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  1. Eurovision

    The new way of results is amazing! Its so brutal! The look on some of their faces
  2. Eurovision

    Missed start of vote, is this jurys vote? Then public gets added on at end?
  3. 2019 WWE PPV Prediction League

    Money in the BankDaniel Bryan and Rowan vs The Usos (Kickoff). Match Result - Daniel Bryan and RowanTony Nese © vs Ariya Daivari for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Match Result - Tony NeseSamoa Joe © vs Rey Mysterio for the WWE United States Championship. Match Result - Samoa JoeBecky Lynch © vs Lacey Evans for the WWE Raw Women's Championship. Match Result - Becky LynchRoman Reigns vs Elias. Match Result - Roman ReignsNatalya vs Dana Brooke vs Naomi vs Alexa Bliss vs Bayley vs Mandy Rose vs Ember Moon vs Carmella in a Money in the Bank ladder match. Match Result - Mandy RoseThe Miz vs Shane McMahon in a Steel Cage match. Match Result - The MizRicochet vs Sami Zayn vs Drew McIntyre vs Baron Corbin vs Finn Balor vs Ali vs Randy Orton vs Andrade in a Money in the Bank ladder match. Match Result - McIntyreKofi Kingston © vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship. Match Result - Kofi KingstonBecky Lynch © vs Charlotte Flair for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship. Match Result - BeckySeth Rollins © vs AJ Styles for the WWE Universal Championship. Match Result - Seth RollinsWill there be a cash in? - No
  4. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Is he any good spiders?
  5. Game of Thrones

    What was Bran warging into for most of that episode? The ravens to have a look around. Was honestly expecting him to take control of the dead dragon or do something cool with his abilities but he literally did nothing or did I miss it?
  6. Next Scotland Manager

    Its on Stv that Wilmots and Bilic have definitely applied. Also mentions Avram Grant, Sven and that the SFA want a role of some sort for Darren Fletcher.
  7. WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    How was reaction for Hogan?
  8. WrestleMania 35

    I was there last year and can confirm this. We only got to New Orleans late Friday night so jet lag was still kicking in and obv you want to be there at doors opening and for the full pre show because mania is likely to be a once in a lifetime thing for me so we must have been in the stadium for about 6 or 7 hours - its very long to the point you just become wiped and there are are matches from last year I literally can't remember the finish of despite being there because you are so fucked. The one thing I would definitely do differently is get there a few days before any events start so the jet lag is all gone. Really fucked my experience a bit.
  9. 2019 WWE PPV Prediction League

    WArWar Raiders Walter Riddle Baszler Cole Battle Royal- Lacey Evans Battle Royal - Strowman Buddy Murthy Usos Finn Balor Iiconics Reigns Joe Styles Miz Angle Batista Reigns Lesnar Bryan Becky Interruption - Kevin Owens Revival
  10. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Agreed however with 'new' players available to Scotland- whether thats emerging youngsters, seasoned players in form or folk who are suddenly found to be eligible they have to be picked at some stage and given a chance to see whether they have that ability to do the job for Scotland. Whilst I haven't seen alot of Joe Bryan either, its perfectly acceptable to me for McLeish to be saying "well this lad is performing well at a high level, he is worth a look to see if he is a better option as 3rd choice left back" (or whatever the vacant position is). You are right that club form and number of games doesnt always come into it when assessing theor ability to do the job for scotland, look at Alan Hutton when he barely played for 2 years. However at some point of course you have to give new players a chance and a player playing regularly in the premier league is probably worth a look to see if he is potentially than what we have. Its not always the case as pointed out with Kevin McDonald but I dont think we made the wrong decision giving him a shot. Watching his form for Fulham at the time, he was worthy of having a look at international level. It didnt work out but its very difficult to know that without giving him a chance. Eta - I guess thats what professional scouts and coaches are paid to assess before calling someone up!
  11. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    The team kinda picks itself at moment: ----------------Bain--------------- O'Donnell----Bates----McKenna----Tierney -------------McTominay----McGinn------- Forrest-------McGregor--------Armstrong ------------------McBurnie--------------
  12. Monday Night Raw Live

    Kurt vs Jason Jordan
  13. Squad face March

    Seen Liam Palmer play a number of times this season and in previous ones. Very much a confidence player. Going through a good bit of form at the moment and right back is his best and most natural position. However one of these players who makes calamitous mistakes and when not playing well is usually the worst in the team and making errors all over the place. Always found him to be very inconsistent- great one game and then awful the next which would explain why he is in and out the Sheff Wed team most seasons. As mentioned he is going through a fairly consistent good spell and we are short on natural right backs. Given the opposition in the next two games, I dont think its a bad call up and should provide adequate back up. Ill be astounded if he is a player who will reach over 10 caps though
  14. 2019 WWE PPV Prediction League

    Almas Asuka Revival Boss Hug Usos Shield Bryan Charlotte
  15. 2019 WWE PPV Prediction League

    Balor Corbin Murphy Rousey Bayley/Banks Usos Bryan