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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    The past couple of seasons have shown that (outwith the OF) our home support doesn't need to be buying tickets. Folk simply can't be arsed with that carry on. They want to walk up, pay in and watch a game, not f**k about buying tickets in the days leading up to the game or queue up at the office window on match day.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Just under £13 on the super early bird and just under £14 on the early bird for league games seems reasonable whatever league we end up in. Take into account the cup games and friendlies and it turns into a very reasonable offer.
  3. The Relegation Battle

    The lowest St Mirren will finish is 9th and they will absolutely pish the playoffs.
  4. The Relegation Battle

    I reckon P475 is a facepainter and was due about £40. The big Pars saving hero that he is.
  5. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    We've got previous for relegating Ayr or at least firing a few nails in their coffin do we not? I'm at work so I'll have a wee look when I get home.
  6. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Anybody needing their office painted?
  7. Rovers v Morton

    Skacel more than justified his selection. Didnt do much, if anything wrong. Great desire shown by the team today. If we could mirror our home form under Hughes when we play away that'd be grand.
  8. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Poor creditor fucking Pars, absolutely desperate to pass that horrible reputation on to their wholesome superiors. Sad.
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I know that hiring Locke will be at the top of most folk's shitlist this season but what annoys me more was the loaning of Vaughan to Dumbarton to acquire a past it Stevenson and giving Bates to Rangers to ease the way for Hardie's return. Much as I like Hardie, I'd much rather we kept a hold of our own young, promising player. Easier said than done but you'd like to see a bit of a fight from the club. The Vaughan situation is an utter farce. Loaning yet another promising young player, arguably the best striker we have at the club to one of our direct rivals and seeing him score goals for them to put/keep them above us really fucking pisses me off. His uber-tattooed replacement bumping us shortly after his neebur got punted was the razor blade ridden water chute. I appreciate that none of this would probably have happened if Locke wasn't appointed but these are the things I think about when considering what a joke of a season this has been. Utter shambles.
  10. Fife Derby

    Beautiful day for it. This is the day that it all comes together. Fluent passing movements, players breezing past their opponents like they aren't even there, accurate attempts on goal culminating in an emphatic 0-5 score line. Do drugs kids.
  11. Fife Derby

    Daft optimism is kicking in the closer we get to this game. Dunfermline seem to be just a wee bit less shite than we are. Would be good to see us going at them with an attacking formation rather than this one up top bumf. As always, first goal required or else we'll draw at best.
  12. Fife Derby

    You've been choking for attention all the way through this shitfest but aye, we're the losers.
  13. Fife Derby

    Found out.
  14. Fife Derby

    Explain how that is living outwith our means.
  15. Fife Derby

    We've been looking down the league at the likes of Ayr and St Mirren for a while now. Quite easy to disregard the teams above us.
  16. Fife Derby

    No. You've been with a Pars supporter. I'd be as well shagging the needle sharp bin at the GUM clinic.
  17. Fife Derby

    Might be both. A Stone Island wearing simpleton who enjoys writing cutting critiques? House full of diaries documenting how well/badly his victims took a kicking.
  18. Fife Derby

    Never heard of it. Why'd I avoid it out of curiosity?
  19. Fife Derby

    Look, usually I'd encourage your advances provided you don't look like Sloth out the Goonies and are around about the 10 stone mark but I'm a married man. Regarding the game, we need to score first to have any chance. Don't think we will. Heading through early to have a drink in Dunfermline. Unsurprisingly looking more forward to that than I am the game.
  20. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I just want this season to be over. Absolutely no desire to go to East End next week though I'll be there out of idiotic blind loyalty. Rip it up and start again whatever league we end up in.
  21. Bairns vs Fife's Finest

    I suppose our defenders hoofing the ball towards our striker for 90 minutes is technically playing out from the back.
  22. Bairns vs Fife's Finest

    Can't see anything but 3pts for Falkirk here to help them on their way to getting knocked out of the playoffs.
  23. Rovers v QoS

    Dobbie has whipped a good free kick in which was as close to the junction as you could get. Incredibly harsh on the 'keeper.
  24. Rovers v QoS

    The phrase "Turgid pish" has never been so appropriate.
  25. Rovers v QoS

    Derek Lyle has been on the ground more than the ball has.