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  1. Karamoke Dembele moves to France with Ligue 1 club - Stade Brestois
  2. That is probably the worst Scotland defending I have ever seen over a 45 minute period. Absolute shambles. Jack Hendry is all over the place. Greg Taylor is giving him zero help down that side (and offering nothing going forward). Grant Hanley having another stinker. And McTominay is lost on that side with Patterson. I'm not sure who is meant to be leading that back line, I assume Hanley but it's been absolutely dreadful
  3. I'm a big Steve Clarke fan but I'm not sure why he refuses to call up replacements some times. He called up McCrorie as a third choice keeper when Marshall retired but when we are travelling to Armenia with only two recognised centre backs - Hendry and Hanley and he knows he is planning on playing three at the back, why doesn't he call anyone else up? It makes zero sense, literally zero. We always talk about how many Championship type centre halves there are in England that probably aren't at the required level to be anymore than squad players. This is exactly the sort of scenario to be calling a couple up. Yes, they might not be brilliant, but I'm sure they will do a better job than if he had to bring Stephen O'Donnell on at centre half if there is an injury or red card. As I said, I'm a Clarke fan in general but seems like utter stupidity
  4. Can't believe I read someone saying that they don't think Che Adams cares anymore and looks fed up now. Even at 2-0 in the 70th odd minute, he is chasing every ball down and working his arse off. Lost track of amount of times he stopped balls going out of play and kept possession for us. There is a bunch of times I wish he would strike the ball earlier and he always seems to want an extra touch which often isn't needed and leads him into trouble but his touch is also excellent so he more often than not keeps possession or wins a corner etc. It's maddening to me that Scotland fans can watch him tonight and think he is shite. On a similar note, I can't recall a Scotland performance where we won so many second balls, intercepted the ball and genuinely pressured the opposition into so many mistakes. Yes Armenia were shit but the tempo, the players attitude and the willingness to keep that up for the whole 90 was very pleasing to see. I really don't think we took our foot off the gas for the whole match. Steve Clarke deserved criticism last week for some poor decisions, but tonight he earns praise for bold changes and making sure the correct attitude was applied for the whole match. It was what I as a Scotland fan wanted to see, and got it.
  5. Lee McCulloch with Nacho Novo as assistant apparantly
  6. Haven't watched todays game but Elliot Anderson is a fantastic prospect. Absolutely smashed league 2 last year with Bristol, expect him to go on loan to Championship next season if he isn't in Newcastle first team plans. You never know how a young player will pan out as lots of factors involved but at his current level he shows frightening ability. Next season should be a great chance to see which way he will go. Fingers crossed
  7. Seen quite a bit of Jacob Brown in season just gone and he has always looked pretty good actually. Has a nice clean, crisp strike of the ball. I'm surprised he hasnt had any substantial game time with the national team yet. I'm hoping he can get a start somewhere in the next 3 games to properly see him in action with the Scotland players and formation. I think he will come good if given a shot. Clarke indicated there is likely to be a few more drop outs once they have assessed things after weekend. Would hope for a couple of replacements
  8. Aye put Hyam in same category as Kal Naismith and Murray Wallace. Championship level defenders, who may get the odd squad call up here or there after a purple patch or injury crisis but are never likely to play a higher level. Probably fine as back up options to do a job but never going to be regular starters
  9. Sam Gallagher at Blackburn Rovers is the latest Scotland eligible striker to hit a small purple patch - scored again last night and think he has 9 for the season now. He played for our youth teams before switching to England when he broke through at Southampton but obviously never made it there and came out last year saying he wants to play for Scotland now. I'm not actually that bothered about the above as these things happen and we aren't blessed with many out and out strikers playing at decent level. Never been massively impressed with him though, always thought he was a bit rank although admittedly I haven't seen much of Blackburn at all this season so maybe he has turned it around. Even with Dykes and Adams currently fit, with potentially 5 games in June within 2 weeks -I would want more backup than Jacob Brown as an out and out striker. I think there will definitely be a place or two up top in the squad for someone new (even if Ross Stewart is called up again)
  10. And to add to the above - Robertson isn't going to play centre back unless we have about 30 injuries in that position too. The absolute state of some of these shouts as we go into our biggest match of the campaign
  11. I think one of the more likely options Steve Clarke will take (if KT is out), might be a first call up for Kal Naismith. Him and his team are having an excellent season. Left footed centre half, ball playing, loves to get forward (he used to be a winger I think so no surprise here). Think he has six or seven assists this season and a couple goals which is pretty good going from that position. Although I think he also has played holding midfield at some point for a few games, bit of a utility player. I cant say I have seen a huge amount of him this season apart from the odd game here and there and he has looked solid enough without being spectacular. Definitely likes to get forward. Others will have a better opinion on him and whether it's just a purple patch like a lot of Championship players go through at some stage or whether he could be a genuine option. But 'on paper' he certainly fits the bill
  12. If either Gilmour or McGregor are unavailable - then Jack or McTominay will be next in line to fill that void and which one would depend on our opposition. Slotting in one of those players into that position I don't think would disrupt things too much. I dont have stats to back it up, but I believe McTominay has started every competitive game under Clarke (when available)
  13. It's good to get Ferugson involved but I suspect in a competitive game, he will have Gilmour, McGregor, McTominay, Jack, McLean and possibly even McGinn ahead of him for a starting slot in that position if there is injuries or suspensions
  14. Austin McPhee needs to take a bow. Our set plays have largely been excellent since he came on board
  15. I imagine alot of rotation given Clarkes post match interview. ........................................Kelly.................................... ................Halkett.....Hendry.....Tierney............ O'Donnell...................................................Robertson ..........................McLean..............Jack.......................... .........................................Armstrong......................... ..............................Adams...........Brown...................
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