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  1. Decent result, but disappointing to concede two daft goals after going 2 up so early on. Still, I’d have taken 2-3 before the game. Can’t wait for next Thursday!
  2. Need 450+ loyalty points for tickets for Livi game. I’m a ST holder and only have 118… seems a bit harsh?
  3. Just as well the job was done in the first leg.
  4. Tidy ball through from Jet there. ETA: I've no idea how behind I am
  5. I didn't because I thought I'd be able to watch it on Sky Bet
  6. Anyone managing to watch through Sky bet? I can’t see how to get it on, and my Hesgoal stream is shite.
  7. Know what I loved, the players celebrating the goals. There’s a really genuine camaraderie in the team. So good to see.
  8. Totally agree. Strong with the ball at his feet and winning everything in the air. Trying hard nae to get carried away, but I’m optimistic for the season
  9. Ramsay had a superb game. What a prospect.
  10. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this! Could go a pie though…
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