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  1. You keep repeating those same comments - as if that will give them more legitimacy ! I disagreed with those comments before and will have to continue to do so. If the SOS had more teams then they also would have a second division - but they do not so, any new entrant joins with the rest And no - I don't accept you premise that D & G is an anomaly either. But - continue to enjoy your rants on this matter!!
  2. Whether Celtic use it or not - that's entirely their choice But to the rest of scottish football - both Rangers and Celtic will always be the Old Firm since they have been referred to in that manner for such a long time Its simply a shorthand way of collectively referring to both those teams It would also appear that the use of that term seems to annoy Celtic - and their fans !!
  3. You might think so but the two teams have trademarked that description and renewed it again in 2021 So obviously they DO reckon it still applies to their encounters - and sales !
  4. My view as to what is people regard as an acceptable entry cost all depends on what they have paid in the past. The fans of the former SPFL clubs have been used to paying a higher rate when in League 2 and consequently feel that a double digit entry cost is acceptable. Whereas I believe the fans of either existing LL clubs or former EOS clubs, whose experience is that of generally lower single digit entry cost as the norm and they feel that it should be the appropriate rate. I reckon it really is all about each fan's perception of what is appropriate based on their previous experience. Nobody is right or wrong in their views on this matter.
  5. I always assume that any comment made on a forum is only ever a personal view - as is mine. No matter which league a team plays in, they will always find their appropriate level. To move teams from one association to another simply on the basis that geography would make it neater, just does not make sense. Teams in the SoS league have enough issues moving back and forth along the A75 corridor without the not inconsiderable additional travel involved within the Wos league setup. If the SoS teams are happy to be in that league setup then leave them be - they only interact occasionally with the other leagues in any case.
  6. Lots agree with but also so much to disagree with I don't believe the level at which the SoS teams play at, really matters at all. The comments against the SoS teams appears to smack of ego's being hurt - WoS are better than them and they want that recognised ! I don't reckon the WoS premier teams give much thought to the SoS teams at all. They would be the only ones possibly impacted. To claim that an extra two games is such an issue as to stop the pyramid working functionally is just plain ludicrous. I do accept that more teams relegated would help enormously and should happen asap.
  7. Enough local talent ?? I really wonder about that. You will find that almost all of the good local talent have at some time or other played for the top local sides, Dalbeattie, Gretna 2008, Threave & whatever SOS team decides to have a go for the league that season. With the dropping of a league by Queen of the South they are having to fish in a lower pond that was maybe Annan's preserve and so Annan are looking around and picking up the best of the LL in the local area. when you look at the population hotspots in Dumfries & Galloway they really are well spread out and consequently the availability of a large good player pool is not possible. Plus of course, availability of good players in an area does go in cycles and maybe there are just not too many around right now.
  8. Where do you get the idea that I am angry ?? cos nothing could be further from the truth !! Statements about the strength of a league does is not in itself a justification Only Threave can provide their reason for moving leagues. it is more than a bit disrespectful to imply that clubs who had a different view and chose to remain must be lacking 'balls' Why do you reckon that I must frightened ?? I simply want to take the opportunity to provide an alternative view !! That is the way to have a healthy debate on any subject. ' '
  9. Only Dalbeattie's membership was in the past, not the current membership !! So far you have not stated one fact to justify your argument; Apart from your assertion that it is logical and simple !!
  10. So - are you really saying that members of the EOSFA could be denied entry into the E£OS League ?????
  11. I suggest you check your information before make this incorrect statement as a fact. A quick look at the Club Directory on the EOS website confirms that Gretna 2008, Hawick & Peebles are all there as members !! In the past, even as far west as Dalbeattie are, they were also members until they resigned. Seems the EOS covers a bigger footprint in the LL area than most members realise !
  12. ALL the teams currently in the LL are there because of the results and points achieved on the pitch !! No matter how they arrived in the league they have been able to stay there due to their results on the pitch. So far OG Broomhill and all the rest of those that are deemed not to be 'Proper Clubs' have done exactly that and until that changes and they go down - or up, then they deserve to be in the LL. It really is that simple.
  13. No matter what you think of all the various clubs that don't qualify to be called 'Proper Clubs' - they are there because they have achieved their position in the league because of their results on the pitch. They will stay there until that changes and they are no longer good enough to remain in the league. Only then will they move - as a pyramid system works !! Simple name calling won't relegate them and I seriously doubt they will go bust either because of being called a few nasty names.
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