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  1. Grant: You, O'Hara, score against the Rovers. O'Hara: Okay, skip. (Scores against the Rovers) Grant: Ha-ha! I told him to do that. Whittaker: Brilliant strategy sir.
  2. For all the good the railway side assistant did he might as well have stuck his flag up his arse. I think Musonda will become a better option at DM than BRS and we need an upgrade on Varian and Poplatnik if we're going to look capable of going up.
  3. Keatings stating that he's feeling fit and ready to go = either the club or the player lying.
  4. Also agree that the statement re Keatings is bizarre and unnecessarily goes into too much information.
  5. Hard to disagree with that. The trauma of chucking a four goal lead still living with us.
  6. That's touched on in the statement. Dylan Tait may not have signed an extension if he thought his upward trajectory was at risk. As it is, he signed, a great opportunity arose and the Rovers scored 100k+ as a result. We've lost a fantastic player but his being loaned back gives SJM a good amount of time to source a replacement.
  7. I get the impression that 'tapping up' is one of those things that ethically isn't meant to happen but happens all the time.
  8. Something that really worries me just now is the amount of people I know who have supported the Rovers for as long as I (and probably they) can remember that are properly pissed off with the club at the moment. Loyalty ultimately has a breaking point.
  9. Jesus! Mind when some of you were slagging the Rovers for losing a four goal lead. Deserved as that was, I'd still rather be watching a team capable of taking a four goal lead in the first place.
  10. My one is scheduled to be delivered by mid September. Might air fry some cereal at the weekend.
  11. Tonight was meant to be Dunfermline's embarrassment but we kindly took it off them. Only for Brian Blessed and Jeremy Beadle's love child to mercilessly rip it back out of our clenched fist.
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