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  1. 6 minutes ago, Gordon EF said:

    So what's your problem with people making it clear how  against it they are? Whether it's one year or 20, most football supporters agree reserve or colt teams shouldn't be in  the league and they certainly shouldn't be able to just buy their way into a league.

    Maybe promotion into the SPFL should come with an 'entry fee'?

    I have stated before that I have no problem with people expressing their views on this proposal .

    My 'opposition' is more about the fact that this is a decision to be taken by the current LL teams only. It appears that they are being dictated to by supporters of teams outwith the LL.

    This proposal, as it stands affects only current LL teams. Nobody else.

    Any change at all after this proposal, is something entirely new. The ramifications of which would need to examined  & discussed by all those affected.

  2. 2 minutes ago, andrew21 said:

    1) They go to Highland League, Colt teams are brought in to LL then SPFL so harder for Brechin to get back into SPFL

    2) They survive playoff. Colts teams are introduced to LL then SPFL they end up playing Colts teams.

    Wrong supposition.

    I said that Brechin could not be affected by the current proposal which is for the LL only.

    Anything other than that would be a new proposal and would be a different matter entirely.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Gordon EF said:

    The current proposal might only be for one season but nobody with a brain thinks that's the long term goal. The LL themselves called it a "pilot scheme" in their own literature.

    I have to agree, you may well be right.

    But the fact is that for this season only, the current LL teams are affected.

    If it is a pilot scheme then it it was given the go ahead for this season only we know that any decision to take it further the whole matter would be required to be discussed again.

    The eventual decision, would also be taken in the light of actual evidence gained from the pilot scheme.

  4. 1 minute ago, Sergeant Wilson said:

    Because it establishes a principle of inclusion of reserves.

    This principle, which you argue so strenuously against, is an already established one.

    Stirling University in the EOS & Stranraer in the SOS.

    So please don't try and claim this proposal is something different.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Sergeant Wilson said:

    It affects every club who joined the pyramid on the basis that is just that. A pyramid structure you start at the bottom and move up based on merit. Not buy your way in half way up.

    Please explain to me how this proposal, which, as stated is for one year only, affects any other club outwith the current LL clubs ?????

  6. 1 hour ago, newcastle broon said:

    I get what you're saying regarding pnb.

    Its not the be all and end all for the LL but must admit I'm surprised you are sticking up for this nonsense.

    If they want in the pyramid stick them in the bottom tier. That way NO clubs are taking back handers. 

    You should be more worried that the LL could potentially open up more relegations with or without Colts teams. 


    First of all - where do you get the idea, that, to quote you, I am "sticking up for this nonsense"?

    I have not said a word on whether i think this proposal is good or bad.

    The fact is that the proposal on the table for this coming season affects ONLY the current LL teams - nobody else.

    To believe otherwise then you must be thinking that George Fraser is a liar when he says that.

  7. 8 minutes ago, Sergeant Wilson said:

    Did anyone say they did?

    The point being made is, early support appears to be coming from clubs with no support to speak of.

    Anyone ( and journalists ) coming across this topic would surmise that the overwhelming majority of LL supporters are against this proposal.

    Secondly - are you really saying that you need a certain number of supporters before a club is allowed a view ??????

  8. I fully accept that fans of other clubs are perfectly entitled to comment on the proposals.

    What i cannot accept that is that all the comments made on this topic totally represent the views of all the supporters of the lowland league clubs !!

    At the end of the day it will for those fans, through their LL clubs who will make a decision on this proposal - not the fans of any other club.

  9. After checking this topic one thing is certain - the overwhelming majority of comments made are NOT made by supporters of lowland league teams.

    At least, as a  MINIMUM, 250 comments from the 450 comments made so far are from supporters of teams outwith the lowland league. I reckon there is also at least another 50 comments made by supporters that I strongly suspect are in the same category !!

    Would those same supporters accept any other teams supporters speak for them ?????

    Not a chance !!!

  10. This argument has two different aspects to it.

    I can understand the comments from the supporters from the current SPFL teams who want nothing to do with the Colts idea.
    They have their team who they only support – end of.

    The big difference with supporters of teams at tier five and below is that they often have their big team as well as their local team.
    Very often that big team is one of the old firm, most often called fans without the bus fare!
    I have seen it, and I know them and I am sure most on here know those type of fans as well.

    So most of the teams in lower leagues will already have these fans – will they stop coming along again, not likely.
    Would they support the Colts inclusion, again, most likely.

    So don’t try and tell me that it will be universally condemned – the facts don’t support it.

    I am not saying anything about which side of the argument is right tho!


  11. 2 hours ago, MAC THE KNIFE said:


    No dodgy penalties - all justified, even if they were on the soft side.                                                Even the Brora commentators agreed that they were penalties.

    Kelty were a far better team than Brora & the commentators acknowledged that Brechin would be more worried about playing Kelty.


  12. I just don't get this idea of a separate National conference setup at all.

    To me it smacks of an upgraded Junior setup. It would be separate, distinctive, & strong  for sure - but could all too easily be ignored by the rest of the football community.

    To claim it would eventually be stronger than the lower leagues of the SPFL  may well come true. I am sure we have all heard the self same claims - with some justification - from the former junior supporters.

    The talk for long enough has all been about getting the football community together in one structure. The current ongoing changes are not without it's difficulties but they will happen. To suddenly change tack at the first sign of resistance to my mind would be foolish in the extreme.

    To my mind the full integration will happen at whatever pace it needs to have - we just need to keep the faith !!


  13. I have followed this thread with interest  (nowt else to do right now !)

    I am sure that Brechin City would be delighted if FWE were admitted to the EOS league.               It would surely strengthen their case that, if they lost a league playoff, they should be demoted to the LL rather than the HL.                                                                                                                          They are only 13 miles further up the road !!


  14. Despite not being a fan, I have been purchasing to watch some matches to allow me to discuss the game with my QOS supporting pal.

    But not one penny more.

    Due to Covid I have not been able to see my dad for 6 months, I have not been able to see my mum for 11 months, yet this board think it's ok to play fast and loose with the Tier 4 lockdown rules.

    The quicker there is an official complaint about this disgraceful behaviour the better.

  15. An unusual situation in trying to sack a manager.

    Back in around January 2003, Mick Wadsworth was sacked by Huddersfield Town after a horrendous run of results.

    Unfortunately they did not have the money to pay him off – so he stayed in the job.

    A couple of months later, by the end of March, the local police intelligence unit got wind of a planned disruption by fans during the upcoming match.

    The board and the manager were advised on the Wednesday & Mick Wadsworth resigned on the Thursday !

    I wonder if AJ is glad fans ain’t allowed right now ????

  16. If I can get a stream for the a Gretna LL game then I will, but I have watched a couple of betfred matches on PPV. My next choice would be to watch championship games but unfortunately as a casual supporter i reckon I value the product at £10 tops. All clubs that charge more than this will simply not attract my cash.  I can well understand that supporters of each club will feel differently but we each have a choice !!

  17. 1 hour ago, FairWeatherFan said:

    People tend to forget with everything that's changed. Threave Rovers plan was to come back into the Lowland League. They spent a couple of seasons as the whipping boys, accepted relegation as a chance to rebuild and refresh the team with some winning ways. Come back up as a a reasonably decent team to challenge for mid table.

    This was summer 2016 the Lowland League would be filled to 16 teams, the Juniors weren't interested and the EoSFL had been gutted of most of their licenced clubs. It would of been a relatively clear pathway back to the Lowland League. The problem was in the two seasons it took to get a winning team together. They would enter a playoff against the Kelty buzzsaw.

    I have followed this thread from it's inception and it has been a very interesting read ! 

    As far as I remember, at the time of Threave moving back to the SoS, they were at the start  or in the middle of a large spend on both the changing rooms & attached social club. Money can only be spent once so I suspect the money pot went on that rather than the team. Therefore the cost of travelling would certainly have been a factor in their decision making. This I reckon was a factor when they came up against the Kelty juggernaut !

    Another issue is the size of the pool of quality players down in D & G - It is not large.    Most of the quality players have at one time or another played for all three of Threave, Dalbeattie & Gretna 2008. This is before you start to include the bigger SoS teams. Probably enough to make one - maybe two really good teams but they tend to get shared with the inevitable result having teams of average quality.

    I have not yet seen a reason as to why some people suggest there should only be two feeders into the the LL ? Is it simply because it looks neater ?? Is it a hark back to the Junior powerhouses of East v West ?? As football goes in cycles, no team ever stays or at the top and odd results do happen so it is no great inconvience to anyone that they remain a Tier 6 league

  18. Promotion to and relegation from the LL, I feel was always going to evolve.

    In the past, having one, with the possibility of more, relegation places, this generally matched the numbers who were licenced and eligible for promotion. Not a lot of point of lots of relegation places if few to fill them.

    The situation has now evolved into the situation where there is now a much greater pool of teams licenced, and looking for promotion.

    I suspect we have only now reached a point where the LL will probably revisit this aspect of the rules and look to change things.

  19. Haven’t changed any facts. Nor am I arguing , merely putting forward my opinion and backing it up with some  more facts. Think you’ll find the 8 games I quoted were from the 1st September  to the 6th October, Tams last 8 games in charge not Keltys first games of the season. Comments made by others are their opinion and they are very much entitled to them, I have formed my own from what I’ve been told and at no time have I revealed such on this forum.
    Ahhhh so the records you so selectively quoted were simply designed to put the best spin on comparative managers !!
    That's a typical politicians trick.
    You should be heading to parliament
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