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  1. Lemar - Vertigo - more live lounge stuff
  2. David Gray - Smile Like You Mean It (Radio 1 Live Lounge cover)
  3. Cool, I'm getting the 6:40 from Elgin to Aberdeen tomorrow morning... zzz
  4. Duran Duran - The Reflex Reminds me of DDR!
  5. Men at Work - Land Down Under Couldn't resist!
  6. Robots - hilarious! 8/10. Will watch Downfall tomorrow I think.
  7. Richard Ashcroft's new album, Keys to the World. Very good so far
  8. The laminate flooring in my house is immaculate and I never clean it. I haven't cleaned it in about a month and it's still spotless. What do you lot do to your floors?!
  9. That's the first problem I've had on that route. It's usually only 5 min delays here or there, but as a rule they are on time.
  10. What a nightmare of a journey I had home from uni today Train left Aberdeen on time and we were on our way to the first stop, which was Dyce, and the bloody lights in our carriage went out, along with the air conditioning and heating. It was already dark at this point so it was pitch black inside the train - quite scary. We managed to get to Dyce, and we noticed that the lights were on in the other carriages in the train, only ours had gone out. Anyway, there was a fair amount of clattering going on under our carriage and then the lights suddenly went back on. Anyway, we're still in Dyce, and have been for about 15 mins and the guy comes on the tannoy and says the train has broken down due to not being able to release the brakes on our carriage and they're working on it. 10 mins later the guys says, and I quote, "we are unfortunately unable to repair the brakes and have declared ourselves failures".... (I could have told them that). So we were waiting there for about 45 mins while they tried to decide what they were going to do with us and my pal says, "if they're longer than an hour we'll get half our fare back, but knowing Scotrail, they'll be just under the hour and we'll get nothing. That's what usually happens." About ten mins later, the guys comes on the tannoy again and says that they've managed to fix the brakes and on behalf of First Scotrail he would like to apologise for the 58 minute delay.....how convenient. We spent the rest of the journey crapping ourselves that the brakes were going to go wonky again and the lights were on and off the whole time. What a nightmare
  11. Yeah, it is excellent. I'd read bits of it before a dn just decided to buy it for myself.
  12. If you'd been incorrectly charged for it in Tesco, you'd have got it for nothing
  13. To be fair, at peak times on the Aberdeen-Inverness train, they have 5 carriages operating, which is good. However, there was no trolley on the train today and I fancied a coffee - I asked why there wasn't one and apparently the person who does the trolley on that service had slept in.... On a side note - I think the smiley at the end of Skinny Jean's paragraph was because she's clever and knows about these things. I hardly think she was smiling because of the possibility of a train crash, somehow.... Cheers for the explanation, SJ
  14. The old 'leaves on the track' is a good one. Although up here it's usuall 'sheep on the track'....
  15. I must say, I prefer CK's dunnies to CTWD's tablecloth....
  16. What's wrong with being cheap? I wouldn't buy a t-shirt that cost more than a tenner! Primark is my favourite shop - but I still manage to look better than people clad in burberry from head to toe. It's not about how much something costs, it's about style and putting what you wear together....
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