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  1. What's with the cringey "Thank you" carry on? Is there a back story to it or is it just some simpleton trying to have a trademark expression on the internet?
  2. Yaw Osei scoring Dundee's equaliser tonight. I thought he'd fallen out of the game.
  3. Watched that with a permanent smile on my face today and laughed like hell (nervously) when Frederiksen's first touch narrowly cleared our bar. Great hit from Gullan, more power than placement but some goal nonetheless. Stanton just brilliant. Millen looked like the RB we need today with some timely interventions and a couple of excellent crosses. Interested to see what happened with Megginson.
  4. Big John scores on his debut. Helicopter celebration. Straight red card, jailed and registered.
  5. They were saying that Ayr never looked like they were out of it when 2-0 down and that proved to be the case. Anyway, great win. Be nice to get this touted striker in and build some momentum on the back of this.
  6. Braw bit character shown after being pegged back. 'Mon the Rovers!
  7. Strange that they'd include a line about "Rebellious Scots to crush" eh!
  8. I'm going to my work on Monday and using the day off at a later date. As for whatever the club do on Saturday, I'll treat it with the same respect that I would for any tribute held for others that I didn't know.
  9. I've not seen a lot of knicker wetting about this to be fair. Mostly considered points about why the decision is a lot of shite.
  10. We're banking on Kevin Nisbet levels of luck with whatever striker we bring in. Looking like a long season.
  11. If Partick Thistle are one of the benchmarks in this league we aren't far away.
  12. A very accurate analogy when he's having a bad game. Very decent on a (more and more rare unfortunately) good day.
  13. I agree that Millen is suffering a bit from being Tumilty's replacement (same with Dick replacing MacDonald) but don't think it'd do the player any harm to have a natural RB in the side as competition. Quitongo was a pest and should have been booked long before he was for persistent fouling but I admired his sportsmanship when he applauded O'Riordan for tracking him well and the players gave each other a wee pat when preparing for the consequent corner. Nice to see bits of respect like that in games. I don't think we're far away from a really decent side. A big unit up top and competition for Millen wouldn't go amiss.
  14. I reckon you just fire out these mad takes early doors so you can lord it up if they actually happen.
  15. Absolutely. The amount of vitriol shouted as soon as they think it's justified on a matchday confirms this. No patience whatsoever.
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