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  1. Won the tie - forget the game and move on, everyone else will, it was chronic. What an absolute shit draw though. Kept thinking “no, not them. no, don’t want them either and ended up with that
  2. How many away fans are we expecting?
  3. It should be like going up the belts in martial arts - start off with white and work up to black - only the badasses wear black boots
  4. Remember when we thought Tomi was the bees knees? Then we unearthed Dipo. Is this not the blueprint that the club is looking to establish? Find a gem, sell them on, replace and start again. Its the only way we can build a club for the top flight. On a selfish note, I don’t want anyone going anywhere until the summer.
  5. In this league, every team can cut the throat of each other, so if we can just concentrate on ourselves, keep looking forward, and focus on the old cliche of “one game at a time” I think the secret to that is paying close attention on how each of the opposition is set up as and when we play them. We have a squad of ample depth now that we can mix it up and set ourselves up to give us the maximum chance of the three points in each game, and it will also have our opposition scratching their heads as to who we will play and how. I don’t think there is sufficient quality at this level to have the same starting eleven every week and walk away with the title.
  6. It is yet another one of those ‘could go either way’ fixtures. Don’t think any Ayr fan would be surprised if we won 4-0 or lost 3-0. Still trying to work out what that means for us this season.
  7. 1-0 to Queens then, I think, as the camera is on Player-Cam mode stuck on the centre circle
  8. How is the ground work getting on? What is being built?
  9. The league seems to be showing us yet again that everyone is capable of beating each other and that anyone that goes in a run, whether good or bad, will either climb or plummet. At this level too, a lack of consistency IS the consistency. Bullen has gone on about utilising the full squad this season so we might well see a changed team again. Would hate to see us start to fall into the pre-season pattern of lots of movement, plenty of chances, and no points.
  10. I don’t care how well we play on Saturday, or how many chances we have, just as long as we get the 3 points.
  11. McAdams has the look of an outfield player playing in goals - none more so than when we are defending a corner
  12. Another red for Morton - free kick on edge of the box
  13. Linesman and ref getting it tight from some overly angry men in the Morton hospitality 4 subs for Ayr - Dipo on now
  14. McAdam is always rooted to his line - one of the least box-commanding keepers we have had in the last 30 years that I can remember!
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