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  1. The Club doesn’t own the Stadium clean and free. Three Black Cats owns the entirety of the Bing and the Main Stand. In fact, since Firhill Developments Limited no longer owns those parts of the ground, and the Club was a major shareholder *in Firhill Developments*, the Club technically has a financial stake in *less* of the stadium now than it did a month ago.
  2. Ian Partick Thistle McCall loves a late comeback. Not something we’ve seen much of since the promotion season...
  3. No matter how bad things are, we can console ourselves in not being Clyde Football Club. Just imagine how good we’d be if we’d kept Nisbet.
  4. Honestly a fantastic and well thought through game. The first genuine "this is incredible" successor to Super Mario 64. Sunshine and Galaxy always felt like works in progress.
  5. Problems with Pokemon Sword/Shield: 1. Story is too linear and they hold the player’s hand far too much 2. Not enough “dungeons” people can get lost in 3. The post-Elite-Four is a bit naff and even more too hand-holdy 4. Sorry but Dynamaxing is dumb bring back Mega Evolution 5. I don’t like the way it stops rendering people and Pokemon when you’re far away from them but you can still see the bit of the map they are on. 6. Exp Share should be togglable and not available from the start by default. I ended up with a Level 60 Meowth before the Championship. That shouldn’t be something that happens. 7. DExit.
  6. Just stopping by to say that Dick Campbell’s impression of Allan Cowan is very fucking funny and very accurate and believable.
  7. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4976996/euromillions-colin-weir-partick-thistle-takeover/
  8. No it’s their continued existence that needs addressed.
  9. For the show to be the Old Firm Schindler’s list they’d have to follow the travails of an unscathed plastic seat or an unstolen banner at Firhill after one of their visits.
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