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  1. I bet they all felt terrible for the team that didn't come up and didn't gleefully accept the stroke of luck at another team's expense.
  2. I wasn't being facetious, just something rang a bell about Falkirk refusing to spend money on their stadium, instead spending it on players when others around them developed their stadiums.
  3. Was it not Falkirk who benefitted by refusing to bring their stadium up to the criteria required for promotion to the top league while a few others hit financial problems as a result of a bit of ambition?
  4. The best solution that'll piss off the least amount of supporters is reconstruction to allow 2 up from each league with no relegation. Rangers need to be realistic. They're never catching Celtic for the next 10 years, never mind this season.
  5. Might be an optical illusion as the bit under the floodlight isn't complete. The person said that it was a work in progress to be fair.
  6. Anyone else think that the cowshed needs to be further to the right?
  7. Excellent interview with the chairman. Thought he spoke very well on SSN the other day too. The club as a whole has been a great place to be this season and this is the most likeable squad we've had in a long time.
  8. The prize money we get as deserved champions should help out quite a bit.
  9. Keeping possession is far from pointless when it's being used to draw defensive minded teams out. The amount of idiots in our support who would rather we just punted the ball into the mixer rather than keep the ball and try to break teams down is depressingly unsurprising.
  10. Heard a suggestion of a foul on our 'keeper for the equaliser. What's the opinion of the Falkirk supporters who had a better view?
  11. Somebody tell McManus that he can stop pushing his ears forward. It's an hour past full-time.
  12. I was going to write pretty much this so I'm glad a Falkirk supporter got in before me. We're the better side and I'm gutted that we didn't take all three points tonight.
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