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  1. I don’t reckon it was just the fact that the fare on offer didn’t attract the big hitters from the juniors. The fact that there was no clear progression route from juniors to LL and back again that was as much an issue as anything else. This issue has still to be resolved and can only achieved from within the juniors. Of course there should be one unified non league setup and i don’t reckon there would be many who would argue against that. I am on record as wanting the 5th tier to be the best of the best, where the best of the juniors both east and west meet with the LL teams and then the cream will come to the top.
  2. Am sure Strathclyde was also under represented in the list of applicants. The choice of teams in the LL can only come from those that apply !
  3. It is much more important for all clubs to put as much effort in all sorts of ways into increasing their own fan base. Talbot have been very successful in doing that and are a good model in that respect. The development of affiliated kids teams will also grow the club fan base as well. A large travelling support, should be regarded as the cream for any club.
  4. It is all horses for courses. The Lowland league is here and wont go away. Those who are in it wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The many supporters of the Junior teams are very happy with the fare on offer to them and good luck to them. Neither of the two will be going away anytime soon and neither will convince the other of their undoubted merits. Both sets of supporters should just enjoy their football.
  5. As I have said before - it was not set up with the best 12 teams available from those that applied. The teams chosen either had a licence or were either gonna get one before 2015. Any new teams will also have to meet the same criteria. This is why it is futile to have comparisons between leagues right now
  6. I reckon the feeling of QoS fans on here must be very similar to those of the Motherwell fans earlier when Stuart McColl decided to be interviewed by Sheffield United. In the end he chose to stay at Motherwell. Who knows what decision AJ will make once he has all the facts to make his decision. Best of luck for the season ahead anyway.
  7. Gretna were financially prudent when they first admitted to SFL3. They were 6th then 3rd in the first 2 seasons in Div 3. It all started to go wrong sometime after Mileson got involved. I have no idea when he first started his financial meltdown of the club.
  8. Been there, done that............. and moved on. When you have an owner, who in their own wee world, that thinks there is nothing wrong with the way they run their business and yet is so at odds with normality, everyone gets screwed. Both had owners who decided that it would be simpler to ignore the system while chasing the fame and glory. Everyone knows that in reality there is nothing different between the way Rangers and Gretna were run - simply a matter of scale !! In the end up the fans get screwed, have to take all the abuse from all other supporters that were shafted by their run to glory - and then move on Rangers fans rightly dished out just as much abuse when Gretna went under and now simply have to take it themselves now.
  9. Am wondering what we are expected to believe with this list and what is it trying to tell us ?? Is it really suggesting that only the finalists in each competition should be the real winner ?? Not any other team that Rangers put out on the way to the final ?? IMO this is simply a totally nonsensical view of amended historical results.
  10. If Rangers really believe the right thing to do would be to go down to the 3rd division it really is very simple for them. Just dont play the last game of the season and they would have to be automatically relegated. After that the SFL could then demote them to the 3rd division. As a first step - everyone would be happy!!
  11. The SPL club chairmen are gonna be doing a rare old balancing act with a lot to consider in the next few days. Sky/ESPN could pay a lot less for tv rights if Rangers not in the SPL – so less money coming in. But Rangers not in the SPL could mean a higher league position – more money coming in. But Rangers not in the SPL could mean more competitive matches – more money coming in. But Rangers fans next season have been threatening a boycott - so no money from them. But Each club has supporters threatening a boycott – no money from them. Sounds like the chairmen are all gonna need a lie down after they finally make their decision !!
  12. I do believe that automatic relegation to division 3 should be the penalty for going into administration. The problem we have is that we would need to have the two organisations, SPL & SFL, to work together to achieve this. As Gretna were gonna be relegated anyway, the additional punishment was imposed by the SFL to demote them to Div 3. They simply didn’t last long enough to get there. Livingston suffered the same demotion. So the precedent has already been set by the SFL, and it just needs the SPL to make relegation automatic instead of the current proposed hotchpotch. I reckon that if it had been any other club that was in administration then the SPL may well have been considering relegation as a suitable punishment.
  13. Turnouts for Cup finals have always had it's share of those that are only there for the day out, both back then as much as it happens now. I quite agree that the notion of biggest / best supporters is entirely subjective and will never be agreed upon - but the claim was made by a Talbot supporter.
  14. Hate to rain on your parade but am sure that there are a quite a number of teams who have a much stronger claim than Talbot to have 'the largest and biggest support EVER to grace the Juniors'. Those teams with attendances for a cup final in the 50k, 60k range to the record 77,650 must make your Talbot claim of the best EVER as more than a little hollow. For example, surely Petershill or Irvine Meadow,who shared the record attendance or Kilbirnie Ladeside & Camelon who had 69000 in the following season's cup final have a much stronger claim to the one you are claiming for Talbot ???
  15. has not set their status

  16. Hi Longjohn, Yep its the same old one and only me !! VT

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