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  1. They still can’t tell us how much money Three Black Cats put into the Club in the financial years 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22. They could only answer that question if they were specifically given the answer or, for the most recent financial year, if the management accounts examined covered that period. Without knowing that information it’s completely meaningless to say we are at break even based on the audited accounts: they don’t and cannot tell you about those specific income sources. They can tell you what the Covid-related support is (as it was itemised separately from operating income). But you’d be left making educated guesses at best about how credible this year’s budget was because you wouldn’t have a detailed comparison to put it up against.
  2. The Executor is Murray Beith Murray. One of the two Directors of Three Black Cats is… Murray Beith Murray. The firm Peter Shand works for. He was in the “negotiations” with the interested parties.
  3. It's not quite as straightforward as that. Operational decisions about policing are made routinely between the footballing authorities and the police directly, rather than with political involvement, just as they are with any major organised public events. It seems as though, despite the long-standing preparations for this national event, they were caught a bit on the hop by the timing. It strikes me as a bit daft that games with lower attendance (like the PTWFC game TJF were sponsoring that was supposed to take place today) were postponed too, but at short notice it may have been thought easier just to postpone the lot for this weekend. Speaking purely personally, I hope the game against Cove on Saturday can go ahead. I'm sure the Club also hopes this too, given how long a gap it would otherwise leave between home fixtures. But I'm sceptical that either the SPFL or Police Scotland, the key decision-makers in that respect, will pay any heed to supporters' associations calling for the games to go ahead. The matches will either happen because (a) the police have got their shit together and (b) football doesn't want to look silly for not going ahead while other major events do or they won't happen because either or both (a) and (b) don't materialise. ETA: something that's Scottish specific here is that the additional policing requirements in Edinburgh this week would not have been needed had the Queen passed at Windsor or one of her English residencies. As I understand it, for example, there will be a significantly elevated armed police presence in Edinburgh over the next few days, which will disrupt several businesses in the vicinity of the City Centre.
  4. Decisions about the postponement of fixtures has been for the SPFL. My understanding is that policing capacity may have played a part in the decision.
  5. You're asking whether it crossed the minds of the TJF Board to make a statement about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the Foundation, Partick Thistle or Scottish football? Not for even a fraction of a second. You are literally the first and only person I've encountered who even seems to think we should have considered it.
  6. I didn’t realise the PTFC Trust were replacing their sixth trustee with John Terry on crutches.
  7. But that’s not at the point the ball was played. That’s at the point Milne reaches the ball. He was running backwards when the ball was played.
  8. Forgive me if I'm being dense but isn't it pretty clear why that was chalked off for offside? The goalkeeper and the defender in front of the goal got themselves past Milne, only the defender on the ground is between him and the by-line, and you need at least two players behind a player for them to be in an onside position?
  9. The PTFC Trust could make a significant stride towards accountability and open communication by publishing the minutes of the Trust's trustee meetings from March onwards, as requested by more 200 (now more than 300) Jags Foundation members and season-ticket holders on Sunday.
  10. For the avoidance of doubt, we don't know if this was a targeted attack or just a bot successfully brute-forcing their way into spoofing us. There were some yellow flags pointing towards a hack rather than a spoof, but we now think that is unlikely.
  11. I see the PTFC Trust have decided to lock replies to their Q&A posts on their Facebook page. Fan-centric.
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