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  1. McAdams has the look of an outfield player playing in goals - none more so than when we are defending a corner
  2. Another red for Morton - free kick on edge of the box
  3. Linesman and ref getting it tight from some overly angry men in the Morton hospitality 4 subs for Ayr - Dipo on now
  4. McAdam is always rooted to his line - one of the least box-commanding keepers we have had in the last 30 years that I can remember!
  5. Morton fans singing “you’ve all got webbed feet”
  6. McAdams giving a corner away, then being his absolute bomb scare best again
  7. Hoofball lives and breaths. At times you would think Hopkin is using a joystick for both teams from the stands. I get playing diagonally into space for players to run onto but it’s like a game of rugby. On the occasion the ball does stay on the ground, both sides can play and have shown it - mostly us. Just need everyone to just slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwa down a notch or two.
  8. Quite scrappy and 100 miles an hour stuff but definitely been mostly Ayr. The Ghost has had a few nice touches and passes.
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