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  1. What an atmosphere at that game! I'm sure the Pars would have went top if they won. I remember a bald Rangers supporter sitting in our end at that game. He wasn't trying to conceal his allegiance and got turfed out for his own good when Rovers supporters started slapping his bald napper.
  2. Worked out for the best? Wonder if the creditors who are out of pocket think that? 🤔 A far better board that just pumped a load of employees onto the benefit system. Your standards must be very low.
  3. Dunfermline's shameful admin is a good stick to beat their fans with. Carries a lot more of a punch than the 'wee team' jibes.
  4. I don't think we'll have Nike kit next season. Watson is a good player. Bit of pace about him too from what I remember.
  5. Graham Weir was still an important player when we went up. He was especially effective at helping us see games out as his team mates knew they could ease any pressure on them by lumping balls into the corner for Weir to chase down. Not pretty but definitely effective.
  6. Why not? He's doing everything he can to get his club the best possible outcome. That's what he's there for.
  7. Agreed. If you told us that would happen at the beginning of the season every single Rovers supporter would take it. League 1 is killing us. We need to be in the Championship at least.
  8. Aye. I fully expect their support to be dead against it as much as they are about the Rovers going up without the league season being finished. 🤔
  9. That's also my preference but the amount of folk having sly digs at my club when their own club would do exactly as the Rovers have done is pushing me towards wanting to be announced as champs for the meltdowns.
  10. Currently checking to see if I can copyright the word 'Tainted'. 20p royalties per use over the next few days should safely see the Rovers in the Champions League knockout stage in a couple of seasons.
  11. I trust you'd have done the same thing if the clubs had unanimously voted 'Yes'?
  12. Pretty much all of the East Fife supporters who have been coming up with every resolution possible that'd keep us in the league with them.
  13. Can't believe you're still going on about this. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Anyway... East Fife's 'No' vote is based purely on the wacky notion that they might have a chance in the playoffs. Their supporters on here are desperate to keep the Rovers in their league to guarantee two sellouts per season which will sustain their club for another while. The quicker Dundee put us out of our misery one way or another, the better. It might put an end to the ill-thought out musings of some of the dings on this thread.
  14. Good going if you get your whole support donating a tenner.
  15. Two bits of class in amongst the madness. 👏 Hope your dad comes through this ok, @diamond_for_life.
  16. I agree that it'd be stupid giving your money to a football club if it was going to leave you short for vital supplies. That's down to the individual though. The club have always advised people to look after themselves first.
  17. What's dishonest about pointing out that there are a lot of clubs who are in real danger of going out of business?
  18. Stupidity is one of my trigger points. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  19. Are you fucking stupid? It's been pointed out to you at least a couple of times that it was the fans idea. People wouldn't pay in if they couldn't afford to do so.
  20. Currently compiling a list of charities that I'm going to claim money back from if I hit hard times. Cancer research Donkey sanctuary Bob Geldof Kirkcaldy food bank Helping hands monkey helpers Guide dogs for the blind
  21. I thought it was fairly obvious that I was being facetious. Maybe you just enjoy being sanctimonious?
  22. What part of "the fans asked for this to be set up" do you not understand? The stipulation from the club has always been that fans must look after themselves first and only donate if they can. Going by your daft logic, folk should be able to claim cash back from Bob Geldof if they lose their job or hit hard times.
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