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  1. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that the Chairman is ready to dig deep into his pockets to get a competent, experienced and reasonably high profile manager in ASAP then backing him in the January transfer window. It is the only way I can see us turning this whole sorry mess around since Ian McCall left us high and dry.
  2. 100% not true - think you’ll find it will be the opposite way round
  3. 1. Get your mouth away from the microphone. 2. Stop climaxing when the opposition nearly score.
  4. Just checked and it depends how many legs they have.
  5. I bought a ticket for the away end, just to…. a. Act hard. b. Act like a p***k. c. Act like I am a total fuckwit. d. All of the above.
  6. Looking forward to this - always a good away day - would be happy with a draw - delighted with a win - almost expecting to lose - bookies have Arbroath odds on to win it
  7. Turn up early, get in early and get warmed up singing songs about how we hate each other (while glowing in the fact that we are actually playing each other)
  8. With 2 questionable defences yesterday it was always going to come down to who would take the lead. For what it’s worth, I think the Moff is top drawer in a team on top, but looks poor chasing a game and on the back foot, as he will never put a tackle in. I would start him though.
  9. The one consistency about the championships is the inconsistency. Very few teams play the same 2 weeks in a row. We can beat or be beaten by anyone in this league. All we can do is turn up and hope for a good day - and that goes for every game in this league. Does anyone really believe that the Arbroath squad is better than the Dunfermline one? Yet look at the table. We have a team in our squad - unfortunately yesterday was a bad day at the office for the manager, the team and the lack of who we had to pick from. Everyone fit, I reckon we could have taken something from that game as for a while there wasn’t much between the teams.
  10. Yes, getting closer every day to absolutely rag-dolling your absolute shower of shite at Somerset - yet again
  11. We could draw all 4 games and remain unbeaten (4 points). I would much rather beat Partick and Them and lose the other 2 (6 points). Winning those 2 and drawing the others would be pretty good going (8 points) Win all 4 (12 points) and Duffy is getting his own custom made flag!
  12. Where is everyone going for pre match refreshments?
  13. Hopefully it’s a good game. Should be the Hopkin recovery final. Would love to see his wee bursting coupon in the away end shouting abuse at us but he would probably be hounded out there too.
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