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  1. Ah right! I thought it was a smaller independent company. I tried to put the child proof thingys on our kitchen cupboard doors. Drilled pilot holes straight through two doors and cracked another door while pulling it towards me to get some purchase from my screwdriver. I was successful with the hazardous liquids cupboard though so the bairn should be safe until he works it out.
  2. Tell the company you'll be firing a wee letter off to the local and national press if they dont get it sorted. The Judge in the Sunday Mail deals with that kind of shit quite efficiently!
  3. Fresh start my man. Enjoy your Christmas and New year confident in the knowledge that you'll get something shortly after.
  4. Adam, if location permits try and get yourself into the Sky at Paisley. Free Sky+, free broadband and decent money!
  5. Ex mobility is the way to go. Our wee Merc was ex mobility and it was spanking! My new (To me anyway) Focus is a comfy wee car to drive, not quite as nippy as the Merc probably due to it being heavier but there is more space in it. I spun the back end out yesterday though and nearly caused a crash at Asda roundabout in Kirkcaldy so it should be fun and games driving down to Ayr today.
  6. I know you arent stupid so I'll take that post as sarcasm!
  7. Aye, I agree. I've never really paid much attention to her but what a cracking lassie she is!
  8. The Prestige. I judge films above 5 if I dont fall asleep so this was a well deserved 7.5/10. I thought I had sussed it half way through but I hadnt.
  9. We'll see who the muppet and the total fool's are when I'm a multi-millionaire on the back of my idea! I wont even take the time to respond to paupers like you two. You been trying to download the video with the girl from Eastenders that KK posted too?
  10. This is as petty as it gets but does anyone else try to open their house door with the button on their car keys? I do it a lot and dont seem to learn any better. I stand and try the back door and wonder why it isnt open.
  11. Trying to park in the Omni centre car park on Saturday. The amount of people carriers and even a few smaller cars that were taking up two spaces was unreal. If I had a car with bull bars I'd have shunted them over.
  12. I cant relate to the frustration of a baby going overdue but that sentence above was damn funny.
  13. I transferred a call to our Asian outsource last night and introduced myself as "Andy, from Sky.com". Stupid woman argued with me for two minutes about where I was really calling from as she had never had a call from someone at Sky.com! I told her rather unpolitely that I have worked there for two years and I introduce myself as Andy from Sky.com every time and that she was taking the call. Five minutes later and an Asian outsource worker comes through to me on a wrong number so I tell her that and she argues with me that it is the correct number! I was close to exploding due to not being able to swear. Both of them must have been related to Bluetooner as they seemed to think they knew things that they really didnt.
  14. The Guardian. A bit schmaltzy and predictable but I didnt fall asleep. Some decent moments too. 6/10.
  15. Godfather II. Easily one of the best films I've seen. Brilliant in every aspect of movie making. 9.5/10.
  16. I'm going to ask for that book for my Christmas, I like Andy Mclaren. I'm currently reading Alex Higgins book, From the eye of the hurricane. Half way through and it has been an excellent read so far. Also, has anyone read a book about a little seaside/boardwalk/fairground town in America that used to be quite illustrious but had been taken over by vagrants that the locals called 'Trolls'? I saw an episode of the Simpsons like that and it reminded me of the book but I cant remember the book's title. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit:- A wee bit of googling has came up with Funland by Richard Laymon.
  17. How dare you! Talks about Iberian Lynxs are never pointless. My gripe for today is my slow Sky broadband. Apparently I'm going at only twice the speed of dial-up. At least it's working I suppose.
  18. You not thinking of Michael Jackson? I watched a daft film the other day, Racing Ace. I watched the lot but only because the wee man was asleep on my chest and the remote was over by the TV otherwise I probably would have channel hopped. 4/10.
  19. I didnt know how unfit I was until then. I know what I want to do in my head but my joints wont allow it. I'll be ready for next years fives though, ready for a good drink after getting humiliated like last year.
  20. I have no home internet for 4-5 days. My Sky Broadband router is faulty so I wont be able to post my usual volume of pish till Thursday or Friday.
  21. We lost our token Black person from our team a couple of weeks ago and he's not been replaced yet. On the plus side we still have our token homosexual's and token invalid.
  22. Thing is, the p***k probably knows that you wont report him for that very reason and will take liberties with you.
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