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  1. Itโ€™s all fucking apocalyptic no matter how you look at it. There simply is no good scenario. The world has changed, and it will take years to get any where normal again. Life as we knew it has gone. Only a vaccine can save us, society, and indeed, football.
  2. I quite like it - then again - cabin fever can affect you in many ways
  3. They have been placed on redundancy notice (90 days I think) including the manager, but not the players I believe.
  4. We need to all send our clubs best player, who will participate in a keepy-uppy competition. First to drop the ball, goes down. Last standing gets promoted. Prize money handed out in order of knock-out. It's the only fair way.
  5. Neither team has anything to fear, however, there is always, at the back of the mind, the fact that we tore you new one ๐Ÿ˜ Like 90% of the games in this division, any result can happen. Kerr is a clever so and so, and if nothing else, he is most definitely doing his homework.
  6. Just because you can, doesnโ€™t mean you should ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. It will be fine, itโ€™s just a wee breeze. If anything, it will help the corner-takers.
  8. Underground, to maximise full value on the development land
  9. You guys sending out a weakened team out against the Dandy Don's tonight, a'la Liverpool?
  10. Decent crowd and old rivals locking horns in a blood and snotters cup tie. Hopefully there will be the odd random humourous flag or banner in both ends. No doubt there will be a smoke bomb or 2. I'm going for: Crowd: Ayr 1.5 - 1 Saints Smoke bombs: Ayr 1 - 2 Saints 80s casuals pavement dancing: Ayr 1 - 1 Saints Score: Ayr 2 - 2 Saints Humourous banners: Ayr 1 - 1 Saints
  11. My memory of those times is running up the road after the game by the bowling club because every other geezer had suddenly started running for some reason ! As a 15yr old it was awfy exciting. On one occasion I had the fortune to meet a resident there as me and my mate ran through her house, such was the shenanigans
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