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  1. 55 minutes ago, batross07 said:

    Does anyone else think we will have Nike kits next season? Seen a few posts questioning whether the puma deal has expired, and noticed in the awards night videos that a few players had the same Nike tops on.



    I don't think we'll have Nike kit next season. 

    Watson is a good player. Bit of pace about him too from what I remember. 

  2. On 24/04/2020 at 06:18, Ro Sham Bo said:

    Weir did well for us in the 3rd tier but failed to score a single goal in the 2nd tier. He was less effective than Jamie Mole at that level. 


    On 24/04/2020 at 14:06, Yoss said:

    Might be something in that.

    Though in general there's a danger of reading too much into such things. Players have good seasons or bad seasons in the normal course of things for all kinds of reasons - when it happens to involve a change of division there's a tendency to look for some such narrative to explain it.

    Graham Weir was still an important player when we went up. 

    He was especially effective at helping us see games out as his team mates knew they could ease any pressure on them by lumping balls into the corner for Weir to chase down. 

    Not pretty but definitely effective. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, Gordon EF said:

    Aye. That's fair enough.

    I suspect it's a bluff from Raith. They'd take promotion, 1st place prize money and no title.


    If you told us that would happen at the beginning of the season every single Rovers supporter would take it. 

    League 1 is killing us. We need to be in the Championship at least. 

  4. 40 minutes ago, pub car king said:

    So from the boards statement I read it as 2 promoted into every league making a 14 10 10 10 with no relegation. Presumably the greatly wronged victims in all this Falkirk would also have cheated their way up?


    I fully expect their support to be dead against it as much as they are about the Rovers going up without the league season being finished. 


  5. 2 minutes ago, Gordon EF said:

    Why are Raith bothered about being champions?

    I get the promotion thing. I'm in favour of 2 up / 0 down as well but what's the point in naming champions.

    That's also my preference but the amount of folk having sly digs at my club when their own club would do exactly as the Rovers have done is pushing me towards wanting to be announced as champs for the meltdowns. 

  6. 11 hours ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    I’ve read his just giving page, complete with cheesy, self promoting photo - he’s making sure he’s building his own brand out of this - very clever.

    There is no doubt the lad is a top class sales person and if he gets to his sales target of £50k he’s done what he set out to do mate. 

    Can't believe you're still going on about this. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Anyway... East Fife's 'No' vote is based purely on the wacky notion that they might have a chance in the playoffs. Their supporters on here are desperate to keep the Rovers in their league to guarantee two sellouts per season which will sustain their club for another while. 

    The quicker Dundee put us out of our misery one way or another, the better. It might put an end to the ill-thought out musings of some of the dings on this thread. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    See, I would say stupidity is giving money to a persuasive guy to pay footballers salaries when you are not on 100% of your basic salary.

    However I wouldn’t get aggressive with a stranger on a football forum who doesn’t agree with me.

    It all about opinions though and what’s important to individuals.

    I agree that it'd be stupid giving your money to a football club if it was going to leave you short for vital supplies. 

    That's down to the individual though. The club have always advised people to look after themselves first. 

  8. 1 minute ago, Big Fifer said:

    Bill Clark needs to wind his neck in a bit. We all know the Rovers want the vote to pass as it guarantees them promotion which is the only way they can get out of the financial shit show they've created for themselves since coming down to League 1, so him trying to paint it as "everyone in the same boat we all need the cash" is extremely dishonest at best. Aye, clubs will be struggling without the cash a bit, but the Rovers have far more to gain from this passing, mainly because of the cash they've burned the past few years.

    What's dishonest about pointing out that there are a lot of clubs who are in real danger of going out of business? 

  9. 13 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    I just don’t think it’s the right time to go begging to the public to pay footballers wages mate. If people are happy to spend what they have on that then fair play.

    Are you fucking stupid? 

    It's been pointed out to you at least a couple of times that it was the fans idea.

    People wouldn't pay in if they couldn't afford to do so. 

  10. 11 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    The situation in Ethiopia had been going on for years before Bob Geldof done his thing - people were starving ffs.

    Andy Mill waited 2 mins before he started this. 
    I can’t believe you are comparing people starving in Africa to people being asked to pay footballers that are being paid out with budget.

    I thought it was fairly obvious that I was being facetious. 

    Maybe you just enjoy being sanctimonious? 

  11. 1 hour ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    Tbf if Andy Mill can get £50k out of people at these tough times, many of who will be below there normal earning capacity, you never know.

    He must be very good at influencing people.

    I wonder if he’ll do a similar thing if the people who gave him money are struggling to pay bills etc if it ever comes to that ??


    52 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    Just doesn’t seem right to me mate. I think Andy Mill could have pulled this when it became evident that fans were starting to lose jobs due to the time this situation could last and offered fans the money back.

    What part of "the fans asked for this to be set up" do you not understand? 

    The stipulation from the club has always been that fans must look after themselves first and only donate if they can. 

    Going by your daft logic, folk should be able to claim cash back from Bob Geldof if they lose their job or hit hard times. 

  12. 5 hours ago, JinkyBairn said:

    This is getting boring now. Just let the Raith boiz up. They are clearly desperate to get promoted by default. 

    On reflection, thank f**k we’re not in their position. Anything they do from this point onwards is tainted.

    Tries to dilute future successes. 

    Manages to make future successes even sweeter. 


  13. 2 hours ago, Donathan said:



    Dundee are in the playoff places to get promoted, why would they vote for a proposal that effectively ends their promotion chances?



    If Dundee FC had any self-awareness at all, they'd realise that they're pretty shite and wouldn't go up through the playoffs. 

    That's if they even made the playoffs. 

  14. 2 hours ago, Raithie said:

    Would have no qualms about accepting promotion and a tainted league title if that's what had to happen and couldn't give a f**k less what any other team think about it.  In fact I'd welcome opposition fans wading in here to give us abuse as we post gif after gif and meme after meme lording it up. What would make it even more satisfying is if this all happened and we went on to have a decent season in the Championship.

    If we manage to keep most of the side as it is I reckon we're two or three good signings from a good season in the Championship. 

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