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  1. The whole game was guff, not just the last 35. Poor poor stuff.
  2. Reasonably ok with that. Think we can take them at Pittodrie.
  3. I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. The bounce in the red shed was brilliant when we scored. I’ve bruises all up my leg from hitting the seats. Fitba’s back!
  4. I noticed Ferguson didn’t come around with the team to thank the fans again last night - he was straight up the tunnel…
  5. Must admit, I fully expect to be “pinged” in the near future.
  6. Really enjoyed that tonight. Was in the Merkland with some pals and it was just brilliant to be back in a decent crowd. The atmosphere was fantastic. Love that Glass isn’t feart to make subs to change the game early on.
  7. Only made it as far as McDonalds at Bucksburn. Forgot how much of a nightmare it is getting away from Pittodrie when it’s busy. My young lad is dancing about singing that bloody She’s Electric song. Told him off for swearing.
  8. He’s a Belgian, he plays in midfield with McLennan, he fucking hates Neil Lennon, Funsooooo Ojooooo
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