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  1. I'm gonna lazily copy Gordoplis' squad above as I think its bang on although I think Hendry will make it in over Gallagher Goalkeepers (3) David Marshall - Derby County Craig Gordon - Heart of Midlothian Jon McLaughlin - Rangers Defenders (9) Andy Robertson © - Liverpool Kieran Tierney - Arsenal Grant Hanley - Norwich City Jack Hendry - Oostende Scott McTominay - Manchester United Scott McKenna - Nottingham Forest Liam Cooper - Leeds Stephen O'Donnell - Motherwell Liam Palmer - Sheffield Wednesday Midfielders (9) John McGinn - Aston Villa Ryan Jack - Rangers Callum McGregor - Celtic Stuart Armstrong - Southampton David Turnbull - Celtic Ryan Christie - Celtic Kenny McLean - Norwich City John Fleck - Sheffield United James Forrest - Celtic Forwards (5) Ryan Fraser - Newcastle Ché Adams - Southampton Lyndon Dykes - QPR Oli McBurnie - Sheffield United Callum Paterson - Sheffield Wednesday (26th man)
  2. Thats been his biggest problem for a number of seasons now I'm afraid. Think he tends to have lots of little purple patches and then gets injured/loses form and not seen for ages. In fact I think the last season he scored more than 10 goals in a season was 15/16 when Middlesbrough signed him from Blackburn. Got 17 goals that season and hasn't been prolific since. Crazy when you think how many championship goals he was scoring prior to that.
  3. Not a striker 'coming through' but I think Jordan Rhodes has 5 goals in last 6 games. Given there is definitely a striker position available in the Euro squad, it wouldn't be the most horrific shout. Its likely to be one of Shankland/Nisbet/Paterson/Griffiths however if Rhodes was to continue to bang in the goals, I wouldn't be adverse to see him included. Very much a form player and when on form, knows where the goal is.
  4. Agree with majority of Craigs assessment. I think the vast majority of the squad places for the Euros are now cemented with very few up for grabs barring injury/massive change in form. I would expect 23 man squad to be something like this: David Marshall, Craig Gordon, Jon McLaughlin Andy Robertson, Kieran Tierney, Stephen O'Donnell, Grant Hanley, Liam Cooper, Scott McKenna, Jack Hendry Scott McTominay, Callum McGregor, Ryan Jack, Kenny McLean, John McGinn, Stuart Armstrong, Ryan Christie, James Forrest, Ryan Fraser Che Adams, Lyndon Dykes, Oli McBurnie, Kevin Nisbet *Players in bold most at risk of missing out Standby: Liam Palmer, Greg Taylor, Andrew Considine, Declan Gallagher John Fleck, David Turnbull, Billy Gilmour Lawrence Shankland, Oli Burke, Leigh Griffiths, Callum Paterson I think the majority of the midfielders will make the squad with maybe only Fleck missing out. Alot of the midfielders are quite adaptable into various positions - wing backs, forwards, centre half etc so offer cover for other areas of squad. I think realistically there is one defensive position and one forward position up for grabs in Steve Clarkes squad. Club form will play a large part in that you would think, especially with the forwards where none have been overly prolific. McBurnie should be at risk but unfortunately there is so few genuine options banging on the door that I'm almost certain Clarke will include him so I actually don't think he will be at risk of losing his spot.
  5. ..................................Marshall.................................... O'Donnell......Hanley......Tierney.......Robertson ............McGregor.....McTominay....McGinn........ ...........Adams..........Dykes.............Fraser............
  6. Hendry has been absolutely fine so far. Ludo is correct, Marshmallo is desperate for Hendry to have a nightmare, and the only reason for this is because he has been ripping the pish out of him playing in Belgium for the last year despite having never seen him play over there like the majority of us. Hendry putting in a solid or good performance would just confirm to himself what everyone else already knows and that he is a miserable, negative c**t with a hard on for Liam Cooper and Craigkillie and nobody pays any attention to has appalling opinions and nauseating posts. The boy needs fucking launched into the sea to mingle with the rest of the mutants he has spawned from. Do us all a favour and f**k off eh
  7. Yeah agreed, Feruz clearly has a massive future ahead of him, one of our most promising youngsters and this is the perfect opportunity to get him in and around the squad. Brings much more than goals to the team, has that energy and drive. Bizarre that some people would question his involvement in this squad.
  8. Yeah Clarke all but confirmed on Sky that he will be looking to play McTominay in midfield for some or all of these upcoming games. Said that Ryan Jack might not make it due to injury and if he doesnt then McTominay will definitely start in the midfield.
  9. He is an absolute fucking roaster. Jack Hendry could be playing and starting for Ajax and performing great and he would still be on here with his one pishy joke that he recycles constantly about the foreign leagues. He cant seem to accept that alot of people like to follow scottish players careers when they make the journey outwith Scotland. Whether that's moving to England or abroad. Whilst there may be a few people touting shitter players for squads or caps, the majority just enjoy keeping a tab on their careers and following their journey as its outwith the norm for a Scottish footballer. Marshmallo is pretty much a troll at this point.
  10. I have some loyalty points in my members account, how long do they last before they drop off? Is it a year they last? Is it 1 point for home and 2 for away games?
  11. I think there is 7 nailed on starters for Serbia if all fit and available Marshall, McTominay, Gallagher, Robertson, McGinn, Fraser and Dykes I expect O'Donnell will probably make way for either Palmer/Tierney. Considine may also come out for McKenna/Cooper or Tierney Then the two central midfield roles are likely to be Jack and McGregor but could see Christie or Armstrong coming in for one of them. I think Clarke will go for: Marshall, Palmer, McTominay, Gallagher, Tierney, Robertson, Jack, McGregor, McGinn, Fraser, Dykes
  12. For someone who seems to moan on a weekly basis about players that play in a foreign league, thats a ridiculous shout for a call up. Is he in Spanish tier 2 or 3 this year?
  13. The pressing by this Scotland team tonight has been excellent. All over the park and for the full game. Some people will say this is shite turgid football to watch, but this is the first Scotland game in a long while, where I think we have played to our strengths. The players seem to be getting to grips with the roles And the effort has been great from all. If we can hold off here for the win then Steve Clarke deserves praise.
  14. Aye Ben is a natural for being a young kid, his confidence is good and will improve with more games. Such a great sevrice though for the price, the interactive twitter was really well used, the pre match graphics were good and the quality of the stream was excellent. Minor point - I don't think the camera angles need to change in open play but that may be a personal preference of mine. I think the normal view is fine for the match.
  15. We (Stirling Albion) have signed Aldin El-Zubaidi. Is he any good? Seems to have been with you guys most recently? Reckon he will adapt for league 2 with no issues?
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