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  1. I can well understand your concern regarding the 'foot in the door' as your describe. The LL clubs have voted to allow them in for this season only - nothing more. Nobody knows how any subsequent vote might turn out. Who knows wot evidence will come from this experiment. It appears from this experiment that the old firm will be neither promoted nor relegated so i fail to see how that will impact on the chances of the rest of the LL clubs. As for the possibility of the old firm colts progressing further up the pyramid - do you really think the LL has so much influence that they alone can make that happen ??
  2. You may be partly right in one aspect though I do believe the long term aim for the old firm is to have their first teams play in a British league and a second team play at as high a level as possible in Scotland
  3. This sounds like another go on the same old merry-go-round !! I am not interested - at present- in what happens after this one year experiment. You seem to have accepted that the LL clubs have already made their minds up to continue after this one year experiment - I don't believe they have, which is why i said to finish All in all, if it is passed at the AGM, then at the end of this experiment we will all have lots to talk about going forward, but at least we will have a bit of evidence to back it up !
  4. I don’t think this forum has ever had so many visitors all eager to make their point known. As far as the comments as to whether this was a good idea / bad idea, it was no contest – a landslide against. At least my only point in this debate won through – it was for the LL clubs to decide on this matter. I do believe that effects of the proposed boycott of LL teams will be minimal at best. Most LL clubs have their “big team” supporters and I reckon that they will be the ones to turn out to see the old firm colts. I reckon travelling fans will be few and far between. Anyway - Clubs in the LL have existed and remained alive with their “crap attendances” that we keep hearing about !! With this experiment only for one year, any notion that it would provide a benefit for the national team was always gonna be spurious to say the least. I then tried to think about what benefits Celtic & Rangers would get. Why this route rather than the usual loan system ? The loan system has worked well for many years and many clubs have benefited. The only benefit that I can see for the old firm for this experiment is that Celtic will have their team playing the “Celtic way” & Rangers will have their team playing the “Rangers way” I then tried to examine is there any benefit to the LL from this experiment ? The only one is that of greater media exposure. Like it or not, newspapers make sure that they cover all aspects of what the old firm are up to. The other area of greater media exposure is through the old firm websites & their media channels. They both have a big beast to fill for their fans worldwide and if the LL clubs get a bit of that then it can’t be anything other than good. All in all, if it is passed at the AGM, then at the end of this experiment we will all have lots to talk about going forward, but at least we will have a bit of evidence to back it up !
  5. I have to agree, Kelty were much stronger & I didn't expect that. Only one one aspect over the two matches were Brora far better & that was the camera location. At Kelty it is far too low & was far more difficult to follow the match. But, being Kelty it will summat they will have in hand to improve !!
  6. You make a bold statement about what you reckon I have said, why don't you quote me where I have expressed an opinion about whether the proposal is either good or bad. I have been careful not to make one. All I have been making the case for is that it is for the current lowland league to decide on the merits or not of this proposal. This current one year proposal as it stands only affects the current LL clubs. That is the only point I am making.
  7. Patronising guff helps nobody - & certainly doesn't help your case. The only clubs that can & will make any decision on this proposal are the current lowland leagues clubs. It really is as simple as that !!
  8. Why would you expect him to do that ?? This is a proposal that will offer the LL clubs funds. Whether you like the proposal or not surely it is in the members interest to at least consider that ? Or maybe you want him to act like a dictator and make decisions on behalf of the member clubs instead ?? He can't win either way !!
  9. Totally agree, Kelty were a different team in the second half and totally settled down after their second goal. I think the second goal also knocked the stuffing out of Brora.
  10. A much more even game since the goals. Both teams are dangerous in attack - a much more even game than on Tuesday
  11. Sorry - i dont accept your statement at all. I have previously said this on this matter This proposal, as it stands affects only current LL teams. Nobody else. Any change at all after this proposal, is something entirely new. The ramifications of which would need to examined & discussed by all those affected. You are mixing up this current proposal with a potential new proposal for a further season
  12. Btw - I have no interest in the fact that my comments attract like or dislike reactions - so fill your boots !!
  13. That comment was in response to a comment from Jack Burton who said "If the LL are looking to increase the size of the league then it should be from clubs tier 6. Civil Service Strollers have already come out to say they want any discussion to include that."
  14. I did actually read your comment - you seemed to imply that their views are less worthy than those clubs with a larger fanbase.
  15. Who said the proposal would need to come from outwith the LL ????
  16. Again - are you really saying that a minimum number of fans are required before clubs are allowed to make decisions affecting them ??????????
  17. Simple fact is there is only one proposal to be considered. Nobody has put forward any proposal to increase the LL from clubs at tier 6
  18. Bribery in Scottish football ?? - heaven forbid !!! That has NEVER happened before !!!
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