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  1. When you do eventually kill it, I'll sell you a Sony Wega. 28", perfect condition, £200.
  2. What a bunch of fannies. "Look at me, Im mental as f**k. I hold skulls and pinch my mithers make-up when she goes down the shops with her coppers for ten Lammy Bammy." Fucking fannies.
  3. Cheers Kilt. Black metal will be a lot of shite just judging by that picture.
  4. Just listening to Kerrang!!! What the hell is 'Black Metal'? Sounds a bit like Frank Bruno's resolve but it must be music related. Any folk younger and cooler able to help me out here?
  5. I went with an older woman too when I was 23, 32 she was. She would just phone me when she wanted sex and I would duly oblige. Thought it was great until she started calling me at 3 in the morning when I had work the next day. Put an end to that.
  6. Mean Creek. - 7/10 Good film, made me a wee bit uncomfortable at times.
  7. Im sure he meant pre-gent. The phase just before she had a sex change brought about by Stevie.
  8. My dad is a good looking man, theres a good chance you may be my sister!
  9. Agreed! Im very suspicious of guys like that. Unless he cant wait for the season to end because his team has been brutal? Steven, whats your ex's name? If she's mental, around our age and comes from Kirkcaldy then theres a good chance I'll know her.
  10. Belated Happy Birthday MIF. I was on the PC for a grand total of 10 minutes yesterday and didnt see who'se birthday's it was.
  11. Cheered me up when I got home from Stirling today.
  12. Fuxake lads you would think that they stripped naked and crossed the threshhold from boring student T.V. into hard core lesbo porn. I saw harder stuff on Thundercats.
  13. Why not just put this to bed by posting some evidence on the nightshift?
  14. Happy Birthday to everyone with a birthday today especially the Rovers boys Dunc and Pub car king. MarreZ is worse than the Queen.
  15. To be honest, I think that rangersrus is female. Surely if it was an alias the creator would be bored of it by now. Then again, maybe Im just being naive.
  16. Happy Birthday Neilly. I'll give you a tin o' lager on the bus on Saturday.
  17. Just spoke to the girl as she's the financial brain in the family and it looks like I'll be getting the 360 tonight. Is it worth getting the premium package and how much is it to go 'live' so I can play you guys at Pro Evo? Cheers.
  18. How much are you paying for Xbox 360's nowadays? I want some of this Pro Evo league action. Im like an autistic Chinaman when I play the game and reckon I can dish out a fair few humpings.
  19. A Pearse Flynn. Pearse Flynn needs kicked in the Pearse Flynn while being told that he is a Pearse Flynn.
  20. Just drive around a doctors surgery car park. Those places are rife with unwell and therefore even more grumpy than usual old buggers who will supply you with plenty of rant material.
  21. XaaronPrimus' car related annoyance reminded me of my PTGN. Dropped my old man off at the docs yesterday and when I was coming out the car park an old couple were driving in to the car park. I stopped to give them space to get in as it's an exceptionally narrow wee road and the old bugger driving made a hand signal for me to keep on coming. Now it's not a bloody Hummer that I drive but there was no way my car was getting past his so I just sat still and the old c**t drove past me shaking his head. Get your eyes re-tested you urine-soaked, peoples friend reading, Kia driving old arsehole.
  22. Cheers Gaz. The plan is to re-decorate the living room and put the bracket up when the walls are stripped so I'll definitely check that out at the time.
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