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  1. Due to the fact we played really really well. [emoji23]
  2. Someone doesn't like Wedderburn. He was the only guy taking the ball from our defenders. Millar and McKay weren't doing that.
  3. Perhaps we just played really well instead of the other team playing really badly.
  4. Unbelievable how opinions differ. Wedderburn absolutely strolled it today and held our midfield together so well. Absolutely needs to keep his place in the team.
  5. No we don't. And I doubt the manager will either. A few people said he would be a good signing. A few. Calm down.
  6. I disagree. Having seen Falkirk against us in the 3 fixtures so far this season nothing I have seen from your journeyman squad leads me to think you are any better than any of the other 4 teams challenging.
  7. Why wouldn't we applaud the guy? We aren't dicks.
  8. Young in post match interview. "I don't want to harp on about the officials" Spends interview harping on about officials. Fanny.
  9. Just recently signed a new 2 year deal so you'd need to pay up to get him which from what I've read is unlikely.
  10. Based on his previous stats I doubt it. Regardless of the quality of the league.
  11. The issue I see with Glass for Miller is that Miller does the dirty work that much of the time goes unnoticed. Plays simple passes, breaks up play etc. Assuming Glass is more attacking we then lose that element of play. We have been playing well and I hope for obvious reasons to the guys already there that he doesn't just walk into the first team.
  12. You must be having a laugh. A comfortable 3-0 victory and your struggling to find a positive? How about the fact it wasn't 0-3? Or that we didn't concede a goal? Or that we won at home when our home record has been pretty patchy. Airdrie fans are a special breed right enough.
  13. This. I find it astounding that airdrie fans were moaning today. A solid 3-0 victory and its all doom and gloom. Grant Gallagher strolls the game yet gets vilified for a few backward passes to keep possession. Its quite ridiculous but as stated above that's Airdrie fans for you. Utterly ridiculous.
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