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  1. Despite a 4-1 win last night I thought the referee was terrible and actually lost the plot near the end. The demeaning manor in how he spoke to players and officials led to more dissent. Another off the conveyor belt on the road to the top.
  2. Is that not pretty obvious. The inference that my skills and art Are of the past is enough. The club needs a programme for the Preston cup tie. Lets see him fill that With video clips. (Guess who is going to be Giving up their nights to produce that by the way) Almost constant negativity about some aspect of the club or team. Last year I forked out of my own pocket for A camcorder And enlisted David to video games only to Get (too much wind noise). (Aye but these are not as professional as the previous lad) shite.
  3. Thats fine. I will take my services elsewhere I am sure there are plenty who would be only To happy for the level of coverage I provide the club. Its this kind of negativity that has Led to me standing down as it is.
  4. Thankfully the video quite clearly shows Gary Thom's so called elbow was nothing of the sort and never a red card. Anyone watching that and saying otherwise is at it
  5. Its a £200 Panasonic out of argos, does not take add on mics etc
  6. The club applied for and were granted permission to play the game.
  7. What we have now is finished.... Did you not see that kelty, bonnyrigg, camelon, Hill of Beath and now probably Boness and Penicuik are all away.
  8. We will have to wait and see on that one..... for all the clubs who go.... For some its going to take a LOT of work and money to get grounds up to scratch and to meet all the other background policies...... Lots of work ahead for some.
  9. Remember just going to EOS does not gain you entry to the big scottish you need to be licensed as well so the likes of Camelon or Bonnyrigg if they move wont automatically walk into the big scottish every year
  10. More than 1 job actually. It gets updated usually once a week unless I am away. Paris last week portugal this week. Its all go
  11. I have an official statement from the club to be posted on the club website. Unfortunately I am in Portugal until Saturday and cannot access the site via my phone to post it. Currently trying to talk someone through doing it.
  12. I thought we had put that one to bed when we caught you telling bare faced lies ? you would be better served just holding your hands up and admitting your a fud
  13. 8mile is some worker. He managed to break in and remove the new floodlights and reinstalled the old ones that were cut up for scrap Or maybe he is a compulsive liar thats been caught out
  14. The lounge is not being done up the Hall is !! for some unknown reason I have yet to fathom out HTG calls it the BIG lounge !! when its actually the Hall..........
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