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  1. Absolutely shite. Don't think the game is in any danger of being postponed though.
  2. The South Stand Boys should add an air-horn to their repertoire. Good for putting opposition players off penaltys.
  3. People pointing out the grammar in a well-meaning statement from the young anes. 🤦🏻‍♂️ There's always going to be the odd dafty or two in big groups; the more sensible ones just need to police them a bit better and try to instill a pride in the club and it's/their reputation. The positives of the YT far outweigh the negatives.
  4. That's irrelevant. The player was having a great time at Kelty and doing very well by most accounts. He's probably pissed off that he's now sitting in the stand on a Saturday, knowing that he's probably not going to play much, if at all. It'd be more worrying if he wasn't raging about that.
  5. I'm not sure that the folk who were looking for trouble at the last game through there were Airdrie supporters. Just idiots looking for a fight.
  6. Braw. Start with the daft c**t staring back at you from the mirror.
  7. This McCann sounds like some player. Surely he's scored and assisted more than Macdonald?
  8. To simplify the whole scenario; I trust McGlynn. If he's done the due diligence on the signing and he's happy to go ahead with it then I'm happy to back him. @CALDERON makes a good point about the amount of chances we'll provide him and his obvious ability to put them away.
  9. At this time of the year who do you think would be a better signing Ebanda because I certainly can't think of one. David Goodwillie for a start.
  10. I'm not advocating his signing as I think we can do better but agree that his experience could hold invaluable lessons for our younger (and probably older!) players.
  11. You don't think Miller's experience would help young Bowie?
  12. Jack Ross on the news there, indicating that he'll probably keep hold of Gullan.
  13. Agree with @Hank Scorpio with regards to our supporters really stepping up to the mark. I thought 1800 odd was great for Peterhead at home. Just imagine if even half of that crowd could encourage just one more pal to come along.
  14. I'd be very surprised if we signed Goodwillie. The club owner has previously stated that he would like to see more female supporters coming through the gates so I can't see him being keen on signing a player who'd put women off attending.
  15. Probably both to be fair. EF look a handy side when they really get going. Today has marked us out as strong candidates for the league. Winning a tough away game and scoring five goals in the process with the amount of missing players we have was fantastic.
  16. Anyone else without a ticket considering the mound at the back of the goal?
  17. Probably no value in pointing out that Smith had a header comfortably saved in the 90th minute but I'll do it anyway. Two shots on goal all game isn't great regardless of our squad situation.
  18. Agree with our supporters condemning the booing. I'd be quite happy if these folk would just f**k off. Up against it today with the squad limitations but Dumbarton carried out their work well and deserved the points.
  19. Sure you'll find that kicking someone off the ball is at the very least a yellow card. Might have got away with it half a century ago.
  20. Falkirk scumbag trying to take out the best player in the league.
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