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  1. It's a no from me. My adoration of Dalziel was tainted by his disastrous time as manager.
  2. Clearly not clearly, otherwise no one would see anything different. You see what you want to see I suppose.
  3. Give it a rest, eh. It's a fundamental part of the game to force someone onto their 'bad' foot. Nielson just alerting his player/s. Nothing out of the normal.
  4. Aside from the things I pointed out, he was in the right place at the right time to head our winner and looked dangerous when running direct. Just a wee bit honing required and we've got ourselves a very good player.
  5. Agreed. It's the first of me seeing him and he may just have had an off day with regards to his control for all I know. Like you say, McGlynn will sort it out if it is a weak point.
  6. Duku's first touch frustrated me more often than not. The ball wasn't sticking to him, often leading to dangerous East Fife breaks with either MacDonald or Tumilty racing forward to support the attack. If he gets his touch and lay-offs sorted out and can get on the end of the consequent through balls I think he'll score for fun.
  7. I had this issue but it was resolved by just closing the page and going back in. If it does persist, clear your cookies.
  8. Totally agree with this. Sentimentality shouldn't be counter-active to progression.
  9. Regarding Nando; I don't think I've ever wanted a player to succeed more. Imagine the celebration from the big felly if he bangs in a bullet header against the Pars!
  10. It didn't work out as well as Lewis would have hoped at us but he never did anything close to merit being booed on to the pitch. Fucking bampots.
  11. Tazz1903 going through his 'regularly making a c**t of himself' period of his P&B membership.
  12. I'd like to think that there's nothing in this. But I don't.
  13. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse with the tiresome Dunfermline supporters, fucking Tazz comes wading in with his unique brand of stupidity. 😵
  14. Shite when you're on the end of his wraith though. 😆 I take my hat off to the man. He knows his stuff.
  15. Fair enough! 😆 I knew it'd be right somehow but didn't take the seeding system into account. Now I know.
  16. Well your presumption lead you to come across like a bit of a w****r. I'm not overly bothered by the intricacies and tend just to look for potentially good away days or good paydays for the club.
  17. So it's to maintain the seeding system? If so, you could have just wrote that.
  18. Alloa and Morton are seeded which gives the impression that being a big team isn't part of the criteria.
  19. There's probably an explanation for the Pars being in the South section but I can't think of one.
  20. I saw McGlynn outside the tea room that day and asked if he was coming back. His wee smirk assured me that the second coming was imminent.
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