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  1. Sirike Dembele is another championship striker that is probably worth a look at
  2. I had forgotten about Johnny Russell as an option. Wouldn't be against him getting a call up. Experienced player who is on form. Never was or will be much more than a squad player for Scotland but occasions like the Malta game are when squad needs to be utilised and think it would be a safe call up
  3. Touched upon on Moldova thread but assuming we may see a new name to the squad for the game given Dykes and Christie out. There is a good chance he calls up nobody of course and he hopes he can get through that game with Adams, Fraser, Nisbet and McGinn as forward options and this wouldn't surprise me. However, lets say he decides to call up another striker, where does he go? Does he go with someone who has been in and around the squad before - McBurnie, Burke, Paterson, Shankland etc Does he go with someone scoring goals in League One - Ross Stewart, Ryan Hardie Does he go for one of the under 21 strikers - Glenn Middleton, Dapo Mebude I would say out of that lot, my gut is telling me Clarke won't call anyone new up unless there is another injury. If there has to be a call up I think Ross Stewart might be the most likely name.
  4. Agreed. The improvement he has made even of the course of the last six months to a year is incredible.
  5. I think so, AL Thats right, AL He's a real talent, AL AL AL AL AL AL AL
  6. Has been called up by Sierra Leone
  7. One to watch in League 1 is Lewis Fiorini at Lincoln (on loan from Man City). He was with NEC in Holland last season and did very well and has started well this season. Think he has 3 goals in 4 games now. More of a forward than an out and out striker. Loves a goal from edge of box and far out. Has a fantastic strike on him, would suit the role of playing off a main striker as he plays centrally. Not ready for a call up to main squad yet obviously but out of all our youth prospects, he has improved dramatically with his experience in the last 18 months. His next loan move likely be a top tier championship or lower PL team. If he keeps up his form, he won't be far away from a call up come end of season.
  8. Maybe he means Nico Clouston or Ian MacKay who are both at Deportivo, but they aren't La Liga anymore
  9. He is on the bench for Man City in Champions League tonight
  10. Not a bad shout at all . Well played
  11. Scotland Under 21 keeper Cieran Slicker probably going to be on bench for Man City today. Likely to be a one off though, they have couple keepers out
  12. Tierney, Hanley and Hendry. Thats the back three. Just a shame Hanley now out of the Israel game
  13. Guaranteed sending offs in this game. It's entertaining as f**k.
  14. Watching Scotland play in a game at this pace is frightening
  15. Steven Caulker signs for Fenerbache
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