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  1. That whole post is bang on the money but especially the part I've quoted. Everyone is looking out for what's best for them. I'd want my club to do exactly what Hearts and Thistle are doing if we were in their position just like they'd want their club to have our standpoint if they were in our position.
  2. I very much doubt our board would expect Falkirk to contribute. Which takes me nicely back to my original query about giving a f**k what Falkirk and their weird Fife hating fans think.
  3. Who cares what Falkirk think? They're a total irrelevance in this shit-show.
  4. Further consumption of his favourite beverage also a good possibility. 🍻
  5. Settle down you absolute mentalist. Mentalist! Haha! Take your blinkers off.
  6. They might be a bigger club than the Rovers. They're definitely a shittier club.
  7. "Namby pamby care in the community bollocks" 🤦🏻‍♂️ Aka keeping players on 80% of a wage which would allow them to pay their bills whilst lining up another job once furlough isn't an option. What is it with some Dunfermline supporters not being able to acknowledge that some things their club does/has done is absolutely shite behaviour? They're easily one of the scummiest clubs in Scotland.
  8. I wish our board risked liquidation to win a league title. 😔
  9. Good signing for the Pars. Always rated him at the Rovers. Relatively quick and reads the game well from what I remember.
  10. My redeeming memory of Brockville was seeing a dead bird on the terrace as I ducked under one of the leaning bars, losing my footing and doing that horrible, uncontrolled panic run until I crashed into the back of some poor felly. Poor boy must have thought he was getting jumped.
  11. Brilliant, man! Still buzz when Bairdy's shot hits the net.
  12. I'm actually excited about trips to Cappielow and Somerset. This is the most 'together' I can remember the club being since the glory days of the 90s. Good board steering us, supporters right behind this group of players and lots of good stuff happening in the background. 'Mon the fucking Rovers!
  13. I was watching the updates on holiday at Disney when he did that. Saddest I've ever been whilst taking a selfie with Goofy.
  14. What an atmosphere at that game! I'm sure the Pars would have went top if they won. I remember a bald Rangers supporter sitting in our end at that game. He wasn't trying to conceal his allegiance and got turfed out for his own good when Rovers supporters started slapping his bald napper.
  15. Worked out for the best? Wonder if the creditors who are out of pocket think that? 🤔 A far better board that just pumped a load of employees onto the benefit system. Your standards must be very low.
  16. Dunfermline's shameful admin is a good stick to beat their fans with. Carries a lot more of a punch than the 'wee team' jibes.
  17. I don't think we'll have Nike kit next season. Watson is a good player. Bit of pace about him too from what I remember.
  18. Graham Weir was still an important player when we went up. He was especially effective at helping us see games out as his team mates knew they could ease any pressure on them by lumping balls into the corner for Weir to chase down. Not pretty but definitely effective.
  19. Why not? He's doing everything he can to get his club the best possible outcome. That's what he's there for.
  20. Agreed. If you told us that would happen at the beginning of the season every single Rovers supporter would take it. League 1 is killing us. We need to be in the Championship at least.
  21. Aye. I fully expect their support to be dead against it as much as they are about the Rovers going up without the league season being finished. 🤔
  22. That's also my preference but the amount of folk having sly digs at my club when their own club would do exactly as the Rovers have done is pushing me towards wanting to be announced as champs for the meltdowns.
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