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  1. Sad as it definitely is, I used to like the wee tiffs with Swampy and vT.VikingTon seems to have chilled out a wee bit too. Either that or I just haven't seen him at his awful best/worst recently. ETA - The lass that he took to the golf was extremely tidy. As Jupe says, those scuddy photos would have been greenied to bits.
  2. Could well have been.Pretty shitty from me there to be fair. Probably didn't merit his response though.
  3. We looked like scoring every time we went forward in that 2nd half.I'm not being facetious, but at the time I remember thinking that it was going to end 5 or 6 nil. Still the best I've seen us play this season.
  4. I can't remember the context of the argument with Swampy. Probably a good thing as I've no doubt it was embarrassing as f**k for the both of us. To give the man his dues, he did give what seemed to be a sincere apology and admitted that it went a bit far.
  5. Stubble is fine. It's those massive beard wankers who think they are more manly because they don't have a shave that deserve ridicule.
  6. The recent trend of beard growing has been an absolute godsend for ugly folk. They try to make out that they are manly when everyone knows that they are just covering up their horrific coupon with face pubes.
  7. I'll probably get slated for this, rightly so perhaps, but I think he posts too much tits, ass and fanny. Everybody loves the above mentioned parts of the female anatomy but I also like the funny gifs that Slenderman and King Kebab post without having to trawl through wheens of scud.
  8. Dumbarton were nowher near winning the first game of the season.The Rovers blew them away in the second half and it probably could have finished a lot higher than 3-1 to us. This'll be a tough game no doubt but it's eminently winnable.
  9. The RRFC 200 Club is still opening today. We'll be doing our festive raffle draw and Ipswich v Derby will be showing with Geoff on afterwards. Everyone welcome if you fancy having a few pints while checking the auld coupon.
  10. It's not what you know, it's who you know.Can't say I'm too bothered after my baws retracted into my body at Cowdenbeath last week. ETA: The RRFC 200 Club is still opening today. We'll be doing our festive raffle draw and Ipswich v Derby will be showing with Geoff on afterwards. Everyone welcome if you fancy having a few pints while checking the auld coupon.
  11. Why do people still believe in Gods in this day and age? Fair enough a couple of thousand years ago when there wasn't scientific proof that the Earth wasn't made by some bored but intensely magical chap who could fart out planets like a junkie hoor does kids. But in these times?? Totally reeks of desperation by people who can't accept that we simply die, get burnt, buried, whatever and the vast majority of us will be forgotten about within a couple of generations.
  12. Maybe Fry feels that he's getting on a bit and just wants a young, energetic man to ride the jeer clean off him? Why not, eh?!
  13. If he maintains his innocence and reckons the girl in question has set him up I would expect him to have nothing but hate for her and is probably quite happy seeing her vilified.I'd have him at the Rovers if it was guaranteed that he'd score the goal that made us finish above Rangers in the final playoff spot. He'd probably end up at East Fife thereafter.
  14. Kudos to the wee guy. It's easy for kids to jump on the OF bandwagon so good on him for getting involved with his (presumably) local club.Regarding the goal: I think it'd be very harsh to criticise the 'keeper there. He sees that Nade is getting on the end of it and in the few seconds that he has to think, he'll be considering the chance that Nade will go back across him. Great downwards header from Nade which the goalie nearly got to. If he'd kept that out he'd be deservedly compared to Davie McGurn.
  15. Our starting lineup yesterday was an average of 26.5.
  16. The defence dealt with anything Cowden offered which is all you can ask of them really.
  17. That's a tactic we employ when Anderson is playing against most teams. I don't think it was aimed at Campbell because he was seen as a weakness.
  18. Two straight wins doesn't make everything perfect but Murray is delivering the wins that we desire at the moment and we've been no' too bad in recent weeks.As Renton kind of touched on, if we're quick enough to be pissed off at under par displays, we need to try and be fair and praise decent displays that are delivering 3pts.
  19. I don't think it's right that we instantly credit Malpas with our two recent wins. He was in the door for a day or two when we beat an on form Falkirk. If Murray is capable of setting up the team to beat Falkirk, he's capable of setting up the team to beat Cowdenbeath. I know Murray isn't flavour of the week/month/year but lets not pass all the credit for these wins to someone else who probably hasn't had THAT much of an influence yet.
  20. Not sure what happened with the supporter but he was fairly adamant that he wasn't going in the paramedic's 4x4. He did eventually. Hope he's alright. Wee glimpses of what we're capable of today, thinking more of the disallowed goal which was a great wee move. Deserved win I feel. Can any Cowden supporters fill me in on what's up with Dean Brett. Sound lad, decent player too.
  21. Hearts 2 - 1 Hibs Cowdenbeath 0 - 6 Raith Falkirk 2 - 0 Alloa QotS 2 - 1 Livingston The Rangers 2 - 2 Dumbarton Raith Rovers, sick of fucking about pretending that they're going to be mid-table, give Cowden a fair auld pumping.
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