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  1. Marymass Saturday is always the 3rd Saturday after the first Monday in August so the game is always the Friday night before.
  2. Surely the priority for all clubs is to maximise their home support. Any and all initiatives should be employed to achieve this aim. Having a healthy home support is to my mind vital for growing and running a club. I would suggest Talbot are one club who are very successful in doing just that. Hopefully Darvel are doing exactly the same. i also reckon that the lure of club licencing which has resulted in the improvement of the facilities being provided is another help in bringing in new / back lapsed fans. Visiting supporters should be the cream going into the club coffers
  3. I am sure everyone is asking that very same question, including those running the B teams as well. I reckon that the rationale behind this decision to play in the LL is really to expand on the variety of teams that their youngsters will play against. Having the 9 elite teams playing against each other so often would be very repetitive and maybe not develop them as much as would be hoped. Who knows really. It is a big step in the dark for everyone and am sure the conclusions reached at the end of this next season will be studied very carefully by everyone.
  4. I don't think anyone believes that having these two B teams in the lowland league will suddenly produce a host of future Scotland players. Scotland has a number of Club Academies, 9 at Elite level with the 2 B teams among them. Billy Gilmour is the most notable example of a player coming through the academy system. I reckon that the decision to play in the LL and a desire to play at an even higher level is motivated simply to develop these players further. Most definitely, though this is only going to be done for the benefit of these two clubs, initially at least. Even if most players don't make it to the highest level, they could certainly earn a living within the game & will certainly become part of the pool of players that lower league clubs would want.
  5. I now totally understand the reason for Gretna's request to start the season with away games. Just a pity they did not feel that this sort of info was important enough to include on their App!!
  6. The situation of consecutive home or away games is not an isolated case with regard to Gretna. The fixtures up to the end of 2021 means that only 3 clubs do not has a run of a minimum 3 home / away fixtures. The 14 clubs have a total of 22 cases of the same minimum 3 consecutive games. 2 clubs in fact have a consecutive run of 5 home games. Also 2 clubs have 3 occasions of the same minimum consecutive games. All of the above info applies to 2021 only. This very odd pattern of games must undoubtably strain club finances.
  7. That is certainly as good a reason as any as regards Gretna - didnt realise that was happening !!! It certainly doesn't explain why almost all of the rest of the teams have a run of home / away games in the first few months of the season tho.
  8. Having just had a look at the fixtures for all the teams and the rational behind how the fixtures were worked out is totally baffling ! Obviously I had a look at Gretna 2008 fixtures first - to be given first 4 games away on the trot??? Why the need for that scenario is the real puzzler. Later on they have 3 home games on the trot - again why the need ??? Checking the rest of the clubs in the league and almost all have a run of 3 or 4 home or away games on the trot at some time - again - why ???? I know ever club has to play each other at some time but a good start gives momentum. Playing 4 away games to start is a very tough way to build that momentum. In the past the normality would be alternate home / away fixtures but this current lot is a really strange way to plan a league campaign. All in all a very lopsided fixture list which is difficult to understand why it has been worked out in that way.
  9. Whit has Bute done to deserve to be inflicted with that sort of treatment ???? There are much smaller islands like Broad isle off Cumbrae, Holy Isle & Pladda island off Arran which would fit the bill & give them a much more uncomfortable existence !!
  10. From all the comments made by fans of clubs outwith the LL, it would seem there are only 11 clubs that are in favour of admission of the B teams. As this is an experiment for 1 year only then I would have expected that those self same fans who decry the decision would be happy that timeframe. If there is truly only 11 clubs in favour, logic dictates that, as promotion and relegation takes place year on year, then it will indeed be a short lived experiment !
  11. Very sad news indeed. A genuinely passionate man where HIS team were concerned. If Whitehill were playing, no matter where you were in the ground, you heard him long before you saw him !! As he has been described by others, truly dedicated, a giant of a man, a legend, yet these hardly seem enough to describe the very special man who gave his all for Whitehill Welfare. RIP Sir Peter.
  12. Nope - I am neither naive nor wilfully missing the obvious step they will try to make. You have cherrypicked the statement to quote yet you ignore the previous parts where I stated I do believe that the old firm will want to use this to further their ambitions within the SPFL. I believe that the colts cannot move from the LL without acceptance by the SPFL clubs. The colts cannot be foisted into the SPFL by any means without agreement. As to whether they were right to chose to accept the sum that they did is again a decision for the LL clubs to make !!
  13. For everyone benefit let me make it absolutely clear about my position as regards the decision to allow the colts in the LL I believe that all fans are perfectly within their rights to make their views known as to the rights or wrongs of this decision. I believe that it is ultimately for only the LL clubs to vote and make their decision. I accept when they say that this decision is for 1 year only. I accept when they say that promotion and relegation will be unaffected by their participation. I believe that any possible continuation after this year will mean that, after examination of this experiment, more discussion and another vote will again be needed by the LL clubs. I do believe that the old firm will want to use this to further their ambitions within the SPFL. I believe that the colts cannot move from the LL without acceptance by the SPFL clubs. The colts cannot be foisted into the SPFL by any means without agreement. As can be seen from all of the above, at no time have I expressed a personal opinion as to whether having the colts in the LL is right or wrong. What I have been arguing for is the right of the LL clubs only to make that decision since it is only the LL clubs that are directly affect by the decision they have taken. I have already stated my position regarding relegation - the number of places should be increased. Again tho, only the LL clubs can make a change regarding this but they must recognise the pressure for change is becoming much stronger & the status quo is no longer valid. Hopefully I wont need to respond so much to the various posts !!!
  14. ok - just for you I will give you example HL champion goes to SPFL 2 & team 42 go to LL = LL+1 Having the established principle that league numbers will be kept at 16, how should the LL deal with this possibility ? Will the EOS, WOS & SOS accept a variable numbers of relegation spots ???
  15. After all i have said about the number of relegation places - are you expecting to disagree with you ????
  16. No matter what our views are on the pyramid, the LL clubs have given their indicative vote and will give their final vote on this colts plan shortly.
  17. It seems that Brechin are preparing to play in the Highland league. speaking to BBC’s Sportsound programme following the defeat, Ferguson says a move to the Highland League is the scenario he is expecting. Ferguson said: “The rules are that we go to the Highland League. That’s how the rules are placed at the moment and that’s what we have got to assume will happen.
  18. So, what you are saying is that lower league clubs are beholden to the old firm. What I do feel is that is that all clubs should make a greater effort to develop their own players as that leads to a greater affinity to their club.
  19. Please don't tell the WOS that they are irrelevant - they won't like it !!! I note that you have completely ignored my challenge to you regarding the current wide disparity Let me make one thing absolutely clear - I think there should be more relegations places from the LL. The perceived problem for the LL has always been that they had a variable number of possibilities in how many changes would take place to keep the league at 16. The problem with the promotion has largely gone now with the large number of licenced clubs available. When the number of relegation spots increase I have no idea but it can't come soon enough ! The offer to the Colts tho does not affect the above in any way.
  20. I am extremely glad that we are finally moving to a fully inclusive pyramid system for all of the country. It has been far too long in the making. I wish you and your club well in this new venture.
  21. You have made you mind up about me and no doubt nothing I can say will change that - but a liar I am not !! I speak for myself and I certainly don't speak for any club !! You care about the pyramid ??? when did this start ??? Hopefully your club will start to take part in the pyramid for the first time next season !!!
  22. There is no wide disparity ?? - tell me in numbers exactly how you come to that conclusion ?? Until this year, exactly how many WOS clubs were eligible for promotion ??? Up until now, any change to the number of relegation places would have been to the benefit of the EOS & SOS only. Is that the 'fair' change you feel would have been acceptable ??
  23. Of course I understand how lots of people are against the principle of letting the colts play in the league system. That view has been been very clear for many years now. The point I was making is that the colts cannot be promoted any season without general agreement to a change of the rules by ALL concerned.
  24. That statement has lots of bluster and angst - but no facts to back it up. I do get how you feel about this decision - but i don't accept the inevitability of what might happen next
  25. I am certainly not naive ! From the colts perspective, I am sure they would like to think it is a first step. Whether you like it or not - this experiment is for one year only. What happens after that will be the subject of another vote. Could the colts be promoted ? - let the Pyramid playoff rules answer that Any amendment to these Pyramid Play-Off Rules must be agreed by each of the Scottish FA, SPFL, SHFL and SLFL prior to it becoming effective.
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