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  1. Montrose are still in the cup and playing on Saturday.
  2. The key now surely has to be consistency. A win on Tuesday would all but confirm being in the top-half for the split, but we've got to really go out there for the next 3 fixtures with the mentality of trying to take at least 7 points from the 9.
  3. Not great, but comfortable. Nice to see a bit of solid shitfesting for once.
  4. I wouldn't pay much attention to the last three questions in that survey. The only important ones really were about demographic scraping and working out what people would pay to join. Bottom line is they'll be jumping through a lot of hoops to satisfy Three Black Cats/Colin Weir's executors that they're organisationally and financially ready to take a controlling interest in a multi-million pound company. Some of that will be nauseating and pandering, but it will get the shares prised from the effective control of the PR disaster.
  5. Falkirk were absolutely terrible last night, especially that Brannigan in midfield and James Sneddon between the sticks. Now excuse me while I lean into the microphone and start screaming because an East Fife player has the ball in the Falkirk half and I'm extremely excited and I think I'm going to wet myself. East Fife. -5/10. Useless p***k.
  6. It's a grim set of affairs when a last minute equaliser at East Fife, and Forfar scoring a late equaliser against Peterhead, is capable of being spun as anything other than yet another abomination of a performance.
  7. If none of the members of our coaching staff have imposed a physical injury on at least one of our players before they return for the second half then there is no fight. Time to liquidate the club.
  8. I swear to Christ if this East Fife commentator says Brannigan one more fucking time.
  9. This is a complete and utter disgrace. Worse than anything under Campbell or Caldwell. Let’s be honest here.
  10. So is Ian McCall picking up his P45 tomorrow morning or is it tonight?
  11. On the whole I think fair to say Ross had a poor performance, Sarwar exceeded expectations, Sturgeon was possibly slightly below par and the other two were essentially anonymous.
  12. Sturgeon looks absolutely exhausted. No wonder after the last year.
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