would have to wheel their kid past reversing cars and others trying to park. Disabled and Parent and Child spaces are there for a reason.
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