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  1. Thought Stewart was very good, aside from a couple of ropey passes. Kennedy was poor, though.
  2. We were pish in the first half. Can’t decide if we were good in the second half, or if Hibs were dogshit. Either way, Leith Green’s meltdown on this thread has been absolutely glorious.
  3. You're right - I just came back to change it and you've bloody quoted me so can't
  4. The argument was that it came off Duk Richardson's thigh then hit his hand (which was in a natural position) which apparently means not a pen?
  5. Yassssss! Tavernier stopping to protest to the ref that it wasn't a pen and completely ignoring Barron steaming in to finish was my favourite.
  6. We’ve been playing well and Rangers* have not. Fully expect a boring 2-0 win for the zombies.
  7. Fair fucks Well fans, possibly should have been a pen. Ah well...
  8. Yeah, that's what I thought - I can't understand the substitution though, unless Goodwin just protecting him because of the yellow he picked up earlier, I suppose. Also agree on your second point - he's really exciting to watch.
  9. Agreed. We're second to almost everything. Duk has been brilliant today - going forward and defensively. Is he still not 100% fit, though? I'm not sure what Kennedy brings...
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