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  1. How do you know? You've never met me!!
  2. The Streets - Fit but you know it
  3. It's no that bad. Ryan was just sayin that that's the kind of thing you hear on a saturday night in the Elgin City Social Club...... quality entertainment.
  4. Watched Napoleon Dynamite on friday. Funny as f'ck! 9 out of 10. Watch it!
  5. Special D - Come with me (courtesy of Ryan's MP3 player on his phone....)
  6. Juli - Die perfekte Welle (one of the only German songs I like)
  7. Beats International - Dub be good to me
  8. Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I love you less and less
  9. Eurotrip. 10/10 just for Vinnie Jones! Absolute hilarity. You have to find a copy and watch it! :D
  10. Hehe, I've seen a dvd with Bumfighting on it! Absolute quality, but morally very very wrong!
  11. Last film I went to see at the pictures was Hitch, thought it was pretty good, give it 8/10. Watched The Bourne Identity on sat night, it was the second time I'd seen it (first time I saw it, I watched it in German) and I really got into it this time. I'd give it 9/10.
  12. Mousse T - Horny How appropriate!
  13. Reina


    Killers in 2 weeks in Berlin!
  14. Semisonic - She's got it all worked out (I don't know if that's the title of the song though...) Haven't listened to this album in ages!
  15. That's weird, I just watched that! Don't opress me!
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