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  1. I agree that Millen is suffering a bit from being Tumilty's replacement (same with Dick replacing MacDonald) but don't think it'd do the player any harm to have a natural RB in the side as competition. Quitongo was a pest and should have been booked long before he was for persistent fouling but I admired his sportsmanship when he applauded O'Riordan for tracking him well and the players gave each other a wee pat when preparing for the consequent corner. Nice to see bits of respect like that in games. I don't think we're far away from a really decent side. A big unit up top and competition for Millen wouldn't go amiss.
  2. I reckon you just fire out these mad takes early doors so you can lord it up if they actually happen.
  3. Absolutely. The amount of vitriol shouted as soon as they think it's justified on a matchday confirms this. No patience whatsoever.
  4. Didn't need dragged, just told him that there was show pony tricks to be done in Cove and he ran oot the door.
  5. Had a great dream last night that we pumped Cove and all of Murray's new signings were swift recipients of multimillion pound offers from PSG, Barca and that, they were that good. Dario Zanatta played like Gordon Dalziel and didn't do one step-over! Everybody clapped. A happy season to us all, God bless us, everyone.
  6. Whilst I agree with Mr Young here that his boy is a good prospect, I reckon (like Mitchell) that he'd benefit from a loan move.
  7. I'm Andy's agent and in the past hour his fee has went up from a picture of John McGlynn's taes and a bovril per week to £900 basic per week with clean sheet and appearance bonuses tied in.
  8. I get that Dario's performance is heavily dictated by how confident he is but workrate shouldn't drop just because you aren't tying full backs in knots from the first whistle. He's fantastic on his day but maddening when it isn't going for him. He often looks like he just canny be arsed.
  9. I think Peterhead are trying to reduce us to the same amount of available players. Offt! Beauty!
  10. I'm fairly certain we finished 5th last season and won the challenge Cup with him as our main lb for the majority of the season so... Yes. You are entitled to your opinion. It’s just a means to silence you if you do t toe the line with their narrative.
  11. They're a bit on the naive side then. Friendly games are good for building match fitness and trialists. Seeing the latter and new signings is where my interest lies. A lot of knicker wetters perhaps?
  12. Supporters should know the score with friendly games by now. If they're paying to come down to see us playing relentless silky exhibition football that's on them, not the club.
  13. Oh, bore off with this shit. Other people are entitled to their opinion too and if their (perhaps learned?) opinion is that your opinion is shit then you just need to deal with that. The folk not panicking already are spot on btw. We'll be fine.
  14. Dick and Berra at the back today as expected. One trialist (No.4) on the bench.
  15. I know it's the done thing at this time of the year but I feel that some are getting a bit carried away about Musonda leaving without having a clue what has gone down. If he's been advised that he isn't wanted then that's up to the gaffer to adequately replace him. If he's advised that he doesn't want to stay then we're better looking for someone who wants to be here. We'll be sorted for the beginning of the season I'm sure.
  16. Jim has been back for a wee while now. It doesn't really matter anyway. If Jim (or any supporter) fancies a bit of time away from going week in, week out, that's entirely their perogative. It doesn't make them any less of a fan, just like doing a bit more for the club than others doesn't make you a 'better' supporter either. We're a collective who all want the best for the club. Regarding the Goodwillie situation: It's black and white for some and filled with grey areas for others. The sooner we respect the differing views and let people support the club the way they want to, the better. #MonTheRovers
  17. Did he have a mad stare and look like he'd gladly cripple his gran in a 50/50?
  18. If Bowie is coming on loan to Scotland it'll more than likely be to Dundee United as they have a partnership with Fulham.
  19. The Pars fans are right to slag us for not being able to beat a team that was destined for League 1 early on. They were absolutely honking and it's quite embarrassing that we couldn't beat such a shitshow of a club and team.
  20. Nah. Hughes has had more than enough time to turn the Pars around and failed miserably.
  21. Having seen that, I think the shock of relegation and the impending clear out is a wee bit of silver lining for the Pars supporters.
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