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  1. Can’t be arsed with this today, not felt this shit about going to Pittodrie in years. Negative AF, I know, but can’t see anything but an away win. I hope to f**k I’m wrong...
  2. Should have been a red and a pen, IMO. Anywhere else on the pitch and he’d have been off. Thought Madden had a decent game apart from that.
  3. Sickener. McGregor kept them in it the second half. Decent game, shit result though.
  4. I was going to quote this and Bob Williamson’s post as evidence that of course there are more cringeworthy things, but one of the other mods has deleted it. Probably the right thing to do, to be fair, but I left it so everyone can see what an absolute p***k he is.
  5. Excellent refereeing. Took his time, discussed with his assistant, made the right decision. McKenna has had an absolute mare tonight. L
  6. There’s a sentence you never thought you’d ever type a couple of months ago... Tough game this, with two decent teams. I can’t make it and I’m gutted because it could be a cracker. I’m going for a 0-0 thriller.
  7. I'd have liked a point or three, to be honest.
  8. “McKenna will claim that”... because he kicked it, possibly.
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