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  1. I have two pals called Graham Dick. One night the both of them were caught drinking on the street and when the police asked their names, the natural assumption was that they were taking the piss. Apparently the policeman said they were a right couple o' dicks and let them on their way.
  2. How times change! I'd have gotten the pish ripped out me for the rest of my school years and beyond if I had any Dunlop gear on me.
  3. From Xile at Ocean Terminal........... Plus a pair of FCUK Aviators that I cant find a picture of anywhere.
  4. You have Sky dont you Monster? If so you'll get Sky broadband for bugger all.
  5. I get bored easily and when I get bored I do daft wee things to brighten things up. I was told that if the person that got the note complains about it, it's meeting time for me again.
  6. Had this daft cow on last night complaining that she couldnt get the interactive tennis. She kept talking over me when I was trying to help her so I started speaking louder and louder until she got the point. She accused me of trying to fob her off so I got annoyed and told her that if she didnt continually talk over me and actually listen she might have seen a resolution. Wanted to speak to my manager after that! I got into a wee bit of bother on Tuesday when I included in a note that I asked the person I was speaking to to stand on their head while doing a complicated procedure.
  7. Im kinda in the same boat. I wont see my wee boy for a whole week when I go to America for what was meant to be our honeymoon. He's at the stage when he cries when I leave for work and I end up going to work in a shitty mood which isnt good when you deal with the fucking idiots I do. Have seriously thought about cancelling the holiday.
  8. I've fallen victim to that aswell Neilly. I dont like it just now but I suppose I'll get used to it.
  9. Kilt, did you ever find out that wee bit of info I PM'ed you about? If so, please PM me, if not take a break from trying to detect metal on people and find out for me please.
  10. Do animals infected with rabies die of the disease or do they have an imunity to it? Also I was thinking the other day that I've never seen a black retard. Do they exist?
  11. Any more of that Monster and I'll be bringing my new pet owl to see you. The wee boy and his mum are slightly ahead in the pecking order. They better watch though.
  12. Why did you change your team to 'Other' LM? I wouldnt admit to supporting pish like Peterhead either likes but I was just curious.
  13. In fairness the FFP does cover Raith quite a bit and need to make money through advertisements like any other company.
  14. That isnt too bad. £15 more expensive than Starks Park.
  15. The Home top with long sleeves is a cracker too. Dont know when it's out though.
  16. Absolutely spot on Monster. If my wee boy went missing I would do everything in my power to make sure that the abduction stayed in the publics mind.
  17. I wasnt born with the gene, I just worked relentlessly hard to perfect pissing women off.
  18. That whole rant is an unfair generalisation, a bit like me saying that all St Mirren fans jump on their high horse as soon as they feel wronged. I'm sure that the people on the end of the phone dont have a personal vandetta against you Stuart, unless you called up and said "Hello, this is Osama Bin Laden, can you please remove the charge that you put on my account due to late payment of my direct debit for my Fiat Panda." The whole world isn't against you man.
  19. Raith apparently played really well last night and I wasnt there to see it. There wasnt enough availability for a 1/2 night off due to people fucking skiving. Stop skiving you lazy fuckers, I want to go to the Rovers.
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