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  1. Would have been genius if Martin had rattled mackie in the face when he skelped the ball after the 4th.
  2. Yep, I wouldn't take any of your guys over ours at the moment, we have still to strengthen further too. Even Euan Devenney who has been criticised was outstanding yesterday.
  3. He sounds like a broken man already. Rambling incoherently at times there.
  4. Our biggest issue pre season is scoring goals but we are creating a ton of chances so if it clicks up front, and it has too at some point we will give someone a doing. Could happen Saturday
  5. This entire thread needs binned and started again. It's a pretty grim read.
  6. Agreed, and it did work in that instance. But playing an attacking mid at LB didn't work so well, and cost us points.
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