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  1. Agree with @Hank Scorpio with regards to our supporters really stepping up to the mark. I thought 1800 odd was great for Peterhead at home. Just imagine if even half of that crowd could encourage just one more pal to come along.
  2. I'd be very surprised if we signed Goodwillie. The club owner has previously stated that he would like to see more female supporters coming through the gates so I can't see him being keen on signing a player who'd put women off attending.
  3. Probably both to be fair. EF look a handy side when they really get going. Today has marked us out as strong candidates for the league. Winning a tough away game and scoring five goals in the process with the amount of missing players we have was fantastic.
  4. Anyone else without a ticket considering the mound at the back of the goal?
  5. Probably no value in pointing out that Smith had a header comfortably saved in the 90th minute but I'll do it anyway. Two shots on goal all game isn't great regardless of our squad situation.
  6. Agree with our supporters condemning the booing. I'd be quite happy if these folk would just f**k off. Up against it today with the squad limitations but Dumbarton carried out their work well and deserved the points.
  7. Sure you'll find that kicking someone off the ball is at the very least a yellow card. Might have got away with it half a century ago.
  8. Falkirk scumbag trying to take out the best player in the league.
  9. Incredibly shite the way Allan was booed when he came on. Hope anyone who did has a wee listen to Bene's post-match interview to see how it adversely affects players.
  10. My thought was that the app allows you to choose your MotM quite early and Davo was deservedly winning until he started doing kung-fu.
  11. We usually get told around the 80 minute mark but nobody came to the booth to let us know yesterday. Davo - Shocker. He was brilliant up until that moment of madness. Airdrie's - Thought yesterday that he just tripped Victoria but he full on kicks him so the ref can certainly justify the sending off as violent conduct. Matthews - No malicious intent but I still think his studs were up. Add that to the lateness of the tackle and the ref could easily justify that decision too.
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