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  1. Shite when you're on the end of his wraith though. 😆 I take my hat off to the man. He knows his stuff.
  2. Fair enough! 😆 I knew it'd be right somehow but didn't take the seeding system into account. Now I know.
  3. Well your presumption lead you to come across like a bit of a w****r. I'm not overly bothered by the intricacies and tend just to look for potentially good away days or good paydays for the club.
  4. So it's to maintain the seeding system? If so, you could have just wrote that.
  5. Alloa and Morton are seeded which gives the impression that being a big team isn't part of the criteria.
  6. There's probably an explanation for the Pars being in the South section but I can't think of one.
  7. I saw McGlynn outside the tea room that day and asked if he was coming back. His wee smirk assured me that the second coming was imminent.
  8. Prepared to give them three sides of our stadium to accommodate the hoardes.
  9. Aye. A casino advert was overriding my 'do not disturb' yesterday as well.
  10. Hearts at home on the last day. 😆 Shame they're boycotting us.
  11. It seemed to be full of the worst type of supporter. I'm looking forward to seeing thousands of the decent Hearts supporters at Stark's this coming season.
  12. I just had a wee look at Jambos Kickback and there's one Hearts supporter wanting away fans met at the train station and bus windows put in. To be fair though, another Jambo told him that he needed a psychiatrist.
  13. Probably in my top 5 for how mental I've went at a goal too. Remember the absolute carnage that was Walker's equaliser against the Pars? Jeezo! I honestly reckon I went temporarily insane.
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