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  1. Just now, Frank Grimes said:

    Pretty sure Duk is now fully fit and that’s why he’s been starting games 

    Didn’t expect him to be as good as he is, my favourite Aberdeen player for years 

    Yeah, that's what I thought - I can't understand the substitution though, unless Goodwin just protecting him because of the yellow he picked up earlier, I suppose. Also agree on your second point - he's really exciting to watch.

  2. Thought we were very good in the first half but, Duncan’s goal aside, a woeful second half. Morris was gash, Barron had a poor night I thought, Ramirez… I really wanted him to score… it was like no one actually wanted the ball at their feet. Partick’s goal came from comedy goalkeeping (and our defence allowing a free header?!). 

    Still, pleasing result and a trip to Hampden to look forward to.


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