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  1. Going to tout that as our new slogan. 'Run by superfans, for superfans' The reality being that the club is full of Rovers supporters old and new doing their bit for the club one way or another.
  2. As it is currently, everyone would need to be on someone else's shoulders to get that amount in the club. The sooner we can get started on the extension, the better.
  3. You should tell them that the next time you pop in. 😉
  4. Go and f**k up your own team's threads instead of infesting ours. You've nothing interesting to contribute and your insistence on ending sentences with three exclamation marks points you out as a simpleton anyway. Tl;dr: f**k off.
  5. Gutted for wee Lewis. Can only hope that it's not his ACL again but it isn't looking good. Massive edge taken off another fantastic away win.
  6. That's the boy. They headed over towards the supporter's bus and then I saw them going down a wee side bit. One of them with a Stone Island jacket was holding the top of his nose so hopefully he'd been the unhappy recipient of a skelped pus.
  7. Idiots, eh! If only they could realise that they were more tragic than intimidating.
  8. I'm liking the Gando and Sando nicknames. Did anyone else see the old guys trying to intimidate the Rovers supporters today after the game? Shouting about section B.
  9. Post when you like. Can you try to make it interesting now and then though? Anyway. Two tough away games coming up starting with the visit to Airdrie. Come out of these with 6pts and I'm booking the Monday off after the last game of the season as I'll still be pished after celebrating winning the league.
  10. Allan is like a better built Graham Weir. I really like him despite the fact that I don't think he'll score for fun. His ability to hold the ball up front and let us push out will be particularly valuable when we're holding on to slender leads. We have tremendous quality playing off him too.
  11. Best performance I've seen from us in quite a while. Spencer and Hendry are so composed I half expect to see a Hamlet hanging oot their gub.
  12. I think the seats missing from the McDermid have been used to replace broken seats in the Penman. The club has nets up now for when the players shots go high or wide in training so hopefully they'll save the club a good few bob when it comes to replacing the missing ones.
  13. He'll be with you until he's sacked then. Not interested in getting a rise out of this but nothing Falkirk started or brought on made me think that they'd run away with the league. Unbeknownst to some of your more ignorant supporters, there's some decent sides down here that'll fight with everything they have to bloody the noses of the supposed "scalps".
  14. Spencer was brilliant today. He and Hendry somehow managed to stand out in an excellent team performance.
  15. Binning McKinnon and going for Hughes would be like being rescued from Josef Fritzl's basement by Rolf Harris.
  16. Davo has been the better out of the two in my opinion. Anderson coming in might be the kick up the arse required for the CBs as they're pretty much guaranteed a start as it is/was. We've no problem scoring. We'll be pretty formidable if we stop conceding silly goals.
  17. Sir Ian Wilmut, the scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep successfully made a clone of himself and took it down the pub to show off. The clone goes up to the bar and shouts, "Hoi! Big milky-titted barmaid, get me a pint!" The clone gets his pint and swaggers across the pub, pinching women's arses, giving their boobs a wee jiggle and saying filthy suggestions to them on the way back to Sir Ian, who is sitting there thoroughly embarrassed. Sir Ian decides there and then to do away with his creation and leads him up to the highest building he can see and pushes it off the edge. Sir Ian gets back down to the bottom and is swiftly huckled by the police. "I suppose I'll be doing life for murder." he says, resigned to his fate. "No" the policeman says, "We're arresting you on suspicion of making an obscene clone fall."
  18. Aye, probably. He'd have been telling a'body that he'd clawed it oot the top corner though. I'm probably being kind to the 'keeper. He should have had something behind it from that distance.
  19. I thought that at the time, but having seen the highlights, I didn't appreciate how much power Gullan had in his strike.
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