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  1. Hi Pat.

    Alex here from Norn Ireland lol.

    Didn't see you when over at end of last season.  Hope your good. Bit off bad health here, that's why I haven't been over much.

    Maybe see you if we get a home draw in the Scottish Cup. 

    1. VodkaTap


      Hi Alex, 

      Unfortunately I missed almost all of last season.

      I got myself a motorhome and it was spend spend spend on it - nothing left for the footie !!

      I am sure the van didn't like me - it kept breaking down when i was about to go off on a holiday !

      I even had the ultimate with it - driving along up in the highlands at the end of June and it went on fire - burnt out in 2 mins flat !

      I am still sorting things out but i should get back to Raydale soon. 

      Mind you - it's a new team, think i only recognise a couple of names.

      Take care and see you around.

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