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  1. I expected nothing less from that rancid rag. This is the same paper that keeps playing the class war card - 'Tory toffs', 'Osborne and his millionaire pals' when they are far too thick to realise that there were just as many millionaires in the last Labour Cabinet. Then again, why let the facts get in the way of some good old Trotskyite mud-slinging.
  2. The Forgotten Highlander by Alistair Urquhart. Very moving read. Summed up the Japs neatly - a truly disgusting nation. Have never apologised for its actions against our POW's and will never forgive that Greek c**t Philip for attending Hirohito's funeral. How Mr Urquhart lived to relive his ordeal is a miracle in itself.
  3. Good bit of lezzy action between those two last night. Stopped short of bean flicking though.
  4. Guy from my work lives in Hamilton as well. He had to get off the train at Motherwell as it would go no further, so had to walk 6 miles from 'Well to Hamilton.
  5. Had to go and stay with the folks in Paisley last night, absolutely no buses or trains were going near Clydebank at all. Thankfully managed to make into work this morning and buses seem to be running alright just now, but will see how overnight conditions are. Pity the poor folk who live out in the sticks, such as Lanark, Carstairs etc. Few folk from my work are from out there and had to be put up in the Jurys Inn, such was the bad conditions on the roads out that way.
  6. I got to the bit about selling the old geezer the dog turd embalmed with pencil sharpenings and wondered why a senile old fart would actually believe it was a macaroon bar?
  7. I suspect that you are one of these fuckwits that asks a person who they support. If they answer, for arguments sake, St Mirren your stock response would be 'Aye, but who do you REALLY support'. Which would be met with a spectacular right hook to the jaw. I'd give up if I were you. Seriously.
  8. Come to think of it, would any honest Dumbarton fan want this complete wahoo amongst their ranks?
  9. You've missed the point completely. You labelled him a Catholic apologist. Any sane person would cleary deduce the sinister, prejudiced undertones of that statement. Almost on a par with the Scottish Grand Master of the Orange Lodge labelling the Catholic religion 'hocus pocus'. And why should I go and read the thread for myself? You have waving your arms about for all to see about 'owning' VT. If so, then back up your own argument yourself. I don't think it is VT that is dumb in this context.................
  10. Really? Why don't you copy and paste some of the evidence? And labelling VT a Catholic apologist? Do I detect a smattering of hideous sectarian undertones hidden under your veneer of stupidity? Maybe I should follow your line and complain to the mods like a big jessie for that...................................
  11. I've never seem a thread entailing a compelling case study about arrested mental development. Must be quite prevalent in Dumbarton.
  12. As the great Archibald McPherson once observed - 'Its turning into a rout!!!'
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