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  1. Finished reading Pitch Black by Alex Grey.
  2. Taylor/Jenkins stand out tie...
  3. It looks as if Nicholson disnae want to win...
  4. Anderson just cannae play the short format anymore, God knows why because it's how we all started.
  5. I wish they would and stop dragging me into itr.

  6. Missed the last few legs because the wee man spewed everywhere so it was a case of top and tailing him and wiping down the settee, just glad Nicholson won because he seems to be a good genuine player plus I hate King.
  7. Here's hoping the final lives up to that game but I doubt it very much. C'MON THE NICHOLSON BOY!!!!!!!
  8. Missus is going to see Cliff and The Shadows next week at the SECC.
  9. Wade had some sunburn didn't he?
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