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  1. The last few pages of this thread are magnificent 😁
  2. I thought McLennan in particular was pish today.
  3. Not sure why the stewards were so against it?
  4. Well, that was unexpected, especially after the first half performance. Pleasing.
  5. Enjoyed that today. The haggis pie was wonderful. Love Consi, min. 🥰 What the hell happened for the remembrance silence?!
  6. There was a lassie wearing a pink jacket a bit down from the guy in the pink shorts who thought we were singing about her. She was mortified 😂
  7. We were shite, there’s no doubt about that. But Dundee never really created anything either. These stats surprised me.
  8. We are so lacklustre. It’s pathetic.
  9. No more than they deserved to be honest. Pish.
  10. Grand, thanks for that. Sure there's a clep/clap joke there somewhere but I'm too tired hungover to make it.
  11. Can one of you lovely Dundee chaps help a Dons fan out, please? Where's the best place to park the car nearby? Not that I'll be driving.
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