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  1. Thought Thistle were quite good in the first half hour, but really pretty ropey otherwise. I rate the Australian. Saunders is pondersome, McMillan’s almost fine I guess, Banzo is way too slow, Slater strikes me as a bit of a Sean Welsh without the passing range. Cardle looks nifty and a similar kind of player to Lawless. Storey is still shite and Mansell is like a slow version of him. Fitzpatrick clearly didn’t have one of his better games when he came on, and Harkins turns like a tanker with an anchor. McGinty is a total hoofballer. Spittal was industrious. Unless we win games like that it’s small wonder we’re in a relegation fight. The goal was absolutely criminal defending and big bits of late first and most of second half we properly shat the bed.
  2. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...”
  3. A win for Thistle is *always* good for Scottish football m9.
  4. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Thistle in Europe and the Third Tier would be the most Thistle thing since Thistle became a noun, adjective, verb and adverb.
  5. Yes, Jambos. Yes they are. See you in the Provincial Capital at your earliest convenience.
  6. Gentle reminder that... Gary Harkins is still on the pitch.
  7. Ball retention and movement off the ball is fucking rancid. Can we sack “doctor required in inflator room” yet?
  8. I sat down and worked it out. In the Scottish Cup, Thistle have beaten a team in a higher league than them on only three occasions in the last twenty years. The most recent was ICT on penalties some 13 years ago, with a replay victory over Premier League Dundee in 2001-02, and a victory over First Division Livingston in 1999-2000. In every one of the 7 seasons we've been in the top-flight, we were eliminated by a Premier League team, with any prior victories against Premier League teams having come on only three occasions (Hamilton in 2014-15, St Mirren in 2015-16 and St Johnstone in 2016-17). In the League Cup, it's grimmer still. We have beaten precisely two Premier League team in 20 years (Dundee in 2002-03 and St Johnstone in 2017-18, both top-flight seasons). We failed to beat any second-tier teams during our three seasons in the third-tier. During two of our seven top flight campaigns, we were eliminated by second-tier opposition (Falkirk in 2015-16 and Dundee United in 2016-17). In the Challenge Cup, it's scarcely been respectable either. In just 12 campaigns, we've been knocked out by a team in a league below us on five occasions, the same tier on six occasions, and by a team in a higher tier only once. We have won against someone in the second-tier only four times. Basically we are fucking shite at cups.
  9. When did Thistle last knock-out a team from a higher division in a cup competition?