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  1. It's hard to not get excited about him. When he receives the ball, you just know he is gonna breeze past his man. Very good in first half, very exciting future
  2. Elliot Anderson is in Dubai with some of the other Newcastle players. I think it's quite clear now that he doesn't really have an interest in playing for the under 21s. Whether that's because he believes it isn't worth his time (like Hickey did) or whether he wants to pursue England as his first choice I'm not sure.
  3. Watched the game - Ramsay mega comfortable although not hugely challenged tonight by Derby. Would not have known it was his debut, he was confident and assured throughout. He will get plenty minutes this season for Liverpool. Doak had a very impressive 15 minutes at the end as well. Looked for the ball every single attack, had a few runs, always taking on his man, created a few chances.
  4. There was an interview with Gemmill yesterday I think where he said he had spoken to Clarke about the players he had selected beforehand and that Anderson was a special talent blah blah. That being said, you are right in that there been a crossover sometimes of late, I think in last squad Doig was with under 21s originally albeit I think his call up was more to do with injuries
  5. Genuine question - are you feeling ok? If you ever need to talk or need someone to help you in any way then please get in touch and I'll try and get you some help you might need. All binos together
  6. Unless there is mass unavailability then I would be surprised if there is more than two or three new names in Clarkes squad. I would expect Calvin Ramsay to probably be in and possibly the likes of Elliot Anderson and Tommy Conway but no other brand new names jump out to me that nay definitely be in initial sauad
  7. You and Boggs are taking this all the wrong way. Nobody is slagging Ben or putting him down. In fact the opposite I believe is true. I think you would struggle to find any supporters that don't like him and don't think he is doing a wonderful job and a huge asset to the club. Ben gets alot of credit from club and supporters and its all deserved. Ben is also thankfully smart enough to know that everyone appreciates him and that any 'critique' of the interviews are meant in a constructive way and nobody is sticking a boot in. The interviews with Kevin Rutkiewiz were exactly the same formula and he is a guy that loves the camera so not sure your Darren Young comment holds up. He is the manager of the club, that usually comes with certain media responsibilities and engagement with supporters which for a club our size, having after match interviews is an essential tool. Supporters offering suggestions to change the format, questioning and constructive feedback is normal and anyone working in the media like Ben is will take it that way. The only people who don't take it that way are people like you two who think it's somehow fans sticking the boot into a young lad because of previous agendas that have nothing to do with the topic in question. Pipe down
  8. Ben Doak scored on his debut for Liverpool under 21s tonight. At 16 he is a frightening talent. Wouldn't surprise me if he starts making first team bench here and there before end of season Calvin Ramsay also scored in same game. Last half hour of game was a Scottish right hand side for Liverpool
  9. Ben is a great talent and he has provided so much good stuff for the club, definitely an asset the club wants to hold on to but aye the manager interviews in particular are very very predictable. Thoughts on today's game? Blair currie clean sheet? Pleasing for X to score? X opponent next week? Don't get me wrong, I think it's good to hear the managers overall thoughts on the performance but I think the questions could be a bit more fluid in relation to what he has just said, as often he covers the points before the question is asked and then gets asked the question again anyway. What might make a brilliant idea as I know the club twitter guy is on here too - maybe tweet out at full time asking for fans questions for the manager after game then the interviewer could pick a few to ask. If you do read this Ben, keep up the good work, interviewing is a skill and you seem to smash everything you do out the park, so I'll know you will get there but yeah maybe time to mix up the questions
  10. You can add Lorenzo Amoruso and David Johnson as notable Scotland 'tried to cap but failed' attempts. I imagine there are a bunch of players who we have tried to cap and it hasn't worked because of the rules or because the players haven't been interested
  11. KR would always struggle with us (Stirling) getting us out of a slump or a bad run. It's like he gives up himself and runs out of ideas. He gets truly miserable and I'm sure it rubs off on the rest of the dressing room The amount of post match interviews we got where he blamed injuries, suspensions, dodgy referee decisions and "just no getting the luck right now" was unreal. There was a long time where he was coming and saying we were playing well and giving 100% but somehow world was conspiring against us and that's why we couldn't get back on a winning run. He also has no idea how to manage discipline. I'm pretty sure we got fined by SFA because out discipline was so bad. Cards galore.
  12. Quick question - who was the player a few years ago that didn't get picked for scotland (under 21s I think) for not being tall enough or big enough? Can't remember exact quote or who it was
  13. I dont know what the lad Doak is like personally, but there can be a risk to hyping a player and heaping tons of pressure of him at only 16. The kid has incredible talent and I'm massively confident he will at least be on bench a couple of times for Liverpool first team by end of season. Some kids will revel in the pressure and the hype and others it will destroy them at that age. But I do agree it would be very exciting if he were called up. I would think (and hope) the squad for the friendlies will be largely the same. That being said, I'm happy for there to be 3 or 4 spots in squad for young/untested talent to be called up. There will naturally be some injuries or call offs anyway, so may happen organically. The ones that immediately spring to mind for me would be: Calvin Ramsey - Klopp has already stated many times he is part of their first team squad, he is just back in first team training now and is Trents back up on that side. Clearly going to be in and around Liverpools first team once fully fit. Elliot Anderson - Seriously talented, involved in Newcastle first team and a huge prospect. Would have been happy to see him in last senior squad. Paper talk seems to be allegience issues. Happy to test that with a call up Tommy Conway - Great start to the season with Bristol. We need some options for out and out goalscorers. No brainer. Lewis Morgan - A recall. And not that young at 25 but seems to have hit good form in MLS and scoring regular. Something like 18 goals in 35 or something. Would be happy to see him have another crack at international football. Dom Hyam - Been around championship for years and earned his move to Blackburn. Hit ground running there and another man of match award today. 6ft 2 centre back. Can always use some more of them
  14. Anyone fancy predicting our team/squad five years from now. Could be a bunch of same players
  15. The only outfield player available for all three games to not get a single minute on the pitch. He was our saviour last year
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