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  1. Dont forget the fact that the Japanese team are brilliant, I can see Japan winning the big World Cup in my lifetime if thats the kind of player they are developing. Two howlers by the 'keeper too, cut them out and we'll do alright I think.
  2. Got the wee boy this for his first birthday on Sunday coming.
  3. Spot on. People are weaker nowadays because they dont expose themselves to the elements. What a daft word.
  4. Natalie Portman is worth the watching though surely? Does she get her chebs oot? If not I'll give it 15 minutes from where I left it.
  5. Watched Ferris Beuler's day off all the way through for the first time tonight. 7/10. Started watching V for vandetta and it looked quite good but I couldnt be arsed watching the whole film so recorded it for another time.
  6. Coley suits his curly hair though and there is no danger he would sit still long enough for a haircut.
  7. Forgot to add. People calling my wee boy a wee girl. He has longish curly hair fair enough but he wears clothes that distinguish him as a little boy. Do folk think that we're trying to raise a fucking butch dyke or something?
  8. Dont forget the fact that he comes across as an obnoxious wee arsehole. I passed a load of Edinburgh private school pupils yesterday and wished that I had a suitcase full of Harry Potter merchandise as I would have made a killing. More fucking ponces and 'Daddy's little girls' than I've ever seen in my life.
  9. I am indeed older than your good self Debbie (By 4 years depressingly ) but I still didnt know what a bloody well Trabant was. Thanks to Mons Ken Dodds Dads Dogs Deid I now know though.
  10. I knew I should have done that standard grade course in 'Cars you've never heard of'.
  11. My pttgoyn is having to drive to Edinburgh to get the car serviced. Enough people have my kind of car in Kirkcaldy so why not open up a dealership here?
  12. She said "This is silly" You have a small willy I doubt I'll get much of a feeling.
  13. Whoever it is, that is a class saying. "I'm off to the WC to harden my artery." Too late Bowie, Im on my way up with a crate of Stella and a Razzle.
  14. To put the smiley face on the end as I thought the other ones seemed too serious.
  15. I'm now even more convinced that this is Monster. Did the poetry involve a line concerning how nice your fiancee's fingers were?
  16. Do you have any friends that work in lingerie shops that may be interested in a drunken game of Marco Polo?
  17. Yeah your good at that eh? How would you like if I gave you a hug and read you some poetry?..........
  18. I'm not even a quarter as bad as I could be with some of the things you come out with. It happens a lot and I havent seen Monster on here for a while. Dont think he's speaking to me just now. Good advice.
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