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  1. Cannae see him wanting to drop a league. Zing and aw that.
  2. My memory (singular) of Bartholome was seeing him staring at a greetings card like he was trying to burn a hole in it with his eyes.
  3. The wee badge kissing, wife stealing fud Novo wasn't bad either.
  4. ? Maybe better responding when/if you're sober. Slim chance of some sense being made.
  5. Welcome to pop in, Wardy. We can talk about Frank Conner.
  6. Yes. What's your fixation with the 200 club anyway? We've never had to ban anyone so I can only assume that you're being petty about something minor.
  7. Wee Margie is more ferocious than she looks. Tread carefully, Frank!
  8. There was a time when I'd have been outraged at players leaving us to go to the Pars. Clichéd as f**k but these boys have a short career and I can't grudge them sticking an extra one or two hundred quid on their weekly wage. Aye, "f**k the Pars" and aw that when we're playing them but it's only a game and folk dishing out abuse at players bettering themselves financially really need to take a good look at themselves.
  9. Good player. Always 100% commitment from him. Definitely in the 'keep' pile for me.
  10. Good to see that we're holding out rather than giving the players a pat on the head and sending them on their merry way for f**k all.
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