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  1. I’d settle for a total shitfest of an Ayr win to keep my dream alive of going undefeated till the end of the seasons for pipping Killie for the title.
  2. Still buzzin!!!!! imagine we win every game leading up to the Killie game!!!
  3. Think we have had our tougher tests in Killie and ICT and it wasn’t a cricket score. We can only play who is in front of us. League might be full of shite, but it’s our shite, and if we beat shite, then we are still winners
  4. I really don’t know what is worse… a. This horrible game b. The horrible commentary
  5. It’s a big riddy, but when was the last time it happened - if ever? Don’t think it means anything other than a bit of a f**k up. It is a shame, as we could have gone well into it, but as most fans couldn’t give a shit - good riddance.
  6. Could do functions / parties / sports dinners / race nights etc etc etc on non-match days. Maybe not every week, but excellent venue for fundraisers for the club. Race nights are always a laugh
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