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  1. I really like that top - apart from the tartan bits - apart from those I’d give it a 9/10
  2. If Grant Hanley can keep a clean sheet against Spain, I have hope for anyone in our back line
  3. Everyone seeing Murdoch on the bench pre kick off Everyone seeing Murdoch get a wee rest up before some crucial matches coming up
  4. After fighting Covid all week - this has cheered me up no end tonight
  5. This ^^^ I hate / love football (delete as appropriate) Each week!!!!!
  6. Signed. My daughter has autism and this would greatly increase my chances of her attending
  7. Every goal adding an extra £50k onto his price tag!
  8. Totally agree - win safety, followed by a joyous celebration, followed by the sad realisation that you are celebrating just being slightly less shit than the rest of the complete dug meat around you #happyfriday
  9. I’m sure we are all agreed that the current custodians of the club and building an infrastructure for us to function in the top flight. Our foray at the top of the league must have been unexpected and certainly not in the business plan and I think that we are all a bit gutted that we didn’t have a great January window and go for the title. However, are we really ready for the leap yet? Do we have potential top league suitable players on the radar to recruit this summer? I know that this season was, on reflection, a glorious chance to win the league (as Queens are showing) and I’m 100% confident that they are not ready for top flight football, currently playing on a carpet in East Bumfuck. My main point is that I think it is important and correct that we are all looking for and expecting success on the pitch now. For far too long we have accepted mediocrity. Finally we have one of us in the driving seat of the club. It is time to expect and time to deliver - just maybe not this season.
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