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  1. I enjoy reading all the posts on all threads & I feel there is one thing else that could explain the change in fortunes at Kelty. Kelty stepped up into the LL as a bit of an unknown quantity, with a good reputation for sure. I reckon that unknown quantity was to their advantage against the teams they played at the start of the season. As the season has gone on, the other teams have had time to better organise themself as to how to play again Kelty. The LLis definitely has a greater number of better quality of teams who quickly learn and adapt as the season goes on. That to me is as much a factor in the downturn in results for them as is any change in the manager.
  2. So you have decided that current tier 6 SoS champion cannot be promoted then ?? Also - in this scenario we might have bottom 4 being relegated.
  3. But you have to remember that the LL has always worked with this uncertainty as to how many will be relegated !! This uncertainty will always be there until promotion / relegation to SPFL2 is resolved.
  4. Sorry Rab - but you have previous !!!
  5. Why the fixation about the next 10 days ? Why would it be so outlandish for the 3 leagues to agree a change during the season ? Lets be honest - it wouldn't make a scrap of difference when a decision like that was made. Most teams will be going flat out to win their conference, or be in the top 5 at least !
  6. I think you will find that the 'gentleman' in question has the reputation of being a wum who like a bit of fishing from time to time !!
  7. Been a resident for a few years - I claim it as my right !!!
  8. I dont think it will simply be up to the LL saying - here you are have an extra however many relegation spots. From what i have gathered from comments made in the past, the 3 leagues do work together for the common benefit of their members. I dont see that changing as we move forward into this brave new era !
  9. We are told the LL, EoS & SoS meet every month and I am sure it will be discussed, probably more than once as the season goes on.. We really have got to give them time to have their first meeting since the agm's and we will find out in due course what has been agreed between them.
  10. I have always been in favour of a completely integrated pyramid system where every team find its own level - whatever that might be. To say there was no risk for the original EoS teams moving to the LL is not quite accurate. They had to get licenced and that in itself was a complete leap in the dark - nobody truly knew what was involved from both sides, the SFA and the club themselves. That process has become a lot slicker as time has gone on. I feel that a lot of folk are wanting the finished article right now in terms of promotion & relegation when in fact, few teams are in a position to be promoted to the LL. Of course the numbers for relegation and promotion will change - exactly when is down for further discussions between the 3 relevant leagues - but is hardly a priority right away. Some time this coming season is when I would expect to hear about change on this issue
  11. Isa, I have followed this thread with great interest and I understand your passion for junior football - that comes across very clearly. We have heard that there are lots of what's currently wrong with both the pyramid & the juniors. What should have been done, what could have been done - but thats history now. What I would be interested to know is how do you see the future of non league football in the years ahead? How do we move from what we have now, to what you think we will have in the future ?
  12. I think you could also add Tony Nicholson & Brandon Longcake as two more players that were well worth watching for Gretna 2008
  13. I have always said that the pyramid would be much better with the junior teams participating as that would give us a unified non league system. I think there is a lot of posters on this debate being hung up on the terms 'senior' & 'junior' as either implies a better grade of football. Unification will certainly throw up many problems, but these are not insurmountable. At the moment, as I understand it, apart from the scottish cup, the SJFA have an overseeing role in the juniors but the regions are effectively left to provide the nitty gritty work What I would love to hear is how it is envisaged the role of the SJFA would be in this single structure ? Is there in fact a role for the SJFA when the regions could provide the support with the SFA providing the overseeing role ?
  14. I have followed all the various threads on the pyramids with great interest. I understand your distaste for the pyramid system as is, but I would appreciate if you lay out your proposals as to how the various non league systems could move from the current dogs dinner ( in your view ) we have at present, to how it should be - with a timescale too if possible.
  15. OK - It seems I am not fully up to date with the improvements that have been taking place within the junior ranks. Slapped wrist for me ! My next question would be If the grounds they have are fit for the LL - why then would the junior teams require a couple of years grace to get a licence ?? If Kelty can make the transition in the timeframe as they did - what's the problem for the rest ??
  16. That still does not answer the question as to why junior clubs, in the main. are reluctant to take the fina step and get a licence ?? If enough junior clubs achieved a licence then am sure the current pyramid system would be revisited. To me that is the way forward.
  17. I do accept that I made a sweeping generalisation regarding junior teams & their efforts to modernise. But if, as you suggest, quite a few are near to meeting the conditions for a licence - why are they so reluctant to take that final step ??
  18. When the pyramid started, junior teams & the formative LL teams took very different routes to where we are now. The priority for the LL teams was to get licenced as quickly as possible. The available pot of money meant that the quality on the pitch took the inevitable hit. Now that the initial investment is over the priority can be switched to the team on the pitch which is why we are seeing standards rise. The junior teams took a very different view as they did not believe in what was being offered so their priority remained to be the quality of the team on the pitch. Attitudes within the junior ranks seem to be changing with regards to participating in the pyramid structure. The issue seems to be that while they would need to switch priorities, they do not also want to take the hit of the quality of team on the pitch. Since the junior teams have a bigger pot of money available due to their far larger crowds then achieving a licence should be that much easier. Being prepared to switch priorities, for the junior teams to achieve a licence, is a much harder ask.
  19. Having just come across this topic, please accept my apologies if i ask questions that have already been answered. When Talbot had their discussions with the SFA, what football scenario, league etc, did they expect to happen?? I would imagine that the response from the SFA regarding them playing in the S o S or the EoS leagues would be simply because those 2 leagues are the only starting points in the current pathway to the pyramid.
  20. Why should the Juniors need a grace period to get a licence ?? There are 11 clubs outwith the LL who already have an entry level licence If we exclude Threave who accepted relegation from the LL ( and for accuracy - just didn't reapply for the vacant spot) Golspie Sutherland play in the North Caledonian League 3 junior clubs have a licence 6 other clubs plus one in process This was all done with a lot less funds than that available to the top league clubs in the junior ranks. The negotiating period will be more than two years anyway so that time could be used to get that relatively straightforward licence. But it doesn't matter about any of the views on here anyway. We are all simply p*ssing in the wind until someone in authority decided that change needs to happen.
  21. I note that in all of your comments you mentioned everyone involved, LL, HL, EOS, SPFL yet carefully avoided the one organisation with the most intransigent views Sorry - You have not convinced me that the juniors want to get involved with the LL
  22. Nobody is claiming superiority - seriously ??? We are constantly being told that the LL will never be as good as the top junior leagues !! Since as you say,the 3 region setup is what the clubs want then why are we having this discussion ?? To my mind both setups now have entrenched positions and nothing will change that voluntarily. Only an external body might induce a change. I really don't think there is the appetite to move to a single non-league setup at the moment.
  23. Oh dear, How could I have forgotten all about this !! So it seems that the SJFA have more than one statement of how they would like to see the future of non-league football develop. Rather than have then restate their position it looks like they need to state which is the current view they hold now. Maybe after we know that, they can start negotiations and maybe put in place a system that would allow a smooth and easy transition to a fully integrated setup. But I suspect nothing will happen. They will continue to carp on about how poor the LL is with few fans and continue to proclaim their superiority in all things non-league.
  24. These comments seems to get to the crux of the issue and why nothing will change. You are happy to quote views and positions taken 4-5 years ago. I am also sure that attitudes within the junior ranks have changed towards further integration and i think the relative success of the LL has much to do with it. What is the problem with restating the junior position ?? - it might engender a put up or shut up scenario and either give it the kickstart it so badly needs or kick it into the long grass for many a year !
  25. 12 hours ago, Burnie_man said: Rest assured, we do understand your desire to see a fully integrated pyramid system for all non-league teams. We also understand your desire for total integration with no divisions and post from a largely junior viewpoint. We get all of this and are well aware of your credentials. We also fully understand the lengthy history of the Junior setup and how difficult it will be to change such an institution. We know that there are some teams in the LL that would not welcome involvement from the junior teams just as there are junior teams that would not wish to get involved with the LL So far not a lot of disagreement between us. You state and have repeated this point without any explanation of your reasons, that change must be instigated by the LL. I simply don't get this at all – why must the change be instigated by the LL ?? They are happy with the current setup !! Sure it could be improved with the addition of the top junior league teams we all know that too. The real give and take that would be required from both sides is if we were to have full integration at tier 5. That is where we will have the difficult task of bringing 44 teams from the existing 3 top leagues down to the anticipated 2 x 16 team leagues. Where you and I have a fundamental difference of where we go next is in the intitial first steps required. I believe the junior teams need to demonstrate they want one non-league setup. That should be a simple statement of intent. Once that is agreed then all the teams need to indicate if they are willing to be involved. Again a simple statement of intent. After that negotiations can begin to re-model the LL to a 2 tier league. While that is taking place then the Junior ground criteria should be amended to include a requirement for an entry level licence for the top leagues in both East & West. Those teams that do not wish to participate in an integrated setup would not obtain the licence needed. There is more that we agree on than divides us on a desire for a fully integrated non-league setup without the current historic divisions.
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