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  1. You practiced that one, didn't you?
  2. No real reason, just complete and utter jealousy [emoji30] [emoji30] [emoji30]
  3. Good points and bad points. A shadow of the team from the start of the season. Still have the basis of a winning side there though. Need some luck in the playoffs, so I'll take 3 shitfests between now and then, if it means lady luck is on our side. No offence, and I love the highlands of Scotland, but football has no place there. Bad enough that county will win the league, but if we get horsed by Inverness, then they can shove it!!
  4. Ayr vs Ross County

    How many times are these p***ks going to mention Dundee United?
  5. Ayr vs Ross County

    1650 tops Too many keeping their pennies until the playoffs now
  6. You practiced that, didn't you, c'mon, don t lie!!!
  7. He also asked for a cheese toastie for his birthday treat, if it was ok to wear his new jumper on Saturday up the town and if he can stay over at his pals on Sunday for his tea.
  8. If McCall has any doubts he will dump him from a great height. Don't think he will be taking any penalties.
  9. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain No pressure game for us
  10. Was it not a run of 'sand covered' games that set it back some time ago? I remember it being like the low green for a few games, can't remember how long ago, might be 10+ years
  11. Remember they were all at Somerset with their beachballs and inflatables, Bermuda shorts, enjoying promotion. I'm not bitter!!
  12. Need to get right in there on Tuesday night. Hopefully we will have a big noisy crowd. Need all hands on deck now as it's right into crunch time. This squad deserves to give them, us and the club the very best chance of getting up. Been such a memorable season(s) for so many reasons. Just for a wee second. Imagine it. Smell it. Taste it. Play-off winners. OOOOOFT!!!!!