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  1. Can I thank the gentleman who gave me a comp as I stood in the queue for a ticket. Thank you sir, much appreciated
  2. I am saddened by the decline of the 'matchday magazine ' or programme as it is more commonly known. In 3 away games so far this season (Queens Park, Stenhousemuir and Brechin) I was offered a teamsheet or, in the case of QP an online issue which didn't satisfy compared to the great QP programmes of the past. I understand costs are tight but surely it hasn't come to this.
  3. Sad news on the passing of Bobby Hopkins. Former Alloa chairman. May he rest in peace
  4. I think it would be obvious if you saw me. disability is a condition which can be mild or severe. My condition is mild but could also be severe. People's attitude to disability is the problem not my disability. I challenge society as to their attitude to disability which is pathetic at the moment.
  5. OK. Some interesting opinions here. Just thank the Lord none of you have a disability. I consider myself to be disabled although I have a job and a good salary. Doesn't change the fact that I am disabled and should be treated as such. I don't get a bus pass despite the fact I need a walking stick at some times. Some clubs treat me better than others. I get a discounted season ticket at Alloa for example.
  6. Why do I have to prove myself as disabled at Hibs when I don't have to prove it at any other club? I have to 'prove' my disability. Is being a spastic since birth not enough for you guys. Do you want me to do the full Daniel Day Lewis routine or what. I noticed in your program today you have a disabled supporters association. How ironic. How come I am disabled when being offered assistance when boarding a plane but not when trying to get into Easter Road?
  7. Made a bit of a fool of yourself, haven't you. Never mind, back to school tomorrow
  8. I'd like to thank all those who I have known for years, travelled all over Scotland watching the wasps since 1983. Your words are genuinly touching. Lets hope we stay up for 2 seasons in the 2nd divisioh for the first time in our history. Alloa now and forever. Does anyone want me to start writing for the programme again? I would if the demand was there.
  9. If you were an Alloa fan you would know me. Most genuine Alloa fans do.
  10. I think the club were doing well before he came (I.e. Remaining solvent and performing to a level to be expected of a club like Alloa). We had won promotions and the challenge cup before he glanced an interest in Alloa.
  11. Bit concerned that Mulraney will be exclusively making the appointment. He has done well from his association with us. Would we have been better without him? Probably yes. Got lucky with the Hartley appointment. Sold the badge to a cartoon cut out. Sold the Recs to fund a pitch replacement which will ultimatly benefit him.
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