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  1. Ideally we want a few ‘winners’ in this summer. It can be a winning mentality and habit that can take a squad forward.
  2. The club could look at a few payment options. There are always those that will want to pay up front in one full whack - maybe that should be the cheapest option for the fans. Then they could maybe do that Klarna thing or whatever it’s called, where you pay over 3 instalments. I don’t see a direct debit straight between the club and the fans working as it would be too time consuming to manage (cancellations etc) so there would really need to be a third party who pay the club up front and then take on the debt (maybe someone like Klarna would do this too). I think with more flexible payment options the club would gain overall, as people would be committed to the cost over the season - as opposed to rocking up if we are doing well or staying away if we are mince. As an aside, there could also offer an option for those on benefits too. I also think the club have upped their game with the kids and looks like it is paying off already and Friday night will go a long way to creating more lifetime addicts of Somerset Park. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this optimistic about the direction the club is on, and I just hope that it can be a seed for future lifelong supporters.
  3. Don’t know what to make of this for next season???
  4. Best of luck to the Jags in the play-offs Both sets of fans made for a great atmosphere Absolutely delighted after 3 managers in one season to stay up
  5. 1. We are playing a team who will have one eye on making sure they are not injured or burnt out for their play-off games. 2. There will be a bumper crowd who will not hold back if there is not 100% effort from every player in black and white. 3. We are surely owed some luck in front of goal. 4. Will hopefully be the last game all together for this set of players so I’m sure some personal pride will kick in and they will give it one last big push and effort for the 90mins.
  6. Anyone on the fence - just go Best case scenario - you witness an amazing result worse case scenario - you can vent at full time
  7. Yasssss!!!!! Bring it on!!!! Should be a great crowd and let’s face it lads and lassies, if we don’t get anything from the game - we don’t deserve to stay up
  8. Popping my Queens cherry on Saturday (no pun intended)
  9. Anything but a loss please. I’m guessing both teams to score is the bet of the day. C’MON YE AYR!!!
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