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  1. This. I burnt about 3 layers of skin off my leg trying to slide tackle someone faster than me. Brilliant surface though.
  2. Apologise for nothing. The RaithTV team do a great job, widely appreciated.
  3. That's the biggest thing I took from watching the Pars last night; nobody willing to put their foot on the ball and pick out a decent pass. I'd also add rushed to your scared description.
  4. I hope if Hendry decides to go elsewhere that he doesn't get the same personal shit that Murray and Nisbet both received. As much as he clearly loves the club, he'll ultimately do what he deems the best for himself. He owes us nothing.
  5. Our pishy wee support have you beelin every derby thread ya fat ding.
  6. I posted about it in here too but there's discussion on the match thread. 👍🏻
  7. How sweet that would be after all the shit they gave us pre-season. Unfortunately can't see it happening.
  8. A bit of complacency creeping in to some of our fanbase by the look of things. Arbroath, despite their league position, are more than capable of giving us grief. We're a really good side at the moment but I'm never comfortable with the assumption that we'll easily roll teams over.
  9. Instigated the funniest part of the show when the panel were speculating about his wife's suspicions about the sugar cubes though. Craig Brown is a brilliant after dinner speaker. Tells a great story about Joe Jordan or Derek Johnstone competing with an Argentinian kid at keepy uppys.
  10. Aye. Incredibly shitty behaviour. You think you'd be doing all you could to make a young fan feel good on his big day instead of making a c**t of them.
  11. Think we paid 750k. It's a great surface, just don't slide tackle on it when it hasn't been sprayed. 🔥
  12. It was an excellent interview. Funny hearing about how Graham and Bairdy were going to batter each other at half time. GOAL! Best pals. Graham came across as a right likeable boy.
  13. The Pars won't come up against a performance like that again for a while. An absolute pumping from beginning to end. I couldn't believe the amount of time and space Crawford afforded us in the middle of the pitch. Most of our midfielders would stroll into any team in this league and a fair number in the league above yet he's invited them to get comfortable on the ball and pass the heid aff his side. He simply had no response to SJM's tactics and excellent coaching and I can fully understand why most Dunfermline supporters want him gone ASAP.
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