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  1. For the first 10 or 15 minutes I thought that a big defeat was potentially on the cards as Kelty, and particularly Agyeman, were causing us all sorts of problems. Durnan and Taggart began to settle in to their tussle with Agyeman, however, and after that I thought that we were pretty comfortable at the back. In general the game was pretty scrappy but I thought that we created the better chances and deserved the win, albeit we were given a massive helping hand for two of the goals. We don't yet have the look of a settled side and hopefully there are still a couple of loan signings to come in, which would let us play more players in their strongest positions. I am expecting Kelty to be challenging for the promotion play-offs at least, so to get an early 3 points against them is an excellent result.
  2. I reckon that Kev Cawley could do a job for us up front, as a number 10, centre mid, right wing, left wing or at full back. I possibly wouldn't play him as a centre half or goalie but I wouldn't entirely rule them out either.
  3. I only caught bits of the East Fife game on the stream but my worry is that Sammon and MacIver seem to be struggling as a partnership. I was unconvinced when they played together at the end of last season and they seem to be continuing in the same vein this year. We look a bit predictable and easy to defend against when they play together, which led to the midfield being very congested. I'm hoping that we manage to bring in a more mobile and pacey striker on loan. That should allow us a bit more variety in our play, stretch teams a bit more and give our midfield a bit more space to play.
  4. Yeah, having seen Dunfermline's kit there shouldn't be any clash with our home top. I genuinely can't think why we need a third top now.
  5. We have a white away top, so both home and away will clash with Dunfermline.
  6. Riley Snow was decent technically, could fizz a good pass and,as with his goal against Dumbarton, could strike a ball very well. Unfortunately he seemed to lack the mobility or game intelligence to compete properly in the midfield, and games could pass him by. He came to us having not played much and wasn't a regular in our team so perhaps a full pre-season and regular game time would help overcome the issues in his game. Similarly he might look a better player in a system that played to his strengths.
  7. That was a thoroughly enjoyable way to end the season. Montrose clearly weren't at their strongest but the performance from our 10 men was very good in the 2nd half. I thought that the referee called their penalty wrong, it looked to me like Andy got pulled back when he went to head the ball back. Once the referee has decided that the foul was against Andy it was always likely to be a sending off. I'm not sure why Webster decided to celebrate the way he did as I didn't hear him getting any abuse, but to be honest I quite enjoy things like that as it serves to add a bit of spice to the game. Rice deserves a lot of credit for the changes he made at half time, we came out on fire in the second half. The combinations between Scougall, McIver and Henderson were excellent and Henderson clearly enjoyed tormenting the Montrose defence. A good end to the season which gives us some optimism for next year and also leaves us with a sense of what if. If we'd got rid of Ferguson a few games earlier could we have been up in the play offs?
  8. A good performance for us today, and an excellent finish from Kev Cawley for the first goal. I thought that we were utterly comfortable for the first 70 minutes with Stefan Scougall running the show. The last 20 minutes were a bit more hairy as between Scougall going off injured, Falkirk getting a goal back, and Falkirk bringing on Dowds and Nesbit, Falkirk had their best spell of the game. We saw it out though and I think that most people would agree that we were well worth our win.
  9. Quick question - can you pay at the gate / ticket office or do you have to buy online in advance?
  10. I think that's probably all fair comment and my assumption is that NES are working on increasing foundation places, although I know it isn't easy. Thankfully that's a part of the system I don't have to get involved in - my bit is generally much simpler.
  11. For some context around that decision. At the time there were real worries with SG officials that we were heading into a period of over-supply, and that nurses would be unable to get jobs when they graduate. Also the decision is taken by ministers following advice from the workforce planning group which includes representatives of the NHS boards, NHS Education for Scotland, universities, the RCN, the RCM and others. In hindsight it has clearly been a poor decision but it was one taken with the best of intentions. Since then the modelling of workforce supply and demand has improved significantly, which has helped improve the decision making. The intake target has been steadily increasing since 2012-13 and in 2022-23 will be a little over 4,800. I've only got figures going back to 2006-07 but before this upward trajectory they highest target that I can find is around 3,300 so the current intake target is around 1,500 higher than that. Similarly for medical students the intake target in 2022-23 (excluding international students) will be 1,239 and should rise by another 300 over the next three years. Looking back to 2006-07 the next highest that I can find (prior to this series of rises) is 889. An increase of 350 and by the end of the current manifesto commitment an increase of 650.
  12. I can't say it's an appointment that thrills me, but I'm hoping that he'll prove me wrong. In the short term we just need someone who can bring out some of the quality that's present in the squad, and get the team enjoying playing football again. I suspect that he'll be a good appointment to see us through to the end of the season. Longer term, we'll just have to wait and see. His job at Hamilton seems to be one that looks pretty good from the outside, but Hamilton fans clearly have a different take on it. More worrying in his recent history is (as one of my mates just posted in our group chat) that he was assistant to Alan Stubbs at St Mirren. He'll get my support and hopefully he can lead us away from the relegation battle.
  13. I'm slightly late with this post but I thought that Saturday was a pretty good performance from us (given the constraints of the pitch) and we actually tried to play some good football for the first time in a long while. We still went long a bit more than I would have liked but with the pitch and with Conor Sammon up front then that approach is pretty inevitable. Neither of our goals were things of beauty but the first was a good cut back from King and it was good to see Kev getting forward to finish it off. For the second it's an obvious error but King does well to get forward and put pressure on and then finishes well. Nobody else has mentioned it so perhaps I'm being a bit harsh but I thought that Paton was a bit lucky not to get a red cord for his foul on Boyd at the end. It looked to me like he dived in with a bit of a scissors motion. Finally there was a much better atmosphere at the game but there's clearly a bit of work to be done building bridges with the players. Boyd didn't acknowledge the fans at all when he was subbed and applauded off right in front of us, and there were still a few shouts towards Hutton.
  14. Great news that Ferguson is away, and hopefully it will be a catalyst to start to pull away from the relegation battle. As others have said Andy Graham until the end of the season seems like a sensible move. We don't know much about Andy's tactical nous but at this stage of the season it's probably more about getting the players to pull together and instilling a bit of confidence in the team, and I suspect those would be Andy's strengths. I certainly wouldn't want Jim Duffy, swapping a manager who had us plummeting towards relegation for one who had Dumbarton plummeting towards relegation is not a good move. Experience in a manager isn't a good thing if recent experience tells you that he's actually a bit shite.
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