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  1. Davo was on crutches last night. Hopefully his injury is not as bad as it looks.
  2. Hopefully that doesn't equate to kicking f**k out of him like League 1 used to do.
  3. I thought the Matthews and Bene handballs were both stick-on penalties at the time and I'm fairly certain that the highlights won't change my mind.
  4. Think we can all bow to your superior knowledge about what is or isn't weird.
  5. Now I feel bad about DM-ing Nando a video of me helicoptering my cock as his goal played on repeat in the background. Hope Grant doesn't tell the police.
  6. I'm not speaking from experience either way, but I don't think rapists even consider using vaseline.
  7. It'd be good to have that option for the folk happy to give and take a bit of stick but as it stands I think our commentators give a great account of the club.
  8. I much prefer the professionalism of our Davie and Niall.
  9. Great draw for Dundee. I couldn't see it so can only assume that they played out of their skins against an out of sorts Rovers.
  10. Offt. 🤦🏻‍♂️ We're more than capable of taking something today and I think we will. P. S. - Is it just me that doesn't like 'The Count' nickname?
  11. It's a no from me. My adoration of Dalziel was tainted by his disastrous time as manager.
  12. Clearly not clearly, otherwise no one would see anything different. You see what you want to see I suppose.
  13. Give it a rest, eh. It's a fundamental part of the game to force someone onto their 'bad' foot. Nielson just alerting his player/s. Nothing out of the normal.
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